Police Reports: Vandalism, Mysterious Man, Tax scam

Police Reports

April 15

On the listed date and time an employee contacted Marshfield Police and informed them House Calls of Menomonie Inc. has taken temporary guardianship of a 92-year-old Marshfield female. The employee wished for law enforcement to be aware she informed the 92-year-old’s daughter, a 60-year-old Marshfield woman, that she is not to go into the 92-year-old’s residence or to remove property from the residence. The employee stated she has requested the locks to be changed at the residence.

On the listed date and time officers were dispatched to the listed location for a physical altercation between a 43-year-old Marshfield woman and her 43-year-old boyfriend. The boyfriend was arrested for disorderly conduct and was booked at the Marshfield Police Department. The man was then transported to the WOSO Jail.

Officers observed a 42-year-old Marshfield man with a DOC warrant while on an unrelated call for service. Officers arrested the man and he was transported to the WOSO Jail.

April 19

The manager of the a local restaurant called to report a suspicious male on the video surveillance during the listed timeframes. The unknown man is seen walking across the street and looking over at the closed business. He is then seen sprinting to the side door of the business and is in the door entry way for roughly five minutes out of view. The man did not gain entry to the store and no signs of damage. The man is then seen leaving the area. Extra patrol requested and door locks are being upgraded as a preventative measure.

An employee at a local business contacted police after the company received numerous harassing text and emails messages from a previous employee. Contact was made with the 55-year-old Auburndale female who agreed to cease any further contact with the business and employees.

A city employee reported several city street benches were overturned or moved over the weekend. One bench had sustained damage. There are no suspects at this time.

A 33-year-old Marshfield male reported someone else had filed his tax return under his name. The man has not yet received IRS theft affidavit form 14039. The man completed IRS disclosure authorization form 8821-A and it will be attached to this case file.

April 20

A 57-year-old Marshfield woman reported she was contacted by a 51-year-old Neillsville woman. The Neillsville woman advised she received multiple emails from the 57-year-old advising her daughter was retrieving mental health treatment at the 57-year-old’s business. The 57-year-old advised the 51-year-old Neillsville woman that her daughter was not seeking treatment from her and that the emails she received were not from her. The 57-year-old wanted this information on file.

On the listed date and time a local hotel employee contacted police and reported a male she was requesting to have removed from a hotel room. The male was not supposed to be in the room when it was rented and did not leave the room when asked. Over five hours past check out the male was able to be removed from the room. The male appeared to be intoxicated by an unknown substance. The 35-year-old male is on felony bond. Charges will be requested through the Wood Co DA’s office for bail jumping.

A 38-year-old Marshfield woman reported that sometime between the above timeframe a small scratch in the shape of an “H” appeared on her vehicle. The woman does not have any suspects and her apartment complex is in the process of installing exterior surveillance cameras.

On the listed date and time a Drake House employee contacted police to report a missing person. The employee reported an 18-year-old female with cognitive disabilities left the Drake House, but did not return at the assigned time. Employees of the Drake House stated that they put a tracking app on the female’s phone, but it was not working when they attempted to use it to find the females location.

April 21

A 21-year-old Marshfield female called 9-1-1 requesting officers respond to the parking lot at the above listed apartment complex. The female stated she observed an argument between a husband and wife and observed the husband strike the wife in the face. The complainant advised the male party took off driving erratically in a blue mustang. As a result, a 39-year-old Granton male was taken into custody. A request for charges is being forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for felony bail jumping and domestic related battery. The male was also cited for OWI 1st offense.

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