Police Reports: Unknown man offers candy to juvenile

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7.30.20 at 1725
On the listed date and time a 43-year-old Marshfield woman came to the Marshfield Police Department and reported a Dell desktop computer stolen from her unsecured apartment complex mail drop area. She contacted FedEx who verified the package was delivered. The woman does not know who could have taken the package nor did she give anyone permission to take the package. Neighborhood canvas completed. LeadsOnline was checked with negative results.

8.4.20 at 2018
A 36-year-old Milwaukee man reported that his ex-girlfriend was trying to set him up and was afraid to go into his hotel room. Officers made contact with the man who was acting paranoid and possibly under the influence of intoxicants. Crisis was contacted and determined he did not meet the criteria for a chapter. He was arrested on a probation hold and transported to the Marathon County Jail.

8.4.20 at 2203
A 35-year-old Greenwood female reported that her son, a 16-year-old Greenwood male was at a residence on E. Emerald St. The male was listed as a runaway through Clark County. The male was taken into custody and transported to the Marshfield Police Department. Clark County was contacted and the male was released to his mother.

8.5.20 at 1816
On the listed date and time Zdun reported a 71-year-old Marshfield female attempted to leave Walmart without paying for the listed items. The female attempted to leave prior to officer arrival but officers arrived as she was walking out. The female had previously been trespassed from the Walmart property and is currently out on bond for an open case through Wood County. Charges for Retail Theft, Trespassing, and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping through the Marathon Co DA’s Office.

8.6.20 at 0823
A Marshfield man reported that his bike was stolen sometime early this morning. He stated it was leaning up next to the stairs outside of his residence. The man stated he did not give anyone permission and does not have any possible suspects. No further action taken.

8.6.20 at 1111
A 62-year-old Marshfield woman stated she found a pry bar underneath her vehicle’s hood while she was leaving today. She stated on 07/11/2020 at approx. 0353 hours she got a call from her neighbor stating she was just woken up by her dog and looked outside and there was a boy and two younger females at the end of her driveway with flashlights. The woman stated there was no damage but just thought it was out of the ordinary. The woman wished the item be collected and documented. No further action taken.

8.6.20 at 1942
Residents of a home on Magnolia Drive reported their lawnmower missing. The male advised he last saw the lawnmower on 8//2/2020 and noticed it missing on 8/3/2020 around 0530 hrs.

8.6.20 at 2240
Marshfield man reported a disturbance at the 500 block of N. Central Ave. between himself and various other bar patrons. When officers arrived it was learned that the man was highly intoxicated and out on bond for absolute sobriety and to not enter taverns. He refused a PBT test. Witnesses and the bartender stated that the man was causing a verbal disturbance and threatening the bartender. Charges of Disorderly Conduct and Bail Jumping will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

8.7.20 at 0214
A 17-year-old Marshfield male was arrested on a valid Wood County warrant during a traffic stop. He was then transported to the Wood County Jail.

8.7.20 at 0815
A traffic stop was conducted at the 1600 block of N. Peach Ave. A Police K9 unit was utilized. It was indicated that illicit substances were in the vehicle. The vehicle was searched. The driver, a 23-year-old Marshfield man was arrested for possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and bail jumping. The male was taken to MMC for medical clearance, then later transported to Wood County Jail.

8.7.20 at 1145
A Marshfield woman wished to report some suspicious activity in her neighborhood on Frey Ct. She stated recently one of the neighbors has come over to her residence and tried coming into the patio door. She was also advised by a different neighbor that the same individual was on heir deck the other day as well. She stated she did not want anything done at this time, however for it to just be documented. No further action.

8.7.20 at 1511
A 36-year-old Marshfield man was arrested at the Marshfield Police Department on a valid warrant. He was booked, then transported to the Wood County Jail.

8.8.20 at 0328
A 46-year-old female was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Search incident to arrest, drug paraphernalia was found that tested positive for methamphetamine. She was then transported to the Wood County Jail. Charges will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

8.8.20 at 1639
A 55-year-old Marshfield woman reported that she was scammed by an unknown person misrepresenting themselves as an Apple support employee. The woman stated she did cancel a credit card she used to buy a Best Buy prepaid card. She stated she did give the man on the phone the prepaid card number. The woman was advised to file a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.com) as well as reporting this to Apple. The woman is out $500.00.

