Police Reports: Snapchat banter leads to disorderly conduct

Marshfield Police Reports: November 26-December 2

November 26

A Marshfield man reported his windshield on his vehicle had been smashed with a brick. The damage occurred while his vehicle was parked in the parking lot of his apartment building. He believed the damage occurred between the hours of 0100 and 0900 on 11-26-2020.  The man contacted his insurance company and the windshield will cost $500.00, as that is the price of his deductible. He suspected a 17-year-old Marshfield male, though had no evidence that the male was involved. Officer spoke with that individual and he denied being involved. The man was instructed to install cameras in the vicinity of his vehicle.

Officers responded to a vehicle fire at W. 7th Street. Upon arrival, the above vehicle was fully engulfed. The owner reported he had purchased the vehicle the previous day. The two reporting males had been returning to the residence. The dash of the vehicle began to smoke so they parked and exited. Very shortly after, the fire began. MFLD extinguished the fire. The vehicle is a total loss.

A Marshfield woman reported damage done to her car on S. Chestnut between 11/26/2020 10:30-12:55. Suspect was provided and contacted; however, no determinations could be made.

A Janesville woman contacted law enforcement regarding a physical altercation that had occurred between her and a 27-year-old Granton female. When officers arrived the females were in an active physical fight. All parties were separated. The Janesville woman was transported to MMC for minor injuries while the other party was transported to Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures. Charges of Battery and Disorderly Conduct will be requested on both females through Marathon County District Attorneys Office.

November 27

Officers were dispatched to W. Kalsched for two females arguing for the last 30 minutes. Upon investigation, one female was taken into custody for domestic-related disorderly conduct. Photos were taken. This female was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and later posted bond. The victim did not enforce the no contact prohibition and was given a Victim Information of Rights form.

A Marshfield woman reported that she had received threatening text messages from a 22-year-old Wisconsin Rapids male. The male was contacted and admitted to sending the text messages. He was issued a warning for Disorderly Conduct and agreed to no longer contact the female. Screenshots of the text messages were uploaded to Evidence.com.

A Marshfield woman reported that she never received a package that was delivered on 11/8. She advised that she was home when the package was allegedly delivered. She did not have any potential suspects to suggest that the package may have been stolen.

November 28

A Marshfield woman called to report her ex-boyfriend, a 33-year-old Marshfield male, was at her front door and she believed he was trying to break in. The male fled prior to our arrival. He was located later at his residence and admitted to being at the woman’s house. He was arrested, booked and taken to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges will be sent the Wood County D.A.’s office for Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse and Felony Bail Jumping. The woman was called and a message was left that the male was arrested.

A Marshfield man contacted dispatch to report an altercation at the 100 block of E. 8th St. His ex-g/f had initiated a verbal disturbance with him and his current g/f,  as well as the girlfriend’s mother. The 20-year-old suspect had partaken in Snap Chat banter during the day with the man and proceeded to arrive at the location when he was getting picked up by his girlfriend and her mother. The suspect proceeded to drive past shouting obscenities and then got out and created a loud, profanity-laced verbal dispute with the 17-year-old girlfriend. Video taken by cell phone clearly showed that the suspect was shouting, swearing, and coming at the woman in an aggressive manner, would not leave or diffuse the incident. The suspect was cited for Disorderly Conduct and was taken home by her husband.

The complainant reported hearing a disturbance in the neighboring apartment of a 52-year-old developmentally disabled male. The man reportedly became upset about not learning from his caregiver who was going to be caring for him in the subsequent shift. The man upended a table, chair, and other items. The listed items were noticeably damaged and not functional. The man was calm upon officer arrival and subsequently helped clean up the mess he made. The man was returned to the care of his caregivers.

A Marshfield man reported a disturbance had occurred at W. Arnold St. between a 48-year-old Marshfield male and his 14-year-old daughter, a Marshfield female. Contact was made with the 48-year-old male and he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct. Booking procedures were completed and the male was later released. Wood County Human Services was contacted and advised of the incident.

A 20-year-old Marshfield woman reported that her ex-boyfriend, a 21-year-old Clark County man was harassing her through phone at work, and home. Police made contact with the man. Both parties clarified the issue stemmed from a custody based issue. The Clark County man was told by police that any further contact should be conducted through family court proceedings, and he should not attempt contact with the Marshfield woman via phone, at home, or work.

November 29

Contact was made with a 20-year-old Arpin male in the parking lot of a closed business. Investigation resulted in a citation for underage possession of alcohol and a referral to the area DNR Warden for possible enforcement action.

November 30

A Marshfield woman reported the theft of her billfold at the 1600 block of N. Central Ave. It was later learned that her debit card within her billfold was fraudulently used at another local grocery store and used to purchase $1,758.19 of items. The woman’s bank reinstated the financial loss back to her checking account. Surveillance footage was retrieved and the suspect(s) are yet to be identified, investigation to continue.

December 2

A veterinarian called to report that a 55-year-old Marshfield male was bitten by his dog. The officer called and spoke with the male who stated the dog bit him in his left ear as he was helping load the dog into his car to bring it to the vet. He stated the dog is current on his rabies vaccination and will look for the paperwork to provide to this department. The veterinarian and the male both confirmed the dog was euthanized due to health conditions and not solely because of the bite.

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