Police Reports: Suspicious Man by Ice Rink

Marshfield Police Department Reports

12.26.19 at 1631
An Amherst man reported that a man was stealing his vehicle from a location on S. Draxler Drive. A Wood County Deputy located the vehicles on Stadt Road at CTH Y. A MPD officer arrived and spoke to both men. Ultimately it was determined that there was no theft. During the investigation, a 31-year-old man was found to be in possession of drug items. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

12.27.19 at 1209
Staff from Wausau Comprehensive Treatment Center reported that a 34-year-old Marshfield woman didn’t report for treatment that was supposed to start today and requested that officers check her welfare. Contact was made with the female’s mother who stated that the female was with her and was safe.

12.28.2019 at 0041
A 39-year-old Marshfield woman was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct following an investigation. The woman was transported to Marshfield Police Department for booking. The victim signed the waiver of domestic abuse contact prohibition form and the woman signed the conditional release contact prohibition agreement form. The man posted the $150.00 bond required for her release. A request for a charge of domestic disorderly conduct is being submitted to the Wood County District Attorney’s office pertaining to the woman.

12.28.2019 at 1754
Marshfield dispatch received a 911 open line coming from a residence on W. Arnold st. Dispatch could hear a disturbance over the open call. Officers arrived and the victim ran out of the residence crying and saying the suspect was still inside with her daughter. Offers made entry and ordered the man out of the bedroom in which he was taken into custody. The 42-year-old Auburndale man was booked and then transported to jail. Charges for Disorderly Conduct, Trespassing and two counts of Bail Jumping were referred to Wood County District Attorney’s office.

12.29.19 at 1226
An officer of Rome Police Department requested to speak to an officer regarding an ongoing investigation involving a 28-year-old Plover female forging checks in Marshfield and surrounding areas. Reports and surveillance video from the store were forwarded to MPD. It was determined the female had used a check belonging to the victim in the amount of $465.53. As a result, a request for charges will be filed to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

12.29.19 at 2318
A disturbance was reported on N. Central Ave. Officers made contact with the source of the reported disturbance. It was reported by a 21-year-old Marshfield woman that a verbal argument had occurred. Officers found there was no physical altercation that occurred. No injuries were reported. The Marshfield woman told officers that she had an argument with a male that she was previously in a relationship with. The Marshfield woman reported the male left after the argument. The woman was not able to formally identify the male’s legal name, date of birth, or where he would be residing.

12.30.19 at 1550
A Marshfield woman called 911 then hung up the phone without speaking with dispatch. Upon arrival, officers determined that the woman and the father of her child had gotten into a verbal argument which turned physical at one point causing the male pain in one of his fingers. During the investigation, officers found the woman had initiated the physical altercation with the male subject. The woman was taken into custody, booked at the Marshfield PD, was unable to post bond and was transported to the Wood County Jail.

12.30.19 at 2146
A man was taken into custody at the intersection of Central and Edison in the City of Marshfield following a traffic stop. The man was arrested for OAR first offense. He was transported to the police department for booking and later released.

12.31.19 at 2021
Dispatch received numerous calls regarding a 27-year-old homeless female who was found stumbling at a location on North Central Ave. On scene the female turned over a green leafy substance that later field tested positive for T.H.C. The female was transported to the E.R. for medical clearance due to her impairment and later transported to Wood County Jail due to a prior drug conviction in 2018.

1.1.20 at 1252
A woman reported that while her 13-year-old daughter and her friend were ice skating at the outdoor rink on E. 17th St., an unknown male walked out onto the ice with his dog and was looking around, which seemed abnormal to the girls. The girls were unable to get a description of the male subject as he had been wearing a black hat and a black jacket that was zipped up covering his mouth. The woman just wanted the incident documented in case there are any other reports of suspicious subjects hanging around the ice rink.

1.1.20 at 2346
A 62-year-old Marshfield man reported he could see and hear his two neighbors, a 38-year-old female and a 32-year-old male yelling loudly at each other in their driveway. Officers spoke with the male who stated his girlfriend was mad at him because he didn’t take her to the hospital when she was sick. The female was currently at the hospital. Both parties were warned for their disorderly behavior.

1.1.20 at 2353
A 54-year-old Marshfield woman called dispatch requesting EMS as she was having difficulty breathing. Dispatchers could hear a verbal argument in the background during the 911 call and sent officers with EMS as the situation sounded heated. Upon officers arrival the woman was on the porch having a panic attack. Several family members were contacted regarding the disturbance that initiated over comments made by a 27-year-old man towards his 30-year-old girlfriend. The woman’s 36-year-old brother then intervened. At one point the argument became physical between the brother and sister but neither felt threatened and did not want any enforcement action taken. Both individuals apologized and would go to bed for the night.

1.2.20 at 0147
A 68-year-old Marshfield woman reported a verbal argument. The argument was between her and a 68-year-old Marshfield man. Officers made contact with both the man and woman.

1.2.20 at 1335
A 29-year-old Wisconsin Rapids female was taken into custody in the 200 block of S. Central Ave. pursuant to a traffic stop for Possession – THC, Drug Paraphernalia, Obstruction, and a warrant. The female was unable to post the necessary bond and was transported to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

1.2.20 at 1423
A 51-year-old Marshfield woman was taken into custody on a felony arrest warrant issued through Sheboygan County. She was transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and then taken to the Wood County jail for holding on the warrant.

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