Police Reports: Mysterious Golf Cart Driver

December 17

Security from Marshfield Medical Center called to report that a maintenance person went to a storage garage located near the intersection of Doege/Walnut. He noticed the service door appeared to be broken open. He then noticed a golf cart appeared to have been driven as there was dried dirt on the golf cart. Security stated they only wanted the incident documented. They had no estimate as to when the last time someone was in that garage as it seldom gets visited by maintenance. The security officer stated she would also be completing a security report.

Probation and Parole requested Marshfield PD to assist by taking a 29-year-old Marshfield male into custody for a probation violation. The male was arrested and transported to Marshfield PD for booking procedures and then transported to the Wood County Jail.

Officers were dispatched for a 35-year-old Marshfield male that was later pronounced deceased.

Officers responded to a report of a possible domestic incident from a report obtained by Human Services that had occurred during the evening hours of 12/12/20. Contact was made with the individuals reported to be involved. Officers separated both parties and learned that the child had overheard a conversation about an incident that was previously investigated by the Marshfield PD and had repeated that to the human services agent. Officers determined this was not a current incident and no further follow up was necessary.

December 18

A Marshfield woman reported a fraudulent website, “eleganet.com” which she conducted a financial transaction through, resulted in them shipping her the wrong item that she was deceived she purchased. The woman was informed that this would be a civil issue between her, Paypal, and the fraudulent website. She acknowledged this and wished for the incident to be documented via Paypal’s request to further the fraudulent claim/refund investigation.

A 19-year-old Marshfield male was arrested for outstanding warrants in the 900 block of South Central Avenue in Marshfield. He was taken to the Marshfield Police Department where he was booked then transported to the Wood County Jail.

An officer observed a male subject strike a large blue mailbox with his vehicle belonging to the US Postal Service while attempting to mail a letter. The mailbox suffered minor damage. The US Postal Service was made aware and the mailbox was placed out of service. The male subjects’ contact information was provided to the US Postal Service. No further involvement.

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