Police Reports: Stalking, Scams, and Shouting

Police Reports: October 27 – November 5

October 27
A Marshfield woman contacted the police department after she realized she had been scammed out of money. The woman had responded to a job ad that was posted on her Facebook news feed. She applied to a job that would allegedly pay her $600 a week to have a Colgate toothpaste advertisement on her vehicle. She received a check for the listed amount through certified mail. She then was instructed to deposit the check into her bank account, keep $600 for herself and the rest she needed to take out in cash. The woman was then instructed to transfer $2,387.54 into a bitcoin account to pay for the decal company that would allegedly place the advertisement on her vehicle. She was then told by her local bank that the original check she had cashed had bounced and that she had been scammed. The woman’s identity was not obtained nor her bank account. She will contact her renters insurance.

A man reported that someone is depositing and withdrawing money from his PayPal account. After further investigation it was learned that the man is not out any money. He was advised to contact PayPal and close that account and make a new account if he wished. The man was also advised to make PayPal aware of the situation and to delete his cards off of the old account. No further action taken.

October 28
During a traffic stop a 30 year-old male was arrested for OWi 4th. The male was ultimately released to a responsible party. The male was also out on misdemeanor bond. Citations and request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

October 30
A Marshfield man called to report that he had parked into a legal parking stall. A moped, description listed, was next to the man in an area not listed for parking. The moped driver made a backing/turning maneuver and drove into the driver side rear quarter panel of his truck. This made a very minor scratch and the moped driver continued to the gas pumps. The man saw the moped driver take photographs of his vehicle and wanted to report this in case the moped driver would fabricate something. The man did ask the driver of the moped if he was ok and he said that he was and moped received no damage. Documentation only. No damage or injury.

A Marshfield man came to the station to report that he was missing 10 prescription medication pills. He noticed he had fewer pills than he should have roughly 2 weeks ago. He lives with his mother and only family has been over. He did not believe that any family members would take his medications and has them locked up normally. The man stated this would be the 3rd or 4th time he has been missing pills. After explaining to him that if there was information that mislead officers or were untruthful then he could be charged for obstructing. He was asked if he has taken more than prescribed to him and he admitted that he did do so. He will speak with his doctor regarding this and also his mother to have her obtain control of his pills. Doctor will be contacted to make aware of the extra usage of his pills. No further action.

A Marshfield woman reported she has received 17 letters from a man unknown to her. The letters indicate a desire to date and marry her. The letters also reference prior meetings and accurately describe clothing that she would have been wearing at the time. The woman indicated that she had twice written the sender and indicated she did not wish to be in a relationship and wished no further contact. Despite this, the letters continued. Officers met with a 61-year-old Marshfield man and issued him a Stalking warning letter. The woman will report any future contact.

October 31
Victim reported that he received an email from Human Services at MMC in regards to an unemployment claim under his name be at an address in Virginia. Victim said he has not lived there and an unknown person used his identity. Victim also said around the same time he found unauthorized transactions on his debit card from California. His bank is investigating that incident and again there are no suspects. At this time the victim is not out any money and he was advised to contact SSA.GOV and IC3.GOV for more assistance.

A Marshfield woman reported a physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend, who is a 37-year-old Spencer male. The suspect had left the scene prior to Officers being contacted. Marathon County Sheriffs Department attempted to locate the suspect without success. A request for charges will be filed with the Wood County District Attorneys Office.

Complainant requested a welfare check on her 2-year-old son. Complainant has not been able to reach the father a 24-year-old Marshfield male and he is not returning her phone calls. There are no court orders for visitation, custody or placement at this time. Contact was made with the two-year-old and he appeared to be in good health, clean and good welfare at this time. A message was left with the 24-year-old’s Mother to return contact with the Complainant. The complainant was advised to contact Marathon Family Court for further assistance.

The complainant reported a 21-year-old Marshfield woman came to her house for a 3 hour supervised visitation that she was expecting to have with her children. The complainant is the woman’s aunt and has temporary custody of the children. The children were in respite care for the weekend, however. The respite care provider was not one who would be expected to supervise a visitation and this visitation was not noted for the on-call social worker to assess. Thus, the woman was told to take up this concern with her case worker on Monday.

November 1
A Marshfield woman reported smoke coming from an unknown location within the residence. Marshfield Fire responded to the scene. It was learned that the male homeowner had fallen asleep after putting a pizza in the pizza oven.

November 3
Ripple Behavior Solutions contacted police and reported injuries to a 42-year-old Marshfield male who is a client of Ripple Behavior Solutions. Charges will be requested through the Wood Co DA’s Office for Battery to Individuals at Risk against a 22-year-old Marshfield male.

A Marshfield man was concerned due to his current tenant causing damage to a door and the flooring. He also stated the tenants were 5 months behind on their rent and were not paying their utility bills. The man was advised the rent and utility bills were a civil issue that he would have to pursue in civil court. Tenant did admit to damaging a door which he stated he would repair or replace. The tenant was advised if the door was not fixed or replaced he could be charged with criminal damage to property.

November 4
A Marshfield man reported an unknown male was trying to enter his apartment. The male was located by officers in the laundry room of the apartment complex. The male was taken into custody, booked and released at the Marshfield Police Department. Charges of possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and felony bail jumping will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

November 5
The complainant and a co-worker contacted police during a home visit of a 35 year old Marshfield woman because evidence of illegal drug activity was present. Investigation resulted in charges being referred to the Wood County District Attorney’s office for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia on the woman and a 35 year old Marshfield male.

Complainant called stating that her 38 year old mother and 44 year old father were in a verbal argument and that the mother was very upset. Officers responded and learned it was only a verbal argument and nothing physical. The 44 year old male left the residence and stayed with his family members. Parties were both advised to take this time to calm down and to talk at a later time. No further action taken.

A man reported that he and his ex-wife, a 58 year old Kaukauna female, have been divorced for several years. He stated that after the divorce they still had a bank account with both of their names on the same account; however she has not been active on the account about 4 years now. He stated this morning she called the bank, withdrew all the money in the account, and then closed the account. He was advised this is a civil issue due to them both being on the account. No further action taken.

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