Police Reports: Window Broken at Local Business

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7.08.20 at 1623

A Marshfield woman reported numerous tools missing out of their unlocked work trailer that was parked at the 1000 block of S. Central Ave. Through investigation, a 61-year-old Marshfield male was arrested, booked at Marshfield Police Department and released. The stolen property was located at a local pawn shop and returned. A theft charge will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.


7.15.20 at 1851

A Marshfield woman called 911 to report a possible fire in her home. Officers responded with the Fire Department. An electrical issue was located which caused the smoke. No flames were located. The Fire Department ensured the home was safe for the family.


7.16.20 at 0804

The complainant reported a man who had been sleeping on a bench at the 200 block of S Oak Ave. Contact was made with a 57-year-old Marshfield man and he was found to have two valid Wood County Warrants. The man was arrested and transported to the Wood County Jail.


7.16.20 at 2318

It was reported that a disturbance had occurred between a 31-year-old Marshfield woman and a 37-year-old Marshfield man. It was found that the 31-year-old woman had been physical towards the Marshfield man. The woman was arrested and taken to the Marshfield Police department for booking procedures. She was later released.


7.17.20 at 0228

It was reported that a 24-year-old Spencer male caused a disturbance. Police made contact with the male. The male was arrested, taken to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures, and later released.


7.17.20 at 2245

A traffic stop was conducted at the 600 block of S. Central Ave. K9 Steffi indicated the presence of a controlled substance from within the listed vehicle. A search was conducted and illegal items were located. Ultimately a 37-year-old Marshfield male was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.


7.18.20 at 0827

A Marshfield man reported his vehicle tire being punctured sometime during the night hours. Throughout the investigation, the man’s daughter provided a possible suspect’s name of a 15-year-old Marshfield male. Contact was made with the male who admitted to puncturing the tire. Citation issued and parent contacted.


7.18.20 at 1937

A 54-year-old Marshfield woman contacted police after a juvenile subject yelled profanity at her and threatened her after she stated she was going to call the police. Officers located the juvenile and he admitted to yelling and using profanity. Officers made contact with the juvenile’s father and the juvenile was turned over to his custody. A referral for disorderly conduct was sent to DHS.


7.19.20 at 0102

The subject vehicle was observed n/b on W Veterans Pkwy north of w laurel st traveling at what appeared to be a high rate of speed. Radar H was activated in moving mode and locked the vehicle with a solid tone at 54 mph in the 35 mph zone. No other vehicles were on the roadway. A t/s was attempted with lights activated n/b near W Upham St. The vehicle continued at a high rate of speed to W McMillan St and did not appear to notice the officers’ presence. The vehicle traveled w/b on W McMillan st and s/b on N Lincoln Ave. The officer activated the siren and the vehicle eventually stopped near Nelson St. The driver identified by WI dl and appeared intoxicated. The male had the odor of intoxicants coming from him and bloodshot/ glossy eyes. The defendant admitted to drinking and performed SFST poorly. The defendant registered a weak reading of .12 with a PBT. The defendant was arrested for OWI 3rd offense and he submitted to a legal blood draw at MMC er. The defendant was cited and released to a sober adult.


7.20.20 at 0726

A Dorchester woman reported that upon arriving at work she noticed that a front display window at the business located on the 1900 block of N Central Ave. was broken, but still in place. The window was tempered, so the entire glass pane was fragmented. There was no sign of any impact points on the window that would suggest it was done with malicious intent. The store remained secured and no entry was, or could have been made due to this damage. Photos were taken. No further action was taken at this time.


7.20.20 at 1930

A Marshfield man reported his “Trump 2020” flag and flag post was missing. The man wanted this information on file.


7.20.20 at 1819

A 24-year-old Marshfield female reported that when she arrived home one of the house doors was open. She stated that this was odd because the door was locked. Officers cleared the residence and the female stated that nothing was disturbed. She also brought up a separate incident where her dog’s collar went missing.


7.20.20 at 1121

A gas drive-off was reported. Police responded to the area. Contact was not made with the vehicle. Contact was attempted with the registered owner via phone. No contact was able to be made. The driver of the vehicle was an unknown male and did not match the registered owner’s description.


7.21.20 at 0817

A Marshfield woman reported that an individual entered her vehicle without permission and took thirty dollars and a rapid prepay card. She stated she gave no person(s) permission to take the items from her vehicle. She stated her vehicle was locked but the driver side window was partially open. I did get three partial fingerprints from the windows which were logged into evidence. No suspect(s) or lead(s) at this time.


7.21.20 at 1059

The store manager of Pick N Save reported that he had one female in custody after an employee observed her push a cart full of groceries out to her vehicle in the parking lot. Contact was made with the female who was identified as a 46year-old Marshfield female. The total value of the groceries was $559.13. The female also had three open felony cases through Wood and Marathon County. A charge of Retail Theft and three counts of Felony Bail Jumping were requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.


7.21.20 at 1225

Clinic staff advised the defendant that a mask would be required while on the premises of the Marshfield Clinic. Defendant refused to wear a mask. Clinic staff asked the defendant to leave, the defendant refused to leave. According to the clinic staff, the defendant was actively filming with the defendant’s phone while inside the Marshfield Clinic. The defendant was advised by clinic staff that was against clinic policy. Defendant stopped, then resumed filming later. Police arrived and advised the defendant that she could either leave the premises or put on a mask. Defendant refused to do both. The defendant was asked to ID herself because she was being issued a citation. Defendant initially refused to ID herself or give contact information. During contact, the defendant was boisterous and loud. Defendant passively and actively refused to cooperate with clinic staff and officers. Citations for disorderly conduct and trespass to land-remain after notices were issued.


7.21.20 at 2003

Officers responded to a drug-related incident at the 1500 block of S Central Ave and initiated a traffic stop. A 27-year-old Marshfield female was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.


7.21.20 at 2038

A text to tip line reported that multiple headstones and crosses were damaged at the 1100 block of N. St. Joseph Ave. In walking through the area there did not appear to be any new damage but photographs were taken of multiple headstones that may have been damaged in the past. Information will be forwarded to the curator.


7.21.20 at 2233

The complainant reported a 41-year-old Marshfield female with schizophrenia missing after she left a note stating she was leaving. Officers attempted to make contact but were unable to locate the female within the City of Marshfield. The house manager for Ripple Behavior was able to locate the female walking down a county road outside of city limits and returned her to the house where she was placed.


7.22.20 at 1910

A 69-year-old Marshfield woman contacted police following an argument with her husband. The woman told officers that her husband was very intoxicated and was belittling her throughout the day. It was determined that the incident did not meet the criteria for a domestic abuse incident, but the husband was bond for four open cases which required absolute sobriety. The man admitted to consuming alcohol and gave a PBT. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

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