Police Reports: Landlord Removes Apartment Door

Marshfield Police Department Reports

3.6.20 0720
It was reported that a Wisconsin Rapids woman took a vehicle title. It was said that the title was taken in reference to an ongoing sale and agreed upon payment plan. It was also reported the the Wisconsin Rapids woman had taken items from the inside of the complainant’s residence where the woman was staying at. Officers contacted the woman. Both parties reported that the other party had taken the other person’s items from the residence. Both parties were instructed by police not to have further contact and utilize the Civil Court System for further grievances.

3.6.20 1030
A 34-year-old Marshfield woman reported that she may have been contacted by a 39-year-old Marshfield male over Facebook. The male is the defendant in an open case but there is no bond restricting contact and there were no threats made in the contact just reference to the upcoming court date. The D.A. was contacted to amend the bond. The male will be issued a warning at this time for the contact.

3.7.20 0013
An officer was approached by a male subject who advised there were two male subjects fighting behind a Marshfield restaurant. Contact was made with all involved parties and it was determined a theft also occurred. A 28-year-old Janesville male was placed into custody and after refusing to identify himself, he was later transported to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for battery, theft and obstructing.

3.7.20 1520
A Marshfield woman turned in a found Samsung cell phone with a Pink Glitter POP socket. The owner of the phone was contacted and will pick up after 3-9-2020.

3.7.20 1532
The complainant reported discovering the glass to one of the two exterior doors to the former J.C. Penney space shattered and the locks and doors set to remain open. Officers inspected the property and found no one inside and nothing else appeared to be damaged or taken at this time.

3.7.20 1721
It was reported that an unknown person had walked on the complainant’s lawn. The time and day the incident occurred was unknown. Police made contact with the complainant. Tracks were seen in the snow behind the complainant’s residence. It was also reported that a screwdriver had been found in the vicinity of a lower level window. The screwdriver was reportedly found on the ground directly outside of the home. No damage was found on the window and there were no signs of entry.

3.8.20 1230
Complainant reported that her 18-year-old step son was causing a verbal disturbance at the residence. The male was yelling and calling members of the household names and using vulgar words. The male was able to calm himself down after speaking with officers and it was decided that the parents did not want to pursue any disorderly conduct enforcement action but requested the male to leave for a short time to cool off. The male agreed to the terms set by the parents and left for a time. No threats were made during the exchange.

3.8.20 1322
A Marshfield woman reported to find 10 used syringes in the laundry area of the residence following a 31-year-old doing their laundry at the residence. The syringes were taken and secured into evidence in the event for follow up.

3.9.20 1347
A Hudson woman called with concerns due to two separate withdrawals on her mothers checking account that she believes are fraudulent. Contact was made with the victim who confirmed she made two separate withdrawals upon the request of a male suspect who contacted her by phone. The suspect stated that the victim had won a very large money prize but needed her to send money via certified check to pay for the taxes of her winning before she would receive the prize. The family is in the process of contacting the bank regarding the fraud.

3.10.20 0945
A 49-year-old Marshfield woman contacted police in regards to a 21-year-old Marshfield male that came to her residence looking for her son. She believed the male was not allowed on the property due to a court order. It was determined the case which had the no contact with the property was closed, therefore no longer a bond condition. The woman felt the male was there looking for drugs. The male’s probation agent was informed of the incident. Contact was made with the male who stated he was there to apologize to her son. The male was told future contacts with the property would result in a citation or arrest.

3.11.20 2248
A 25-year-old Marshfield woman reported that her soon to be ex-husband, and his girlfriend, may have signed her name on some documents with her cell phone provider to transfer their phone numbers to a different cell provider. She stated that she was given the phones back. The woman will be contacting her cell provider to determine whether or not her name was signed on the documents or if they signed their own names. Further investigation is needed.

3.11.20 1705

A 25-year-old woman called and reported that her landlord has been causing issues such as removing the door to the apartment and turning off the gas to the apartment. Contact was made with the landlord and he was advised that he would receive a citation if he did not place the door back on and would be charged with disorderly conduct if he did not turn the gas back on. At 1852 hours the officer received a call from the woman stating that the door was placed back on but with only four screws, and the gas was turned back on.

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