Police Reports: Man Gets Struck by Cane

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 10.09.18: Target reported a suspicious male that had been in the store for several hours and had gone into the bathroom when they were trying to close the store. Contact was made with a 20 year-old Marshfield male. He was taken into custody for retail theft. the suspect was unable to post the necessary bond and was transported to the Wood County Jail. Wood County Crisis was contacted. A request for charges will be filed with the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.
  • 10.08.18: a 47 year-old Medford female was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and OWI 1st following a traffic stop. The female was booked and transported to Wood County Jail.
  • 10.07.18: A Marshfield man stated while he was giving a 27 year-old female a ride home, she struck him with her cane. He stated she became upset after he told the female that she was taking advantage of his daughter. The female admitted to hitting him with her cane, but only after he was calling her names and refused to stop the car and let her out after she told him multiple times. Neither wanted any enforcement action taken but wished an informational report be completed. No further action taken.
  • 10.07.18: A 31 year-old Marshfield female reported her ex boyfriend was trying to break into the apartment. It was determined that her complaint was unfounded and the complainant was advised she would need to communicate with the ex boyfriend over the visitation of their shared child. The ex boyfriend was advised to stay away from the complainant’s apartment without prior consent of the complainant to visit their child.
  • 10.07.18: A 33 year-old Marshfield man was arrested for Domestic Disorderly Conduct when he became involved in an altercation with his fiance, who he lives and has children with. The man was transported to Marshfield PD where he was booked and released after posting the required bond.
  • 10.06.18: A Stevens Point woman called 911 after finding an 82 year-old Marshfield man deceased. Marshfield Ambulance personnel responded and determined lifesaving efforts would not be effective. A Deputy Wood County Coroner responded and a death investigation took place. Remb’s Funeral Home personnel responded and took possession of the deceased.
  • 10.06.18: A vehicle was reported being driven erratically. The vehicle was located and a traffic stop was conducted. The driver was found to be confused and suffering from potential mental health problems. The 67 year-old Owen man was transported by ambulance to Marshfield Medical Center. The man’s vehicle was towed. The man was issued several citations and a Driver Condition/Behavior Report was completed. The vehicle appeared to have been involved in a recent accident as it had fresh damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. It is unknown where this may have occurred.
  • 10.06.18: A 28 year-old Milwaukee man was arrested for battery following an altercation in a parking lot behind a bar. Charges will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.
  • 10.05.18: A mobile home park manager reported that an unknown individual had forcefully entered vacant lot 466 without permission, causing damage to the storm door. Buck stated that added security will be added to prevent further incidents. No suspects at this time.
  • 10.05.18: An anonymous female reported that a male juvenile near the tennis courts on E 4th Street had marijuana in his pocket. Officers made contact with the boy who was with 3 other juveniles. A strong odor of burnt marijuana was observed and the juveniles were searched. A socket tool with burnt marijuana was found on one of the juveniles. A referral to Clark County Human Services will be completed.
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