Premier Golf League Looking to Take Hold on Golf Landscape

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Another ‘super league’ is flexing its muscles and taking steps to gain attention from sports fans across the world.

This time around, it’s the league that has been referred to as the ‘Premier Golf League.’

What does the format look like?

The world’s 48 best players will play 18 events (10 in the United States, three in Europe, three in Asia, one in Australia, one in the Middle East) in both an individual and team format. Tournaments will be three rounds, with the first two shotgun starts, for a purse of $10 million, and Gardiner potentially sees a relegation format for players, like in professional soccer across the globe.

The team aspect is one of the biggest changes. A “team principal” will pick just two of his four golfers’ scores to count toward the team total that day, which will build toward the season-ending, $40 million-purse event.

How is it funded?

Sponsors around the world are lining up, and shaped the format of the league.

Sponsors, he said, helped shape the format and want in. The excitement of who is picked to play each week offers intrigue.

Which players are in?

No one yet…

What about the existing tours?

As of now, the PGA Tour has gone on record as saying none of its tour members will be allowed to play in both the PGA Tour and the Super League. That may change, however. Money talks.

What about the majors?

The PGL has said it will not conflict with any of the four majors.

What will players wear?


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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