Police Reports: Man with Vehicle Trouble Arrested for Stealing It

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 1.17.19 at 0039: Complainant advised her 57 year-old boyfriend had not returned home after getting off of work at the Marshfield Medical Center. The complainant stated the 57 year-old male had planned to meet his son when he got off work but never showed up. The complainant was concerned due to the fact the male had not taken his medication for diabetes and was not answering his phone. Officers were later advised the 57 year-old male had been admitted as a patient at the Marshfield Medical Center.
  • 1.17.19 at 2043: During a traffic stop at the above location, K9 Steffi indicated to an odor of a controlled substance within the vehicle. The above charges will be requested on a 23 year-old Marshfield female and a 51 year-old male.
  • 1.16.19 at 2252: Complainant reported that a male who was having vehicle problems was inside the store and taking packs of cigarettes. On arrival it was found the vehicle in question was listed as stolen. The male was taken into custody, admitted to taking the vehicle without consent. The vehicle was left secured per the listing agency and owner wishes. The male is a 63 year-old and was transported to Marathon County with charges pending.
  • 1.15.19 at 2120: A traffic stop was attempted. The vehicle failed to stop, fleeing from activated lights and sirens. A short pursuit was initiated but due to road conditions was terminated by the officer. The above charges will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office on a 28 year-old Marshfield female and a 21 year-old Marshfield male.
  • 1.14.19 at unknown time: A Marshfield man reported observing a white car slide through the intersection of W. Laurel St. and W. Veterans Pkwy. He stated the car struck a sign and hit a light pole. He reported the vehicle left the scene traveling eastbound. A divided highway sign was struck and knocked down in the median of W. Veterans Pkwy. There was no visible damage to the light pole.
  • 1.13.19 at 1730: On the listed date a 19 year-old Marshfield woman came to the MPD to report damage to the two driver’s side doors of her vehicle. An unknown individual(s) had taken yellow paint and sprayed it in those areas. She has no suspects nor did she did give anyone permission to damage the vehicle. She indicated the vehicle was parked in row 1 of the listed location. Video was reviewed but her vehicle could not be observed from available footage.
  • 1.13.19 at 1938: Complainant advised his ex-wife was arguing with their 14 year-old son and refused to provide him with his contact lenses and school supplies. The complainant also advised the 46 year-old female was sending him harassing text messages. The female party agreed to give the 14 year-old back his school supplies and contact lenses. The 46 year-old female was advised not to send any more harassing text messages to the complainant. The 46 year-old female advised she was abused by her ex-husband earlier in 2018 and that was the reason why she lashes out at him.
  • 1.13.19 at 2014: Complainant reported concerns for a patron at the tavern due to his intoxication level. Officers and EMS personnel responded and made contact with a 33 year-old male in the parking lot. The male was heavily intoxicated and transported to the Marshfield Medical Center for treatment. After his transfer it was found he was in violation of his bond. He also made statements that he may have been a victim of being pushed (all witnesses there said he fell multiple times). Upon medical clearance any physical altercation and bond violation will be investigated.
  • 1.12.19 at 0439: A Juneau County deputy asked the Marshfield Police Department to assist with a legal blood draw for a suspected OWI crash. Officer had gone to the MMC ICU and read the informing the accused form to the unconscious suspect. Once there was no response officer issued the male the search warrant for his blood that the complainant had completed. A phlebotomist then did a legal blood draw and handed the blood kit over to the officer. The blood kit then remained in officer custody until mailing it in the US Postal Service mailbox mailing it to the Wisconsin State Hygiene Lab.
  • 1.12.19 at 1930: The complaint reported that an 11 year-old male was bit by their family dog. Officer met with family and they were able to produce the appropriate rabies vaccination paper work. Follow up to come with Ordinance.
  • 1.12.19 at 2339: Multiple complainants advised dispatch that a gray Chevy Trailblazer struck and knocked over a median sign. Dispatch was advised the vehicle continued south on S. Central Ave. Officers were unable to locate any vehicle matching the description given and no vehicle parts or pieces were located at the scene. An email was left for the Street Department regarding the knocked over sign.
  • 1.11.19 at 2100: Complainant reported that her 14 year-old foster daughter left the residence and said she was going to return to the residence but at the time of report has not. Complainant said she spoke with the parents of where she was found the last time. It was learned that the female is not allowed there anymore. At this time there are no known locations. Info will be entered into NCIC databack.
  • 1.10.19 at 0714: A 9 year-old girl called 911 to report her parents were yelling at each other. Officers responded and spoke with the 34 year-old Marshfield man and 31 year-old woman. Officers determined at that time it was just a verbal argument. The following day an officer was assigned to follow-up and interviewed all children. This was forwarded back to the Detective Lieutenant for review.
  • 1.08.19 at 1710 (reported): Complainant, a 17 year-old Stratford female reported multiple fraudulent charges on her debit card totaling $2,855.25. She provided a potential suspect that was later contacted by law enforcement. The case is being forwarded to the Village of Stratford Police Department.