Police Reports: Woman Claims Meth Pipe was in Memory of Brother

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 1.25.19 at 0219: A traffic stop was attempted. The vehicle failed to stop and a pursuit was initiated. Vehicle was located and subjects fled on foot. Subjects were located and charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Obstructing/Resisting and Felony Fleeing will be requested on a 21 year-old Medford male. Charges of Obstructing and Felony Bail Jumping will be requested on a 25 year-old Marshfield male through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.
  • 1.25.19 at 2008: While following up on an unrelated complaint, an officer observed less than livable conditions at an apartment. Ultimately a 46 year-old female was arrested for child neglect. Wood County Human Services was contacted and made aware of the situation. Ultimately arrangements were made for the three children living in the residence to temporarily stay with friends of the family in the same building.
  • 1.23.19 at 2107 (reported): A 41 year-old female reported that she was contacted over Facebook about a program with the International Monetary Fund that they are redistributing money to people. Victim was told that if she provided $2,800 for fees that she would be paid back $100,000. It was then requested that Amazon Gifts cards be used for payment. After the cards were purchased, photos of the account numbers were sent over Facebook messenger. Victim has already contacted Amazon and officer informed her to contact and report to IC3.GOV. It is unknown who the gift cards were given to.
  • 1.22.19 at 0730: A 45 year-old Marshfield woman called to report the theft of an Xbox and $65 in currency from her residence. She stated that she allowed a 21 year-old man she is friends with spend the night. When she left to run errands during the listed time, the man had taken the items from the residence and had gotten other items ready to make a second trip of items. She stated that the man would have been the only person at the residence and aware of where the items were located. Charges will be referred to Wood County District Attorney’s Office for Theft of Removable Property and Felony Bail Jumping.
  • 1.22.19 at 0200: While investigating another burglary complainant it was discovered that a 15 year-old male had also entered and took items from an unlocked vehicle that was parked outside. The stolen items were returned to the victim. There will be a juvenile referral sent to Wood County Social Services.
  • 1.22.19 at 1954: Complainant advised a 66 year-old Marshfield female was intoxicated and threatening to beat her up outside of the apartment complex. Officers spoke to the 66 year-old female and complainant and they both decided to go their separate ways for the evening.
  • 1.22.19 at 2130: The complainant had called and wanted to do a welfare check on a 55 year-old Marshfield male. It was discovered that the male had gone to the ER to be treated for injuries that he acquired from a strangulation that occurred that day. Contact was made with the male and after a lengthy conversation, he admitted that he made the strangulation story up and he just wanted to be seen for other ongoing medical concerns.
  • 1.20.19 at 1539: A 21 year-old woman reported the theft of credit cards from her vehicle. During the investigation methamphetamine was located on a 28 year-old Marshfield male. A 31 year-old female witness provided misleading information and was cited for obstructing. Charges of theft, possession of methamphetamine, and paraphernalia will be directed to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.
  • 1.20.19 at 1941: A convenience store manager called to report noticing that the store had accepted two counterfeit $100 bills during the listed time frame. The unknown suspects arrived in the same listed vehicle and took turns going into the store. They then purchased low cost items and paid with the mentioned bills. The suspects then obtained change from the small purchases. Video surveillance was provided. Suspects are an unknown male and female.
  • 1.19.19 at 0034: Complainant reported their mailbox being smashed with footprints surrounding it. Upon investigation, the footprints started at a Marshfield gas station and let to another Marshfield residence where it appeared the individual attempted entry into their home by breaking the glass on the back door. The footprints eventually led to a residence in the nearby neighborhood of the incident where contact was attempted with an intoxicated suspect, a 38 year-old Marshfield male but he refused to speak with officers. Charges of Criminal Damage will be requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office on a 38 year-old Marshfield male.
  • 1.19.19 at 1437: A traffic stop was conducted after a snow-covered license plate was observed. K9 Steffi alerted to the presence of a controlled substance. A glass meth pipe was located in a 30 year-old Wisconsin Rapids female’s purse. The female reported the pipe was one of her deceased brother’s only possessions that she liked to keep with her as a memory of him. Charges of possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia will be directed to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.
  • 1.19.19 at 0100 (reported): A 68 year-old Marshfield man reported criminal damage at one of his rental properties. It appeared a shovel was used to break the window of an exterior door of the house. That same shovel appeared to be used in breaking multiple windows in the 41 year-old man’s vehicle. Neighbors were contacted and did not have any information. The upstairs tenant, a 52 year-old Marshfield male, stated he heard a disturbance believed to be the event happening around 0030 hours on 1-19-2019. No suspects at this time.


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