Police Reports: Man Loses $1,600 in Gift Card Scam

Marshfield Police Department

3.5.20 at 1040
An Auburndale woman reported her glasses were taken by a 51-year-old customer at Kwik Trip. Charges will be directed to the Wood County Attorney’s Office for theft.

3.9.20 at 1653
A 58-year-old Marshfield man contacted police after he had social media contact with an unknown individual attempting to sell a vehicle in exchange for $1,600 of Ebay cards. The man realized it was a scam after he sent the identification numbers from the Ebay cards to a second unknown individual and did not receive the vehicle shipment in return.

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3.13.20 at 0933
The manager of a Marshfield convenience store contacted police after a gas drive off was noticed on video surveillance. A license plate was not able to be obtained for the suspect vehicle for further follow up. The company will re-contact police if they notice the vehicle to be a frequent customer.

3.13.20 at 1937
A 25-year-old Marshfield woman reported learning via telephone that a disturbance had taken place at an apartment residence on S. Adams Ave. Upon investigating the incident, a 23-year-old male who lives at the residence advised officers he was slapped in the face by his 36-year-old uncle who was there visiting. Witness statements supported the probable cause to arrest the uncle. He was taken into the Marshfield Police Department where he was booked and later released. Charges are being requested through the Wood County D.A.’s office.

3.13.2020 at 2130
Officers requested by Probation and Parole to take a 66-year-old Marshfield male into custody on a valid WI DOC Felony Warrant. Officers located the male at his residence and he was taken into custody. The male was in possession of multiple USB storage devices which is in violation of his probation rules as he is a registered sex offender and is not to be in possession of any type of digital storage device. He was transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking and then he was transported to the Wood County Jail. The USB devices were logged into evidence.

3.14.20 at 0232
An officer observed a Beige Buick on S Oak Ave. pass by the squad car with a defective tail lamp. It appeared as if the driver dramatically increased his speed as the officer turned around and tried to catch up to him. As the officer caught up to the vehicle, the driver quickly turned into his driveway and exited his vehicle. The officer instructed the driver to get back in his vehicle multiple times and made contact with him. His eyes appeared to be glossy and his eyelids appeared heavy. The officer could detect a faint odor of alcohol coming from the driver. He admitted to consuming two alcohol drinks and “2 finders worth” of Jameson Whiskey at a bar prior to driving. He performed poorly during the SFST’s. Driver agreed to a voluntary blood draw which was conducted at MMC ER. Driver was released to a sober party.

3.14.20 at 1144
A Marshfield woman informed police of unwanted letters and phone calls she has been receiving from a 19-year-old Waupaca County Jail inmate. She has informed the male she does not want contact from him but he continues. This officer contacted the jail and informed them of the request and also spoke to the male. The male was informed not to contact her in any form or to have others contact her on his behalf or citations or charges would be issued.

3.14.20 at 1147
A Marshfield woman contacted police after her son received a text message from a number they did not recognize. The message was not threatening and told them to stop trying to get the unknown sender in trouble with the police. The woman stated that she and her family have received numerous harassing texts in the past year or so. Officers called the number back and attempted to find the owner of the phone number, but were unsuccessful.

3.14.20 at 1423
While sanitizing the handles in the freezer section a store manager reported looking over at a woman who proceeded to look at him and lick the door handle of a freezer door. The manager immediately sanitized the licked door handle and called for a welfare check on the woman. Contact was made with a 53-year-old Marshfield woman who stated she licked the door handle in protest to the Coronavirus. The store manager did not wish for legal action to be taken against the female. However, after the female became confrontational with the store manager and law enforcement, a no trespass order was requested. The female stated she has not used this method of protest at any other locations and was told her behavior was uncalled for.

3.15.20 at 0235
An officer performed a traffic stop on a blue truck on Peach at Becker for several traffic violations including left of center, impeding traffic, and going straight through an intersection while in a right turn only lane. The officer spoke to the driver. There was a strong odor of intoxicants and burnt marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. The driver indicated he did not want to perform FST. The driver was arrested. The officer read him the ITA form. He refused a blood test. The driver was then released to a responsible party. DOT records indicate that the driver does not have a valid DL and only has an ID card.

3.18.20 at 1018
A nurse practitioner called to report a 54-year-old Neillsville female was making suicidal statements. After speaking with the female, the nurse and Wood County Crisis it was determined a safety plan would be put into effect. The female was provided a ride back to her group home in Neillsville and Wood County Crisis set up a safety plan with the workers there.

3.18.20 at 1358
A 47-year-old Marshfield male contacted police in regards to his father being frauded out of money. The incident began with a phone call which resulted in the man granting access to unknown individuals to his computer to repair a virus. The individuals were granted access to bank accounts but the banks prevented money from being lost. As a payment for the services the unknown individual(s) performed, the man was requested to obtain three Target gift cards for a total value of $1,500. The gift card information was provided to the unknown individual(s) and the money was lost.

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