Police Reports: Neighbor Steals Firewood

Marshfield Police Department Reports

7.10.19 at 0139: A Marshfield woman reported to the responding officer that she fell out of a truck when she was attempting to get in the front passenger seat. The owner of the truck reported to the officer that he told the woman multiple times that he didn’t want her in his truck. He stated that his foot slipped off the brake and his truck idled forward, and this is when the woman fell. The woman admitted to the officer that she was told by the man not to get into his truck. The woman agreed that her injury could have been avoided by listening to the truck owner. The truck owner has valid insurance and stated he would file a claim with his insurance company.

7.9.19 at 1922: During a traffic stop, K9 Rika indicated to the presence of an illegal drug. A vehicle search was conducted, and drug paraphernalia was located. The driver, a 23-year-old Marshfield woman, was arrested for OWI (3rd offense). She was also issued citations for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of THC. One item will be sent to the crime lab to be tested for Methamphetamine. The woman was transported to Wood County Jail on a Probation Hold. Additional charges may be requested pending lab results.

7.9.19: A 23-year-old Marshfield female was taken into custody on a Probation Hold. The female was transported to Wood County Jail.

7.9.19: A 22-year-old Marshfield male turned himself in to the Marshfield PD on a valid Marshfield PD warrant. He was booked and later transported to Wood County Jail.

7.8.19 at 2258: A traffic stop was conducted in Marshfield, and K9 Rika alerted officers to the presence of a controlled substance from within the vehicle. A search was conducted, and illegal items were located. An 18-year-old female was arrested and transported to Marshfield PD for booking procedures. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

7.8.19 at 2042: A Marshfield man reported over the last few months he has noticed the stacked firewood behind his garage has decreased. The man noticed his neighbor had a firepit with several pieces of wood that looked identical to his. Contact was made with the neighbor at her house. She admitted that she has backyard fires and does not have a lot of wood to burn. She stated that her brother and other friends/guests most likely had taken the man’s firewood without his permission. The woman was apologetic and would prevent her guests from taking any more firewood. The man wanted documentation and the neighbor warned. If further issues arise, the neighbor will be cited.

7.8.19 at 2033: A 20-year-old Marshfield female was arrested at the 100 block of N Central Ave for 3 valid Marshfield warrants. She was transported to Marshfield PD for booking procedures. She was unable to post bond and was transported to Wood County Jail.

7.8.19 at 1021: Complainant reported that a 38-year-old Marshfield man caused a disturbance and left their office. The male also had a Probation Hold placed on him. Contact was made with the male in Marshfield, where he continued to yell at officers, physically resist arrest and said he was going to commit suicide. Crisis Intervention was contacted, and it was decided that the safest place for him would be jail. The male was transported to Wood County Jail. Charges of Disorderly Conduct and Resisting an Officer will be sent to the Wood County DA.

7.8.19: A 51-year-old Marshfield man was taken into custody after P&P placed a hold on him. The man was transported to Marshfield PD for booking procedures and later transported to Wood County Jail.

7.7.19 at 1645: Two Marshfield women reported that a male wearing a plaid shirt with tattoos down his arms was walking around the above address looking in vehicles and pulling door handles. One woman stated the male was looking in her vehicle and pulled on the door handles. Contact was made with the male along with two of his friends. One of the friends became uncooperative by obstructing the officer’s investigation. One male was cited for his behavior, and the other was transported to Wood County Jail. Charges for Obstructing/Resisting an Officer and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping will be requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

7.7.19 at 1540: A Marshfield man reported that his ex-girlfriend, a 38-year-old Marshfield female, came to his residence and caused a verbal disturbance, using profanities and spitting on the back door. A nearby neighbor heard this disturbance and provided a witness statement. Charges of Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Abuse and 3 counts of Felony and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping will be requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

7.7.19 at 1000: On the listed date and time a Marshfield man contacted police to report a hit and run to his motorcycle while it was parked in a parking lot in Marshfield. The man stated that he did not initially notice the damage to his motorcycle and drove away from the scene. He later saw that the front fender was bent in and rubbing on the tire, causing damage to the tire. The man stated that he pulled the fender away from the tire so he could ride the motorcycle. Because of that, officers were unable to see what the initial damage looked like. There aren’t any suspects at the time and there aren’t any cameras covering the area where the bike was parked.

