Press Release – Shots Fired During Aggressive Dog Encounter

Statement from Marshfield Police Department

On Thursday 4/30/20, Marshfield Police Department responded to a residence in the northwest part of the city for reports of a loose dog acting aggressively towards pedestrians. Upon the officers arrival, the dog aggressively charged the officer on two occasions. As a result of this aggressive act, the officer defended himself using his firearm, discharging 4 rounds. The dog received minor injuries from the encounter as did the officer. A link to the body camera can be found here:

Citations were issued to the owner for animal running at large and for failure to license a pet. The owners will also be required to have muzzle placed on their pet when it is outdoors. No adults were home at the time of this incident, which leads to a good reminder to ensure your dog is properly restrained at all times, especially if they have territorial tendencies. This is especially true when children are home alone, as this may lead to enhanced aggression and territorial response by a dog.

Ordinance 10.34 states “It shall be unlawful to own, keep or harbor a dog or cat or other animal and permit such animal to run at large in the City of Marshfield at any and all times.” The ordinance further states “The animal shall be deemed to be running at large when found on any of the public streets, alleys, parks, or other public grounds of the city, or when off the premises of the owner or person having custody and control of such animal unless held in leash.” For the safety of our community and that of your dog, please abide by these laws.


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