Police Reports: New K9 Rika Locates Drugs During Traffic Stop

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 12.05.18 at 11:07 (reported): A complainant expressed some concerns regarding the living conditions at a residence with children. Contact was made at the residence and the conditions were documented. On call Human Services were called and they were made aware of the circumstances.
  • 12.02.18 at 16:58: Officers were dispatched to a report of a disorderly male in a bar they wanted removed. The male was ultimately removed. During officer contact at the bar they recognized a Marshfield female in the bar who was out on bond with a no bar no drink clause. The female was arrested for Bail Jumping, booked at the MPD, and then transported to the Wood County Jail after not being able to post bond.
  • 12.02.18 at 19:54: A Marshfield woman reported a 30 year-old Marshfield male has been hanging out at the ice rink watching youth figure skating over the last few weeks. She advised the male was not affiliated with anyone involved with the youth figure skating club and appears fidgety and nervous when spoken to. She described his behavior as unusual and noted it made parents feel uncomfortable. Contact was made with the 30 year-old who said he just liked to watch figure skating. Dispatch advised the male party was on probation in Wood County. P&P was contacted an notified of the complaint. The 30 year-old agreed to go on his way and was advised to contact his probation agency the following week.
  • 12.01.18 at 17:00: A woman called police requesting help with her out-of-control 10 year-old son. After speaking with the child for over an hour and a half, he refused to change his attitude and as a result she did not feel safe with him staying at home. Arrangements were made for him to stay with his grandmother. A juvenile referral will be sent to Human Services.
  • 12.01.18 at 9:31pm: Reporting officer was eastbound in the 100 block of W 4th St. approaching the intersection with S. Central Ave. Unit 2 was also eastbound at this location (ahead of officer). The light changed to green for eastbound traffic and unit 2 entered the intersection. Unit 1 was southbound on S. Central Ave. almost to the intersection with W. 4th St. at a rate of speed which was too fast for the snowy conditions of the roadway to be able to stop for the red light facing that direction. Unit 1 slid southbound into the intersection in violation of the red light and into the driver’s side of unit 2. Officer activated emergency lights to protect the scene and capture the pre-record function of dash camera and obtain a video recording of the impact.
  • 12.01.18 at 01:14: A 20 year-old Marshfield woman reported that an intoxicated 22 year-old Marshfield male had pushed a 21 year-old Marshfield female to the ground after a verbal altercation. After officers investigated the incident, the 22 year-old was arrested and transported to the MPD for booking procedures and later to Wood County Jail. Charges for false imprisonment and batter/domestic related disorderly conduct are being forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.
  • 12.01.18 at 12:30: A 41 year-old male subject reported that his keys were taken from the listed address without permission. He was able to provide a potential suspect. The suspect moved out of the residence earlier in the day. Management will attempt to provide updated contact information and retrieve surveillance footage. Investigation to continue.
  • 12.01.18 at 19:58: A 46 year-old Marshfield female reported a disturbance that occurred between her and her 47 year-old fiance, with whom she has previously resided with. The male subject left the scene prior to officer arrival. A request for charges was requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for both subjects for Domestic DC. The female was taken into custody and transported to the Wood County Jail. Contact with the male was attempted several times and a Probation Warrant was issued.
  • 11.30.18 at 9:30: The victim reported that a 63 year-old Marshfield male had caused a disturbance at her place of work. The male admitted to his behavior and was ultimately cited. The victim said she was mailing a no trespass letter to the male from her place of work. I also verbally told the male that he was not allowed to go back to her place of work.
  • 11.30.18 at 19:23: A traffic stop was performed on a 24 year-old Greenwood female at Cedar/14th. K9 Rika alerted to the presence of a controlled substance within the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was performed and illegal items were located. The female subject was taken into custody and transported to this department where she was booked and later released. Charges will be requested through the Wood County DA’s office for possession of THC.
  • 11.28.18 at 11:45: A woman reported her 25 year-old daughter had been the victim of an assault. The victim was interviewed and officer was able to get the video of the incident. Follow-up will be done with the suspect.
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