Police Reports: Mailboxes Struck by Unknown Suspects

Marshfield Police Department Reports

6.6.19 at 1300: A Marshfield man reported that his and his neighbor’s mailboxes, which are on the same post, were struck and knocked to the ground. The officer did not see any vehicle debris on the ground but did find a small impact print on the wood base at the top of the post. The officer spoke to the complainant and the officer assumed that a trailer hit the mailboxes and knocked them off. There are no suspects and a neighborhood canvas was conducted which produced no information. The complainant stated that his neighbor is out of town, but he will make the necessary repairs to the mailboxes.

6.2.19 at 2100: A landlord contacted police after he observed a bank of mailboxes damaged at his property, committed by an unknown person. Several mailboxes had been struck causing them to fall off the wooden beam they were screwed to, and two of the mailboxes were cracked as a result. There were no reports of any other damage to the property and there are no suspects. There are not any security cameras in the area.

6.2.19 at 0335: An officer observed a physical altercation between a Marshfield man and his wife, a 25-year-old Marshfield woman. The woman was arrested and transported to Marshfield Police Department where she was booked. She was released after posting the necessary bond.

6.2.19: A 40-year-old Marshfield male was arrested after a traffic stop, near the intersection of Doege and Cleveland Streets in Marshfield, on a valid Department of Corrections Warrant. He was taken to the Marshfield Police Department where he was booked and later transported to the Wood County Jail.

6.1.19 at 1245: A 20-year-old Marshfield man called to report a disturbance at a residence in Marshfield that had happened earlier in the day, which involved A 32-year-old Marshfield man getting into an altercation with his 52-year-old mother. The 32-year-old had reportedly pushed his mother and was yelling at family members prior to leaving. He later made comments towards the 20-year-old during a heated phone conversation. Attempts to locate the man in Marshfield and via phone were unsuccessful. Charges of Disorderly Conduct and Misdemeanor Bail Jumping will be referred to the Wood County District Attorney’s office.

5.31.19 at 0753: A 33-year-old Marshfield woman came to the station with concerns for her 32-year-old friend. The woman had not heard from her friend for several days and her phone had been turned off. The woman was eventually located, safe, however, over the course of the time she had not been heard from she had an altercation with her 39-year-old ex-boyfriend in which he prevented her from leaving and took items from her. When the man is located he will be booked and transported to Wood County Jail for a Probation Hold, along with charges of False Imprisonment, Disorderly Conduct, and Theft which are all being referred to the Wood County District Attorney’s office.

5.30.19 at 2217: At the stated date and time a routine traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle due to loud exhaust, and upon questioning the driver, a strong odor of an intoxicant was coming from within the vehicle. When asked, the man who was driving the car admitted to consuming one beer before operating his vehicle. The man was then asked to step out of the vehicle to perform a SFST, which was performed poorly. The man also had a PBT reading of .116. Ultimately, the man was arrested for OWI (1st Offense). The man later agreed to a legal blood draw after his rights were read. The man eventually admitted that he had consumed 3 or 4 shots of whiskey approximately 30 minutes prior to police contact. The man was ultimately released to a responsible party.

5.29.19 at 1725: A Marshfield man reported to the PD that while trying to sell a motorcycle seat on Craigslist, he was contacted through email by an unknown address. The email included a check for $1,750.90. The Marshfield man was to cash the check and mail the money as part of the transaction. The man was told someone would pick up the seat at his residence. The man believed this was a scam, and officers told the man to block any further emails from the sender and return the money to the bank where he cashed the check. The man was told that the check would most likely bounce and this was a common scam used to funnel money out of the U.S. The man was told to file an online report at ic3.gov. The man did not lose any property or money.




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