Premier Printing’s “Hometown Heroes Honor Roll”

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On March 26, we brought you a story that combines support for small business, caregivers, public safety officials, and a love for community. (P.S. These are our favorite stories to publish!)

To honor all those on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Printing designed three custom t-shirts that are now available on their website. For each shirt purchased, Premier will print an extra shirt which will then be gifted to someone on the front lines – nurses, paramedics, caregivers, etc… When someone orders their shirt, they have the option of dedicating the gifted shirt in honor of someone special. That person’s name will be added to a special page on Premier’s website. Learn more about the project here.

Premier asked us to share the names of those people who have been honored so far, and we are so happy to do that! We’ll keep updating this list, too. (If you want to honor someone, just follow this link.)

Shirts have been gifted so far in honor of the following people:

  • Shirts have been gifted so far in honor of the following people: 
    • Kati Andres


    • Jackie Baltierrez-Sosa, CMA


    • Selena Boneske


    • Tamara Braund


    • Jessica Brown


    • Mindy Brueggen


    • Lance Christopher


    • Fayta Craddock


    • Julie Drexler


    • Gayle Eslinger


    • Danielle Farra


    • Becky Follen


    • Shelley Gabel


    • Dr. Janet Gilbert, Urgent Care doctor


    • Kylah Hill


    • Kierra Kaiser


    • Lynette Kelnhofer


    • Bridget Leonhardt


    • Brie Meddaugh


    • Shana Moen


    • Chief Joe Mueller, Central Fire & EMS


    • Lenora Mueller, EMT


    • Nadine


    • Pam Narvaez


    • Cassie Neidlein


    • Emily Novicki, PA-C


    • Tabitha Rogney


    • Mollie Schrodi


    • Elizabeth Serchen


    • Tammy Simon


    • Heather Storch


    • Diane Trachte


    • Theresa Weiler


    • Deanna Willman


    • Savannah Zimmermann

Thank you to everyone out there that is working hard to keep our community going in these difficult times! Whether a doctor or nurse, police officer or EMT, grocery store worker or post office worker, truck driver… the list goes on and on – there are so many people to thank. From all of us at OnFocus, THANK YOU! And thank you also to YOU for reading and supporting our content, and to the businesses keeping our site going. Your support means the world! If you have a story for us, please reach out at [email protected]!

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Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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