Priority Business Systems Shares What to Look for When Buying a Laptop

Local Business Simplifies Laptop Buying Process

Buying a laptop doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Whether buying a laptop for college or in need of a new business computer, Priority Business Systems in Marshfield can help students and parents know what to look for in a laptop for any purpose.

“For most purposes, we first determine what size, footprint, and weight of a laptop you are willing to lug around that still has a screen large enough to not give you eye strain if you use it a lot,” said Chuck Hagman, owner. “After that, we look for these specs: Decent CPU, 8GB RAM, SSD drive with enough space to hold you for 3-5 years, and a FHD display.”

If the laptop is for college, depending on the student’s major, other specifications might be needed.

“Drafting, engineering, and graphic design students typically need more horsepower to run the software they will be running,” said Hagman. “Larger displays, a quad-core or higher CPU, 16GB of RAM or higher, and a discreet graphics chip (GPU), are some of the specs that we focus on for this type of application.”

When shopping for a new laptop, there are several other aspects to consider.

“Make sure the laptop comes with a SSD drive vs. a hard drive,” said Hagman. “SSD drives operate much faster than hard drives and offer much quicker boot times and generally less lag time during general operation.”

If purchasing for a business, Hagman advises making sure to include Windows 10 Professional to attach to a company’s server.

“Many laptops come with Windows 10 Home, so you would have to spend a minimum of $100 to upgrade that unit to work properly,” he explained.

For screen resolution, many laptops still come with HD resolution displays, which is a lower resolution (720P class) and not the clearer High Definition standard, which is 1080P or FHD.

“Look for a FHD display to make sure you get the better viewing of a higher resolution display,” advised Hagman. “Regarding keyboard layout, if you do number pad typing of any frequency, make sure the keyboard on the unit has those extra keys. Many of the smaller footprint laptops don’t have that feature.”

Shopping for a new laptop can be an overwhelming process, but Priority Business Systems aims to make it as painless and supportive as possible. Their experienced team works to provide a satisfying buying experience, and also tech support after the purchase if the need arises.

“We are your personal guides to help wade through the swamp of lingo, acronym’s, and

hype to make sure you get the best system for the money,” said Hagman. “Top-notch support after the sale ensures you get the best experience.”

Visit Priority Business Systems at 2108 S Hume Ave in Marshfield, or call them at (715) 384-0069 .

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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