Prevail Bank Remodels Medford Branch Office

Courtesy of Prevail Bank.

MEDFORD, WI (Submitted to OnFocus) – Prevail Bank in Medford is remodeling its lending offices, teller stations and adding several new amenities for its customers starting this fall. Bank services will not be disrupted. Lobby and drive-up services will remain open. Banking personnel will remain on-site, accessible and available.

“We are excited to announce that the remodeling of our customer service areas in our Medford location begins Oct. 4,” said Nathan Quinnell, President of Prevail Bank. “We’re remodeling for two reasons. One, we want our customer spaces to be more representative of our Prevail brand and promise. But more importantly, we are remodeling to provide a better experience for our customers.”

Teller stations will be moved closer to the drive-up services area for productivity and efficiency purposes. The customer lounge area will include a coffee bar, and a Tech Center and a community conference room will be added.

“We are always looking for ways to continually improve our services, technology, and financial resources for our customers, small businesses and the communities we serve,” said Quinnell. “Prevail Bank is here to provide solutions, fulfill dreams and to help our customers get what they want.”

In the new Tech Center, Tech Center professionals will provide 1-on-1 set-up and assistance with online and mobile banking services. Digital banking allows customers to transfer funds, deposit checks through Prevail Bank’s mobile banking app, pay bills online securely and safely, and activate/deactivate debit cards — all from their computer or mobile device.

A new online chat feature with virtual conferencing capabilities, and the incorporation of online applications will also be enabled to increase banker accessibility, responsiveness and efficiencies.

“Digital banking is hassle-free, but we want to make sure our customers have training available if needed,” said Renee Leinfelder, Prevail Bank’s Senior Vice President of Retail. “It provides you with the convenience of not having to drive in stormy weather, delaying dinner or rushing to a branch office before it closes.”

“For our business customers, the Business Resource Manager software is a must have; I use it all the time,” continues Leinfelder. “The Tech Center will have experts that will walk through its deposit management, payroll functionality and time saving features.”

According to Quinnell, Prevail Bank is here to lend a hand, and not just through creative home loan and commercial loan solutions, but also through its community sponsorships and charitable giving program. Prevail Bank donates and/or invests approximately $100,000 to community organizations, economic development and non-profits annually.

Prevail plans to summarize its on-going contributions through a digital display that will be located in Medford’s main entry. A large community conference room, with all the electronic amenities, will be added as a meeting option for non-profits and community coalitions, just off the main entrance entry, as well.

“Doing what’s right for the communities we serve, assisting and supporting those who are in the low-moderate income bracket, is important to Prevail Bank,” said Quinnell.

The estimated completion for Medford’s remodel is May/June 2022.

Prevail Bank is a federally chartered savings bank founded in 1934 with locations in Baraboo, Eau Claire, Marshfield, Medford, Owen, Phillips, Stevens Point, Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids.

Pictured is a rendering of Prevail Bank’s remodeled Medford lobby. Rendering provided by The Redmond Company, the architect and general contractor for the project.

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