Police Reports: Male Trespasses on School Property

Marshfield Police Department Reports

9.28.19 at 1440
Officers conducted a traffic stop on the 1100 Block of W. Upham St. and arrested a male for possession of drug paraphernalia. A female was arrested for a probation hold. Both subjects were transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures. The male subject was released following booking. The female was transported to the WOSO Jail. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

9.29.19 at 1205
An officer conducted a traffic stop on a 31 year-old Marshfield male at the 500 block of S. Washington Ave. The male was ultimately arrested for OWI (1st). The male was on probation and Probation and Parole placed a hold on the male. Booking procedures were not able to be completed. The male needed to be medically cleared and was transported to the Wood County Jail.

9.29.19 at 1328
Officers responded to a location on West Veterans Parkway with the report of a one vehicle traffic crash. On scene, a 32 year-old Marshfield female was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine, T.H.C., and drug paraphernalia. She was also out two counts of felony bond and four counts of misdemeanor bond. She was transported to the police department for booking and later transported to Wood County Jail.

9.29.19 at 1328
Police responded to a crash at West Veterans Parkway and Spencer street. A 53-year-old Colby man stated that he was traveling on West Veterans Parkway heading eastbound at Spencer St. when the front passenger of the vehicle suddenly grabbed the steering wheel and swerved the car to the left to avoid a collision with a slower moving vehicle in front of unit 1. As a result, unit 1 struck a light pole in the median head-on. The front passenger of the vehicle was not interviewed as he fled from the scene prior to officers arrival.

9.29.19 at 1606
A 27 year-old female from Dickinson, TX reported the rear window broken out of her mother’s vehicle at a location on West Marathon St. She stated that her mother is currently on a cruise in a different country and unable to be reached. Pictures were taken of the damage, no suspects at this time.

9.30.19 at 1118
A 22 year-old Abbotsford female reported a shopping bag was stolen from her vehicle while she was inside Kohl’s. The bag was white in color and from Dress Barn. Inside the bag were two articles of clothing which she was planning on returning. The female stated she did not lock her car doors. Kohl’s was contacted for CCTV but unable to fulfill our request. No suspects at this time. No further involvement.

9.30.19 at 1205
A 36 year-old Marshfield male was taken into custody on a probation violation hold. The male subject was found to be in possession of a urine test masking agent which he used in an attempt to defeat a urine test. The male subject was transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and then to Wood County Jail.

9.30.19 at 1653
A Marshfield female reported multiple male subjects physically fighting in the street at 14th Street and S. Maple Ave. Officers arrived and found one adult male with multiple facial injuries had been attacked by another adult male and a juvenile male. Both the adult and the juvenile were taken into custody.

10.1.19 at 1135
The Marshfield Police Department was contacted by Appleton Police Department to make contact with a 43 year-old Marshfield woman to assess her well-being after it was reported to the Appleton police that she threatened violence during a business phone call. The woman did not answer the door during an initial contact attempt and appeared to leave a profane message to police when police arrived for a second attempt. Appleton Police indicated the victim was not desiring enforcement action at this time. They were told to contact the Marshfield Police Department if that changes. The report was forwarded to the Wood County Department of Human Services in the event they are able to offer any mental health services.

10.1.19 at 1450
Marshfield Bus Service reported a suspicious male that was standing on MHS property near the bus parking lot. It was stated that the bus service has had issues with the male in the past to include trespassing on bus company property. Contact was made with the male who was advised not to be on school property per direction from the MHS staff. The 27 year-old Marshfield male complied and left the property without incident. The male was warned that further trespass could result in a citation. Extra patrol was requested during bus pickup times.

10.2.19 at 2335
A 64 year-old Marshfield male reported that a 52 year-old Marshfield female struck him in the groin while at an establishment on North Central Ave. The female was arrested and transported to Marshfield Police Department, posted bond and was released. A charge of Battery will be requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

10.3.19 at 9:30:
A 43 year-old Marshfield man was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop. The man was initially stopped for a speed violation and during the stop K9 Steffi alerted to the odor of a controlled substance coming from within the vehicle. Marijuana was located. The man was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and was then transported to the Marathon County Jail. Charges are being requested through the Marathon County DA.