Police Reports: Trespassing, Dog Bite, and Stalking

Marshfield Police Reports: November 4-11

November 4

Complainant reported that he had sent compromising videos of himself to an unknown person on the Internet. The person in question then began to demand monetary compensation in exchange for privacy of the complainant. Report to follow.

A retail theft was reported at Walmart. An unknown male took a crossbow. After leaving the building, cameras show the male leaving in a grey colored SUV, unknown plates.

November 5

Complainant security camera captured footage of an unknown dark colored sedan pulling into complainant driveway and parking there for about an hour in the early morning of 11-5-20. Vehicle occupants were not seen leaving the vehicle.

November 6

A Huffy Mountain Bicycle theft was reported, stolen sometime after October 23 from the apartment complex bike rack at Laurel Court. The bike was not secured to the rack. Marshfield PD impound was checked with no bikes matching that description.

November 7

Complainant reported a physical disturbance between himself and his wife, a 52 year-old Marshfield female. Throughout investigation, the female was arrested for Battery-Domestic Abuse. The female was able to post bond, and was released at MPD. Charges will be requested through the Wood County DA’s Office.

November 8

Complainant reported that the scoreboard was blinking and he saw someone inside the concession building at Hackman Field. Police responded and five juveniles were found inside who stated the door was unlocked. A key holder responded and nothing was found to be broken or missing. Citations were issued to the juveniles.

A woman contacted police in reference to a letter left on her door. Ultimately, a 45 year-old Marshfield male was arrested and transported to Wood County Jail. Charges for stalking will be requested through the Wood County DA’s Office.

A man stated that he was bending down to pet his daughter’s dog and the dog started growling and bit him in the face. The bite caused a laceration to his nose that required 10 stitches. Contact was made with the owner of the dog and provided a Rabies control form. Owner provided documentation that the dog was current on its rabies shots.

Complainant contacted police after he sent a 26 year-old Marshfield female employee home from work. Shortly after she left the business, the female’s boyfriend, a 23 year-old Marshfield male, entered the business and created a verbal disturbance with staff. Extra patrol was requested for the business and the male was warned for his behavior and that he is no longer welcome on the property.

November 9

A 56 year-old Marshfield man was arrested for domestic battery following an altercation with his wife in the driveway of their home. He was transported to Marshfield PD where he was booked, and then transported to Wood County Jail when he was unable to post the required bond.

A 47 year-old Marshfield man reported a male who has been coming into a store at 630 S Central Ave and acting strangely when a female employee of his is working. The identity of the man was confirmed after viewing security footage and showing the female employee a picture of the man she describes. Hefko Floral is requesting the man no longer be permitted on the premises.

Complainant reported that an unknown person used his personal information to attempt to make a fraudulent unemployment claim. Officer provided information on reporting the fraud to the Department of Workforce Development. The report will be filed.

November 11

Complainant reported an altercation between her and her 14 year-old grandson. Both individuals were separated upon officer arrival. A juvenile referral will be forwarded to Wood County Human Services for Disorderly Conduct.

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