8.8.20 at 2150
A 47-year-old female was arrested for Domestic DC. The female was taken to MMC for medical clearance and then transported to jail when she was not able to post bond.

8.9.20 at 1220
A 28-year-old Marshfield woman contacted dispatch to report on-going telephone and unwanted contacted from her ex-boyfriend/father of her youngest child. She stated that the 33-year-old rural Marshfield man had called her over 75 times on the previous day. He also began messaging her friends asking where she was at. The man allegedly had waited at her listed residence all night and to today’s date until her father stopped over and told the man to leave. The woman was not home during this timeframe. She wanted the man warned to cease contacting her or stopping at her residence. The man was contacted and claimed the contact was regarding their daughter and him seeing her. However, there is no visitation guidelines established. The man was explained he needed to go through family court to establish visitation along with to cease contacting the woman or he may be cited. The man became very upset and stated that he was going to continue to call her, drive past her residence, and call in daily welfare checks. He then left the PD lobby upset. Probation and Parole was contacted and explained his statement as he left. A hold was issued. Once contacted he will be arrested for the probation hold.

8.9.20 at 1245
Marshfield Medical Center called on behalf of Joseph to report that a 94-year-old Marshfield woman was bitten by her cat. Officer completed a rabies control report with the woman. Rabies vaccination was up to date. Officer will forward this to ordinance control for follow-up.

8.9.20 at 1322
A Marshfield woman reported she was bit in her left forearm by a dog at a residence on S. Hawthorn Ave on 8.8.20 at 2030. Officers have not been able to make contact with the owner as of the time of this report.

8.9.20 at 1356
A 37-year-old Milwaukee County woman caused a disturbance at the Marshfield Medical Center ER. Officers made contact with the woman. Wood County Crisis was contacted. The female was taken into custody on a mental health commitment. She was later transported to Winnebago Mental Health Institute.

8.9.20 at 1431
An anonymous complainant called dispatch to report that a 31-year-old Marshfield man was at 4th and Oak, which is a public park, around children when he is to have no contact with children. Also, there was his 32-year-old wife with him that has a warrant. Upon contact with both individuals, the information was confirmed through dispatch and both were taken into custody without incident. The man had on his person an item that tested positive for Methamphetamines. The couple were booked and then transported to Wood County jail. A charge of Possession of Methamphetamine will be referred to Wood County District attorney’s office for the man.

8.9.20 at 1615
It was reported that an unknown male tried to offer a juvenile candy. The juvenile refused and the male continued to press the juvenile to take the candy. The male was described as elderly in his 60’s, with blue eyes, glasses, white goatee, and moles on his face. The male was wearing a plaid hat with a plaid shirt or jacket. The male was driving a white-colored GMC SUV, with black rims.

8.9.20 at 1853
An employee from the Seven Star Inn called 911 advising there was a physical altercation between two male subjects and that one had left on foot. Contact was made with all the involved individuals and as a result, a 34-year-old Marshfield male was taken into custody. A request for charges for the domestic-related battery as well as suffocation & strangulation is being forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

8.10.20 at 0201
A traffic stop was conducted on a silver Chrysler Town & Country. A 48-year-old Marshfield male was arrested for operating while intoxicated (1st Offense). A vehicle search was conducted and illegal items were located. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, Wood County Jail did not accept the male. The male was released to a sober adult. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for Possession of Methamphetamine.

8.10.20 at 0833
A Marshfield man reported his Biden for President political yard sign was taken during the overnight hours from his front yard. In searching the area for the sign, officers observed other political yard signs were still in place in neighboring yards but was unable to locate his sign. No suspects at this time. No further involvement.

8.10.20 at 1035
A 78-year-old Marshfield woman reported 3 political yard signs were taken from the front yard of her residence sometime during the overnight hours. No suspects at this time. A search of the area was conducted. No further involvement.

