ProVision Names Burt DeYoung Employee of the Month

Burt DeYoung/Submitted Photo

Submitted to OnFocus – Congratulations go out to Burt DeYoung, from Unity Agronomy, for being named the employee of the month for November.

With the increase in corn yields, the Auburndale Grain location filled up with grain early in harvest. Immediate action steps were taken to move 70,000 bushels to the Auburndale West location. Burt lead a team of drivers to successfully move these bushels in the expedited manner by working extended hours.

In addition to directing the driving and personally hauling around 40,000 bushels, Burt helped prepare the bins at the west location and ensured that the air lock system was consistently moving grain to bin #5.

His actions allotted Auburndale to create enough room to meet our customer requirements. Thanks for the great work Burt in servicing our patrons and grain department!

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