Powerball Jackpot Estimate Surpasses $1 Billion

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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – If you’re feeling lucky, now is the time to purchase a Powerball ticket. The estimated jackpot is now over $1.2 billion, with drawings every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

During one of the last big lottery jackpots, local Weiler’s Convenience Stores had seen increased excitement from customers as they bought their tickets in hopes of a big win.

“It’s always fun when the lottery gets so high,” said Kelly Weiler, owner. “It would be really awesome to have someone local win.”

A local business in Marshfield since 1990, Weiler has seen her share of lottery excitement. In 2012, the $1 million winning MegaMillions ticket was sold at Weiler’s Central Avenue location.

“The was a neat moment,” said Weiler. “We love seeing our customers enjoy that success!”

Weiler added that tickets are available at all three locations, and encourages visitors to try some new coffee flavors when they stop in.

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