8.10.20 at 1139
A Marshfield man reported a handmade wooden deer went missing from his front yard between 8.9.20 at 2300 and 8.10.20 1100. The deer, a six-pointer, has reflective eyes and can be folded in half by a pair of hinges for seasonal storage.  An area canvas was conducted.

8.10.20 at 1459
On the above date, a Marshfield woman stated that a 32-year-old male pulled a baseball bat from the trunk of his car and threatened a Blair, WI man with it. The woman stated they were able to take the bat from the 32-year-old male who eventually left the scene. The 32-year-old male later responded to the PD where he was taken into custody, booked and transported to Wood County Jail. Charges will be requested through Wood County DA.

8.10.20 at 1720
On the listed date and time officers responded to Dollar Tree for a report of retail theft. The suspect fled on foot upon being confronted by staff. A male matching the description was seen in the area a period of time later and started running when this officer was going to attempt contact. When other officers were searching an apartment complex the subject ran towards, a 25-year-old Marshfield male was located unclothed in a basement storage room. Ultimately, the 25-year-old was arrested for Trespass to Dwelling, Disorderly Conduct, and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping. Probation was also placed on the male.

8.10.20 at 1944
On the above date and time, a woman reported a retail theft that occurred at Saltus Bread and Butter in Marshfield. The male walked into the store and left with a 12-pack of Budweiser without paying. The unknown male got into a dark-colored, work-style GMC van and left. Photos of male and vehicle uploaded to evidence.com. Follow up to continue.

8.10.20 at 2220
A Marshfield man contacted police in regard to a 32-year-old Marshfield male that was unresponsive at a residence on S. Maple Ave. The man stated he performed CPR on the male for 5-10. When officers arrived the male was responsive. The male denied illegal substance use and medical attention. He stated he was playing a prank on the man reporting the incident. A charge of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer will be requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

8.11.20 at 2111
A Marshfield woman contact police and reported her to be ex-husband, a 41-year-old Marshfield male, was driving in the area of her residence. The woman reported observing him traveling s/b on N Central Ave, turning e/b on E Arnold St, turning n/b on N Cherry Ave, turning w/b on E Blodgett St, and drove back out to N Central Ave. This was all around her residence to make a rectangle only to return in the same direction he came from on N Central Ave. She has a restraining order against the male. The male was contacted and stated he had gone out for food but denied the driving pattern Valley observed. The male was reminded of the restraining order and advised how the behavior is viewed.

8.11.20 at 2332
Officers were called to the emergency room for a combative 14-year-old juvenile. The juvenile physically resisted officers. The juvenile continued to be combative inside the emergency room. Wood County Human Services was apprised of the incident and the need of immediate follow-up. Charges are being forwarded through Wood County Human Services.

8.12.20 at 0929
A 30-year-old Marshfield woman reported placing outgoing mail on top of the apartment complex mailbox for the postman to take which is standard procedure within her building. The woman noticed approx. 15 mins later when she walked outside the mail card was missing. The card contained two $10 bills and a birthday greeting for one of her family members. The building is unsecured and the mailbox is unsecured as well. No suspects at this time. No further involvement.

8.12.20 – 8.13.20
The complainant reported that his political sign was stolen. Complainant also reported his neighbor’s political signs were stolen. This occurred sometime in the late night and early morning hours.

8.13.20 at 0527
Complainants reported that their vehicle was stolen between 8.12.20 at 2100 and 8.13.20 at 0500. They did not give anyone permission to use the vehicle and did not provide any potential suspects. A neighborhood canvas will be completed. The Marshfield Police Department Stolen vehicle form was completed. Investigation to continue.

8.13.20 at 1037
The complainant reported a 66-year-old Marshfield male told a tree trimming service they could access his property via the complainant’s property. The complainant did not give permission for this and was frustrated with the man’s handling of this. The 66-year-old was advised he does not have permission to go on the complainant’s property but should call us when the service he is using needs to exit his property so we can reassess options with the complainant.

8.13.20 at 2215
An Arpin woman reported receiving calls and messages from a 39-year-old Marshfield male, whom she has a restraining order against. The male was taken into custody and transported to the Wood County Jail. Charges for harassment injunction order violation and two counts of felony bail jumping will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

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