Police Reports: Man Pushes Ex-Roommate’s Vehicle Down Block

Marshfield Police Department Reports

2.20.20 0529
Officers responded to the 200 block of N. Peach Ave. for a one-vehicle crash. Officers were informed the operator of the vehicle fled on foot. Officers arrived and found the vehicle to have extensive damage to the front passenger side from hitting a tree. The resident went outside and attempted to assist the individual who crashed and was fleeing, but the individual kept going.

The resident described the operator as being “slow” and questioned if he had been drinking. The individual who fled dropped his wallet and the resident identified the individual as the individual’s who’s wallet as dropped.

The individual who fled tried to get into people’s houses and garages. Officers were unable to locate him. The vehicle was registered to the operator’s wife.

Phone contact was attempted with the operator of the vehicle, but the phone was passed off after speaking to a male. The wife stated she picked her husband up from a bar and the truck was left there. She stated they were having a date night and were now in Chili. She couldn’t provide the name of anyone else who would have been operating the vehicle.

The following day, the vehicle owners came to the Marshfield PD looking for the vehicle as it had been towed. Officers spoke to them and they initially denied knowledge about the crash but the man came back a short time later indicating he was operating the vehicle. The officer spoke to the operator on the next duty shift and he again acknowledged to operating the vehicle. He stated he had been at a bar and had a shot prior to leaving.

When asked about additional drinks he stated he blacked out most of the rest of the day and could not recall. The man stated a vehicle appeared to be coming into his lane of traffic which is what caused him to swerve off the road. He was issued citations for failure of operator to notify police of accident and hit and run-property adjacent to highway. His wife was issued an obstruction citation.

2.21.20 1054
It was reported that two calls were received from two different customers that someone was trying to order parts under the company’s name. The complainant stated no one was given permission to order the parts or to use the company’s name. At this point the company is not out any money but wanted the incident documented.

2.21.20 1434
A traffic stop was conducted. It was found that the driver, a 52-year-old Marshfield man, possessed items that field tested positive for THC and that he was on Probation. A hold was placed on the 52-year-old through probation. He was arrested and taken to Marshfield Police Department for booking, and later transported to Wood County Jail. Subsequent charges will be forwarded to the Wood County DA.

2.26.20 1553
A 21-year-old Marshfield male was arrested at S. Peach Ave on a valid Marshfield PD warrant. During a search of his person officers located a plastic bottle containing a liquid substance that appeared to be urine. He was brought to the department, booked and then transported to WOSO jail. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County D.A.’s office on the male for possessing a masking agent.

2.27.20 0843
A female child had reported that the child’s mother had previously been physically abused by a 28-year-old male. Officers made contact with the child’s mother, a 26-year-old female. It was reported that physical abuse had occurred as recently as June of 2019. It was also reported that the male had contact with the female via text message. The males text messages to the female were threatening in nature. The physical abuse reportedly took place in Wood County.

2.27.20 0958
Owner of a 2016 Dodge Charger was parked at Fleet Farm between 0915 – 0945. When she returned to the vehicle, she noticed the passenger side rear bumper corner had scuff markings consistent with another vehicle grazing it and causing the damage. No note was left or witnesses. Management checked for video surveillance but was not clear enough to see. Photos taken of damage.

2.27.20 1056
Probation and Parole called dispatch to request officers to place a 30-year-old Mosinee man in custody at their office for a hold. While officers were en route, the agent informed dispatch that the man had ran out of the office. Officers located the man hiding between vehicles and he was taken into custody without incident. After booking procedures the man was transported to Wood County Jail.

2.27.20 1450
Security for MMC called to report an oddly parked vehicle with damage and keys in the ignition at a parking lot. Upon officer arrival the vehicle information showed the listed owner and that it was not stolen. After several calls the owner was tracked down and did not know the vehicle had been moved from his previous residence a block away. The owner’s old roommate was contacted and admitted to pushing the vehicle to its current location to avoid upsetting his landlord. The vehicle was released to the owner’s family.

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