Police Reports: Man Reports Broken Window, Revealed as Culprit

Marshfield Police Department Reports

9.24.19 at 1827
Two male juveniles were found climbing on a structure at S. Mallard Ave. without permission from the owners. Their parents were contacted and they were released with a verbal warning. Several days later the Marshfield Police Dept. received anonymous information that the two males were responsible for breaking windows at the same property. Both males were spoken with and eventually admitted to breaking four windows on the property without permission. They were issued citations and a damage estimate is pending.

10.4.19 at 2209
During a traffic stop at the 1500 Block of S. Central Ave. a 52 year-old male was arrested for OWI 5th, Possession of THC 2nd and subsequent, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a prescription drug without a prescription. He was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and then transported to Wood County Jail.

10.5.19 at 0730
A 64 year-old Marshfield male reported an overwhelming chemical smell coming from within the apartment building. Upon arrival, the smell had dissipated significantly. It is believed that one of the tenants may have spilled some fingernail polish remover. No further involvement.

10.5.19 at 0629
A 47 year-old female reported a female subject carrying multiple bags entered the basement of her apartment building using the basement egress window. Prior to officer arrival she stated the female left on foot without the bags. It is believed the female may be squatting in one of the storage units within the basement. The area was searched but the female was not located. A POP form was created with an extra patrol request sent out via department email. No suspects at this time.

10.6.19 at 0236
A 32 year-old male called to report someone broke a window in his vehicle while it was parked in the Canadian lot at 109 W. 5th St. After speaking with several witnesses, the investigation revealed that the complainant was the one that actually punched his own window in a fit of rage. He was arrested, booked and later released. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood county D.A.’s office on the man for Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing. His wife, a 33-year-old Marshfield female received a citation for obstructing.

10.6.19 at 2305
Officers were dispatched to South Vine Ave. with a report of an intoxicated male who was punching walls. Upon arrival the male was calmed down. The complainant said the male was just upset in general and was not threatening towards her. The male stated he would be fine for the rest of the night and just wanted to go to bed. An associate of the male said they would stay the night to make sure he stayed calm.

10.6.19 at 0052
Park patrol saw that someone had ripped the towel dispenser off the wall in the women’s bathroom and Braem Park. The dispenser was damaged and the screws were ripped out of the wall. No suspects at this time.

10.6.19 at 1326
A complainant reported witnessing a 14 year-old Neenah, WI male and a 9 year-old Neenah, WI male entering a secured area of the fairgrounds. Investigation revealed the boys took a key from a secondary unsecured area of the fair and were using it to open this area. The boys were turned over to their parents who were at a different location on the fairgrounds for an event. Further investigation noted some damages which may have been caused during this incident. The boy’s families indicated they would have the boys pay for any damages which they may have caused.

10.7.19 at 0114
A 39 year-old Arpin female contacted dispatch advising a 36 year-old Marshfield female and her friend came into the bar. The complainant felt threatened because of statements the female had made towards her and requested officers make contact with the female. Contact was made with the female via telephone and she was advised that she was no longer welcome in the bar and to stop contacting the complainant. Later in the evening, a 45 year-old Marshfield male contacted officers requesting a welfare check be conducted on the 36 year-old female. He advised the female had sent him an email and stated she was going to end her life. Numerous attempts to contact the female via telephone and in person were unsuccessful. Officers will be continuing to follow up.

10.7.19 at 0952
A 46 year-old Marshfield male contacted officers reporting that he was receiving unwanted messages from a 36 year-old Marshfield woman. He stated that the woman was an ex-girlfriend and the woman had been harassing him and another friend of his. The man advised officers that the woman stated multiple times in the messages that she wanted to harm herself. Initially officers weren’t able to locate the female, but eventually located her at her friend’s house. Crisis intervention was contact and a safety plan was approved. Shortly after officers left, the female ran away from her friend’s house stating that she was going to kill herself and everyone else. Officers located the female again and she was detained. Crisis was contacted once again, but a man from Crisis once again stated the criteria for an emergency detention was not met.

10.7.19 at 1219
An individual who wished to remain anonymous contacted police and reported two toddlers being in traffic on W. Arnold Street. Upon officer arrival, contact was made with the individuals caring for the children. It was reported the children go from the upstairs apartment where their fathers are staying to the downstairs apartment where their grandfather is residing. It was believed the children went outside rather than into the grandfather’s apartment. All parties were spoken to about their need to communicate who is responsible for the children.

10.7.19 at 1331
A 50 year-old Marshfield female reported that she and her husband received concerning letters in the mail from Speedy Ca$h and it stated two loans were opened under their identity for the total of $1,000. She believed their identity was stolen as she nor her husband opened up the loans. Investigation to follow.

