Police Reports: Domestic Disputes & Tire Theft

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March 16

A woman reported finding two sets of keys in her 19 year-old son’s bedroom and believed them to be stolen. During the investigation, officers discovered the keys belonged to 2 different vehicles belonging to the City of Marshfield Street Department. While speaking with staff at the Street Dept, they learned that approximately 2 weeks ago they found a back door open to a storage building where the vehicles had been stored for the winter months and the keys were missing from the vehicles.

A woman reported a 15 year=old Wisconsin Rapids male client was believed to be in possession of tobacco and had been using a vape pen while riding in a Mikan transport vehicle with other children present. The male was refusing a search by staff and was being uncooperative with their requests. Contact was made with the male subject who refused to speak with police. At this time, no enforcement action was taken by police. Contact was made with the juvenile’s mother and social worker via phone to inform them of my contact with him. No further involvement.

Fleet Farm Loss Prevention reported a male employee who worked in the Automotive Dept had new tires installed on his personal vehicle while he was working his shift and failed to pay for them. The theft was captured on CCTV and other store reports were provided to this officer as evidence. The employee has since separated employment from Fleet Farm. Officers will continue to attempt contact with the male subject.

March 19

A woman reported being contacted by multiple unknown male subjects and a female subject via phone calls. She stated they informed her that she had won a large sum of money and a new car. She was instructed to send money via a personal check and a gift card to pay for applicable fees before she could take possession of her winnings. She sent $5,800 dollars via a personal check to an address in Elizabeth, WV and $250 via Green Dot Gift Card via Wal-Mart services.

On the listed date and time a woman came to the Marshfield Police Department to report an incident that occurred with her ex-boyfriend. She reported that she had recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend, but the two of them were still living together. She stated that the two had an argument where the ex-boyfriend grabbed her arm and she slapped him on the neck. She claimed that the ex-boyfriend was the aggressor, but officers spoke with the ex-boyfriend and he stated she was the aggressor. Officers determined that the incident did not meet the criteria for domestic abuse and both parties were warned for disorderly conduct. Arrangements were made for the two to live at separate locations until the ex-boyfriend can move out.

March 20

Officers responded to a report of an unresponsive intoxicated male at Columbia Park. The male was found to be out on bond with an absolute sobriety clause. During arrest the male resisted but was ultimately taken into custody. He was cleared at MMC and then transported to the Wood County Jail.

A man reported the catalytic converter and muffler was stolen off his vehicle during the early morning hours. The parts appeared to have been removed using some type of saw. The vehicle was parked outside in his driveway on S Adams Ave.

A 33 year-old Marshfield man was arrested Saturday at approximately 7:00pm after he fled from officers on foot following a traffic crash, according to police reports. The incident took place in the 1300 block of South Central Avenue. The man was arrested and eventually taken to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County D.A.’s office on the male for: Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and seven counts of Felony Bail Jumping. He was also issued criminal citations for OWi 3rd offense, Hit and Run, and Failure to Notify Police of Accident.

A man reported an unknown person cut the catalytic converter off his SUV during the overnight hours while it was parked in front of his residence. The area was canvassed for witnesses and video surveillance.

March 21

A woman reported two females attempting to remove a vehicle from the parking lot that he believed did not belong to them. Upon further investigation, the title of the vehicle was provided to this officer and it had been signed over to one of the females attempting to remove it. Some personal items were removed from the vehicle by the property owner’s significant other prior to the owner of the vehicle taking possession of it. No further involvement.

A woman reported two male adults had entered her property and taken various items from the property and a dumpster located on the property without her permission as they believed it to be garbage. Officers located the male subjects a short distance away and recovered the items. The items were returned to the woman who agreed that she did not want them charged criminally at this time, however they were warned not to return to the property. No further involvement.

Two woman reported a 28 year-old Marshfield male drove his vehicle into the yard multiple times while intentionally spinning the tires causing large ruts in the yard. The vehicle also caused a large amount of mud to be thrown onto the residence. Contact was made with the male subject next door. The male admitted to causing the damage and the driving behavior. Yard owners agreed if the male fixed the yard along with cleaning the mud off the exterior of the residence within 5 days no further enforcement action would be warranted. The male agreed to these terms. Yard owners will contact police if he fails to comply with their request.

A traffic stop was attempted on a motorcycle for speeding and reckless driving as it was weaving in and out of traffic. The motorcycle failed to stop for police and a chase ensued. The motorcycle reached speeds over 100 mph and failed to stop for multiple stop signs. An investigation is ongoing. No further involvement.

March 22

On Monday at 1:14am, a Marshfield Police Department officer made contact with a suspicious vehicle that was parked near the bike path tunnel on Oak Ave at Depot Street. Drug paraphernalia was seen in plain view in the vehicle. Following a search of the subjects and vehicle, items of drug paraphernalia and 23.4 grams of suspected THC were located. Multiple subjects were arrested and cited for possession, according to the report.

March 24

A man called stated he located his 82 year old mother at her residence unresponsive and she was cold to the touch. Officers, Marshfield EMS and Wood County Deputy Coroner responded and completed an indoor death scene investigation. The female’s body was left in the care of Hansen-Schilling Funeral Home.

A woman reported that a 49 year old Marshfield male is stalking her and sending her messages on Facebook. She stated he is out on bond for two felony cases and is in violation of an injunction order as well. Investigation to continue.

Rogan’s Shoes reported that two females entered the store each female selected the above listed sandal box and went to a different part of the store. They removed the sandals from the box and left the store without rendering payment. The empty boxes were found in the last area the females were. At this time the identity of the females are unknown. Attempts will be made to identify the females.

March 25

A woman called stating that she and a man were just in a physical altercation. Upon arrival he left the scene by foot and was later located by Officers. Officers made contact with the woman and it was determined a physical and verbal altercation ensued between both parties. Both parties were arrested for Domestic Abuse related charges. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA’s Office.

Marshfield officers assisted Colby-Abby officers with a domestic abuse investigation. During the investigation officers found that the subjects were in possession of THC. The male was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and released. The female was turned over to Colby-Abby officers and she was transported to the Clark County Jail for a DOC warrant. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s office.

Marathon County Investigator requested assistance with an investigation. Marshfield officers assisted the investigator with a female suspect and escorted her to the Marshfield Police Department where the investigator conducted an interview.

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