Police Reports: Used Cat Litter Thrown on Car

Marshfield Police Department Reports

5.17.19: Officers contacted a Marshfield woman and later reported that she had a warrant through Wood County. She was arrested, booked at the Marshfield PD and then transported to Wood County Jail.

5.16.19: A 33-year-old Marshfield woman was taken into custody for three Wood County warrants at a location in Marshfield. The woman was transported to the Marshfield PD where booking procedures were completed, and then transported to Wood County Jail.

5.14.19 at 2153: Wood County Dispatch received an anonymous complaint from Marshfield, stating that several individuals were smoking marijuana at a nearby residence. Marshfield officers investigated and discovered a 53-year-old Marshfield male to be in possession of THC and drug paraphernalia. The male was booked and transported to the Wood County Jail. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

5.14.19 at 1955: An over-the-road truck driver who was passing through Marshfield while working experienced a medical issue and asked Marshfield Police for assistance in checking on his dog, Bella, which he had to leave in his truck while he was at Marshfield Medical Center. Police checked on the dog and determined she would be kept at Marshfield Area Pet Shelter until the man was discharged and could pick her up. The man’s truck was secured, and his keys were brought to him. He is aware that fees will apply for the safekeeping of his dog.

5.14.19 at 1446: Loss Prevention for a retail store located in Marshfield called to report the theft of numerous items by a 26-year-old Marshfield woman. The items were turned over, and the woman was taken into custody, booked and released. Charge for retail theft will be referred to the Wood County DA. It was also discovered that the suspect had a retail theft from the same location earlier in the month which totaled over $100. The woman was also cited for that first offense. No further action taken.

5.14.19 at 1155: A Marshfield fast-food restaurant called the PD to report that an employee notified them an ex-employee had made threats to shoot someone with a firearm. Officers immediately went to the fast-food restaurant and the residence that the threat was made towards. During investigation, it was determined that a 20-year-old Marshfield man had entered a residence looking for a 29-year-old man. The 20-year-old had made comments that he would return with a firearm and shoot everyone. The suspect was contacted via phone and convinced to come to the station where he was arrested, booked, and released for a charge of disorderly conduct. The 29-year-old resident was searched per Act 79, and numerous drug items were seized. The man was taken into custody on a probation hold, booked and then transported to Wood County Jail. Charges will be referred to Wood County DA’s office.

5.14.19 at 1003: A Marshfield man reported a fraudulent charge made on a rebate card that he had received from a retail store in Marshfield. He stated that he had misplaced the card sometime the previous week. He attempted to use the card and noticed that the total amount was different from the last time he had used it. The man stated that the retail company had since voided the card and reimbursed him the amount. The retail store has been contacted and is in the process of retrieving the subject’s information. Further investigation will be needed.

5.13.19 at 1958: A complainant reported some concerns with his 17-year-old son. The complainant reported that his son refused to be at his father’s house or his mother’s house, located in Auburndale, since May 5th. The complainant wanted information and options concerning his son. It was decided that officers would meet with the son and advise him of the consequences of not returning to either of his parent’s houses. Contact was made with the teenager, and he was advised of the consequences of returning home regarding himself and the family he stayed with. It was a productive conversation and he was released to the father.

5.13.19 at 1615: A Marshfield woman called to report that her friend confided in her that an apartment groundskeeper had tossed a bag of feces-filled cat litter on her vehicle. Contact was made with the man who mows the property who admitted to moving the bag, but denied placing it on the car. The complainant’s friend had originally told her that she witnessed the act, but upon officer contact, she denied seeing the act take place, and just assumed it was the groundskeeper. The woman and her husband both voiced frustration that the complainant has left the fecal-filled bag for over 2 weeks near the car, and were home during the timeframe of the act, but denied any involvement. They offered to take blame and assisted with clean-up. No further action was needed.

5.13.19 at 1048: A 47-year-old Marshfield woman was arrested in Marshfield for a valid Marshfield warrant, and two valid Wood County warrants, and cited for OWL (2nd offense) and Possession of THC. She was transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and later transported to Wood County Jail.

5.13.19: A 39-year-old Marshfield male was arrested in Marshfield for a probation violation. The man was transported to the Marshfield PD for booking, and later taken to Wood County Jail.

5.13.19: A 37-year-old Waukesha man who was residing in Marshfield was arrested for a probation violation at a location in Marshfield. He was transported to Marshfield PD for booking and transported to Wood County Jail.

5.13.19: A 19-year-old Marshfield man was arrested at a location in Marshfield for an active Marshfield warrant. He was transported to Marshfield PD for booking procedures, and later transported to Wood Co Jail, as he was unable to post bond.

5.13.19: On the listed day Norwood staff requested officers to assist with an aggressive patient. Officers arrived and the patient attempted to close himself in a bathroom. When officers attempted to escort the patient from the bathroom, the patient pulled away from officers. The man was eventually pulled from the bathroom and escorted to another room, where he started to be compliant with staff.

5.12.19 at 1837: Officers received a complaint via Facebook messenger of a damaged picnic table at a park located in Marshfield. Officers located a picnic bench with a board that was broken in two places. Officers also located another picnic table that was overturned but suffered no damage. Officers will advise the parks department and provide extra patrol for the area. There are no suspects currently.

5.12.19 at 1229: Wood County Dispatch received multiple phone calls reporting a physical altercation at a location in Marshfield. Upon arrival all parties were separated. As a result of the investigation, a 58-year-old Marshfield male was taken into custody on battery and disorderly conduct charges. It was also learned the 58-year-old received a dog bite during the altercation and will get medical attention. The 58-year-old was transported to the Marshfield PD for booking and later released after meeting the criteria of the misdemeanor bond screening.

5.11.19 at 1204: A Marshfield woman reported that she was involved in an argument with her boyfriend and wanted to leave with her child, however, was not allowed to. The situation was mediated, and the complainant left with her child.

5.10.19 at 1909: A Marshfield male reported that a 32-year-old Marshfield man came to his residence and began yelling at him while he was inside his home. The man reported that he had a restraining order against the 32-year-old. Police contacted the 32-year-old a few blocks from his residence, and he was taken into custody and later taken to the Wood County Jail. Request for charges will be sent to the Wood County DA.

5.10.19 at 1250: A resident reported to the Police Department that she believed thefts may be occurring at a location in Hewitt.