10.7.19 at 1828
An 18 year-old female reported that a 14 year-old female along with other juveniles  approached her parked vehicle at Cedar Ave. The female started yelling profanities and provoking the reporting female to fight with her. Contact will need to be made with the female to warn her of her actions as parents of those involved were already notified.

10.7.19 at 1051
A 44 year-old Marshfield female contacted police and reported her 3 year-old daughter was missing from their residence. Shortly after officers arrived in the area, she called back reporting she located her daughter in the backyard. It is believed the 3 year-old manipulated the doors deadbolt and exited the residence.

10.7.19 at 2217
A 27 year-old Marshfield female reported a hit and run to a building on Cleveland St. The building did not appear damaged. The vehicle was described as a silver Grand Prix. Physical evidence was collected at the scene. Investigation to continue.

10.8.19 at 0737
A 45 year-old Marshfield female turned in a walled containing a WI DL. She said her nephew was biking to school and found it turned lying under the overpass. Her nephew flagged her down when he saw her passing on Peach Ave. and turned the wallet over to her so that she could bring it to the police department. The owner was contacted and came to the police department to pick up the wallet. It was at that time that he realized his bank debit card was missing along with his Marshfield Clinic card containing his medical history number. He accessed his online bank account and confirmed his card had not been used without authorization and will contact the bank to cancel it. He will also contact Marshfield Clinic about the medical history number. He was not sure where he lost the wallet, but knew it was not lost in the location it was found.

10.8.19 at 1445
A 51 year-old female reported a large sum of money was stolen from her by a 46 year-old Marshfield woman. Investigation is ongoing.

10.8.19 at 1739
A 23 year-old male stated that while standing in his driveway on east Doege St., a white Cadillac with black rims stopped in front of the residence. He stated that an unknown black male stepped out of the passenger side and approached him. The male then asked the complainant what his name was, after confirming the name the male then struck him in the face with a closed fist twice. The unknown male returned to the vehicle and fled the scene. Follow-up to continue.

10.8.19 at 2051
During a traffic stop at Upham St. and Sawyer Dr. an odor of marijuana was detected within the vehicle. A 33 year-old Marshfield male was arrested on the above charges, booked at Marshfield Police Department and transported to Wood County Jail.

10.9.19 at 1204
A gas station reported that an unknown adult female pumped gasoline into her vehicle at 2005 N. Central Ave and then fled without paying for the gas.

An officer stopped a 25 year-old Marshfield female for not using her blinker. The female was later arrested for failing to comply with court ordered ignition interlock device.

A 32 year-old Granton female was stopped for a cracked windshield and coming back on file with no license issued. A traffic stop was conducted for the violations. The female was arrested for OWL 3rd offense and cited for no insurance. Defendant was booked and released.

10.9.19 at 0838
A 51 year-old male was stopped for speeding on N. Central Ave. The male was arrested for OAR OWI related, booked and released.

10.10.19 at 0231
A 21 year-old female and a 21 year-old male reported that a suspicious vehicle was outside of their home on S. Prospect Ave. and was driving around the area. One of the females inside of the residence stated that she heard the screen door open and shut loudly. Officers checked the immediate area and did not observe and suspicious behavior. There was no reported damage.

10.10.19 at 0935
A 59 year-old Marshfield female was taken into custody after receiving a request from Wood County Human Services stating she was in violation of outpatient treatment. She was transported to MMC for medical clearance and later transported to Norwood.

10.10.19 at 1305
A 38 year-old Marshfield female reported that two employees engaged in a verbal disagreement which became physical. The women are both on probation therefore upon completion of the investigation probation and parole were contacted and briefed about the incident.

10.10.19 at 2102
A traffic stop was conducted at N. Central Ave. and K9 Rika indicated to the presence of a controlled substance from within the vehicle. A search was conducted and illegal items were located. A request for charges on a 59-year-old Marshfield male is being sent to the Marathon County District Attorney’s office for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

10.10.19 at 2255
A 19 year-old Marshfield male reported that unknown persons painted his entire truck. The officer did observe the truck and it was completely covered in paint. The paint appeared to be washable however. The officer instructed the man to go wash his truck and advise if there was any damage. After washing the truck he reported that he had some new scratches on the truck. The officer could not determine what scratches were new or old as there were several scratches on the truck. The man did state some of the paint did not come off the tires and rims. The officer took photos of the vehicle. The man was not able to provide any names of possible suspects.

10.10.19 at 2233
An officer advised while on patrol he located bathroom stall doors taken off in the girl’s bathroom at Braem Park. The damage was photographed and the Marshfield Park and Recreation Department was contacted.

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