7.7.19 at 0236: Officers were dispatched to a bar in Marshfield for a complaint of serving patrons after hours. Officers observed two people exit the bar after bar close with two opened bottles of beer that had appeared to be just opened. A 22-year-old Marshfield woman was taken into custody for violating her bond conditions. The tavern will be issued a citation for serving after bar close.

7.7.19 at 0301: A vehicle was observed leaving the alley behind a bar in Marshfield, and after turning on several different streets, a male was observed exiting the vehicle, and walking behind the vehicle very unsteadily. Due to his unsteadiness, the officer made contact with the man and upon contact could smell a strong odor of intoxicants emitting from him. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and his speech was slurred and slow. The male was asked if he had been drinking and he stated that he had two beverages. He refused a SFST and PBT. He was taken into custody for OWI. A search of his records showed five prior OWI convictions. After he refused a blood test, a warrant was applied for and granted, resulting in him being taken to the Marshfield Medical Center ER, where he had a legal blood draw. He was transported to Marshfield PD for booking procedures, then to Wood County Jail.

7.6.19 at 1622: Complainant reported that he heard a male party yelling at him as he and his friends rode by on their bicycles. The complainant stated he stopped and approached the male due to this being an ongoing problem every time he and his friends ride by the man’s residence. Complainant stated the man was holding a dark colored handgun and held it behind his back as he approached the complainant. Contact was made with the male and it was discovered that it was a plastic toy handgun. The man stated that when the complainant approached him, he was on his property and he brandished the toy in order to prevent any harm to himself. The man stated that the complainant was with two other gentlemen which he stated were intimidating. Due to this being an ongoing problem, all parties were warned for their behavior.

7.6.19 at 1431: A Marshfield man reported that he was receiving phone calls stating that his cell phone was someone else’s. He also reported that he thinks someone else has his information to gain access to his accounts on his cell phone. No further action was taken, he just wanted this incident documented.

7.5.19 at 2239: A Marshfield man called Wood County Dispatch and requested an ambulance for a 35-year-old Marshfield man who was unable to regulate his body temperature and was “acting strange”. Officers responded with ambulance and upon arrival, the nude man was hallucinating. He was transported to MMC ER. Officers conducted Act 79 searches and located drug items. The man was medically cleared. Probation and Parole were contacted and placed a hold on the man. He was transported to Wood County Jail. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

7.5.19 at 2100: Complainant requested a welfare check on a 55-year-old man after he did not show up for work. Officers subsequently made entry into the residence and found the man deceased. The Wood County coroner and Rembs Funeral Home were contacted and responded to the scene. Next of kin was notified.

7.5.19 at 0650: Complainant reported being yelled at by an unknown male at a bank in Marshfield. The complainant stated she was there to make a night deposit, and the male was parked in the business lane waiting for the bank to open and wouldn’t move so she could drive through and make her deposit. She honked her horn and flashed her lights, and after doing so the male became upset and stepped out and started swearing at her. The woman stated the man did eventually move to another lane and allowed her to make her deposit. The bank was contacted and stated the woman was the one to start the dispute by honking her horn and flashing her car lights at the man. No information could be obtained from the bank in order to identify the other person.

7.4.19 at 1100: A Marshfield man reported that his yard and roof of his house were littered with firework debris. The man stated that he suspects his neighbors to the south had caused the debris as they were lighting them off the previous night. The man didn’t want any contact to be made with the neighbors at this time, he just wants it documented.

7.2.19 at 2221: A Marshfield woman reported theft of her laptop computer and identified a 32-year-old female suspect. The suspect’s residence was searched, and upon the search, the stolen laptop was located as well as several drug items. Ultimately Probation and Parole placed a hold on the 32-year-old woman and her 37-year-old roommate. They were arrested and transported to MPD for booking. They were then taken to Wood County Jail. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

7.2.19 at 1650: An officer observed a vehicle that appeared to be traveling at a high speed, with the registered owner of the vehicle having a valid probation warrant. The officer’s radar indicated the vehicle was going 40-mph in a 25-mph zone, which resulted in a traffic stop. Once the officer stopped the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle was sweating profusely, had spontaneous body movements and mannerisms and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance. Evidence of said controlled substance was eventually found in the vehicle. The defendant performed a SFST poorly and was arrested for OWI (1st offense). The defendant agreed to a legal blood draw and was transported to Wood County Jail.

7.1.19 at 1000: A 53-year-old Marshfield man was warned for his alleged threats at two locations in Marshfield. Workers at one of the locations provided a copy of a letter that was served to the man which prohibits him from being on the property. He was also informed verbally to not have contact with either business or its employees while they are at work.