Police Reports: Identity Thief Attempted To Open Up A Personal Loan of $29,000

Police Reports

9.14.20 at 2000
An employee at the Baltus Bread and Butter reported a gas drive off. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be female and no license plate number could be obtained. There are no suspects at this time.

9.17.20 at 0954
On the listed date and time P&P contacted police stating that they were attempting contact with a 51-year-old Marshfield man with a DOC warrant, but the man fled on foot. Officers searched the area and initially could not find him. Officers later located the man and he attempted to flee on a bicycle, but officers were able to apprehend the man. Officers located drug paraphernalia on him following the arrest. The man was then transported to the WOSO Jail.

9.17.20 at 1113
On the listed date and time a postal worker contacted police to report a 54-year-old Marshfield man smashed some mailboxes with a baseball bat at the 100 block of W. Blodgett St. Officers made contact with the man and he admitted that he smashed the mailboxes because he was upset with the previous landlord. The man was very intoxicated at the time but refused to give a PBT. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

9.18.20 at 1123
A 30-year-old Marshfield woman called to report identity theft for her personal information. The woman was contacted by her Capital One credit card company indicating to her that an unknown suspect had attempted to open up a personal loan of $29,000 in her name. The suspect had utilized the woman’s social security number as well. The loan did not process and she was advised to contact the Office of Business Disaster Assistance. Gov. as it appeared that this loan attempt was in regards to COVID relief scam. The woman did have her identity placed on an Identity theft protection program, had already contacted Equifax to monitor her. Her bank has also placed her accounts on alert. The woman will contact the Social Security office regarding her number being utilized. The only information she has on the suspect is that they attempted the loan in New Jersey and may have tried to open a credit card as well. If the woman has new information she will contact this department.

9.18.20 at 1208
A Colby man stated he was in the right-hand turn lane when a red SUV/truck was in the lane to the left of him and turned into his rear driver side door. The man stated the vehicle proceeded straight through the traffic lights and was able to get a partial license plate number of “GY1 “. At this time there is no further information on the suspect vehicle. The man was given the case number and advised to call his insurance company.

9.18.20 at 1229
An anonymous caller stated a 35-year-old Marshfield female was very upset inside of the Northside Ezway Laundromat and only wanted to talk to a detective. Officer made contact with the 35-year-old female. The woman reported to officers that she was involved in a domestic with her ex-boyfriend, a 34-year-old Marshfield male. The male was arrested and transported to MMC for medical clearance and later transported to jail.

9.18.20 at 2020
A traffic stop was attempted at St. Joseph Ave/W. Arnold St and a vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was eventually stopped and two male parties exited the vehicle and ran from the scene. A 16-year-old Marshfield male was apprehended and transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures. The other male party has not been identified at this time. Wood County Human Services was contacted and the juvenile was later released to his parent. A juvenile referral will be forwarded to Wood County Human Services, citations were also mailed to the male party.

9.18.20 at 2324
A 66-year-old Marshfield woman reported an incident in which her son, a 32-year-old Marshfield male, threw a vacuum and pushed her to the ground. The woman stated the incident startled her. The male fled the residence prior to our arrival. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s office on the male for Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse. He has not been located as of the time of this report.

9.18.20 at 2336
Officers were called to a disturbance between a male and a female. Both subjects were at fault for the disturbance and agreed to separate for the night. Also in the area, one clonazepam pill was located in a small gem bag. No one knew where this pill came from and the pill was confiscated and disposed of in the pill dropbox.

9.19.20 at 0921
The complainant reported he was awoken by a 39-year-old Marshfield woman looking for her keys in his apartment. The complainant said she struck him and caused a scrape to his right eyebrow and right thumb. The complainant said she damaged his phone, trashed his apartment, and ripped a windshield wiper off of his car during the incident. The complainant said she was allowed into the apartment by his 55-year-old landlord. The woman and the landlord had left prior to the officer arrival. The woman did not return a phone call. The complainant called later in the day to advise he did not want any police action taken in this matter. I told him I would be sending the report to the woman’s probation agent for review.

9.19.20 at 1552
A 49-year-old Marshfield woman reported to that a home crafted political sign was stolen from the front yard of her residence. She stated the theft occurred within 9/17/20 – 9/19/20 1552. She stated a smaller sign was stolen prior to the wooden sign. She stated no permission was given to any person{s) to remove the signs. There are no suspect{s) at this time. Officer advised that patrol would do extra patrol as this has been a city-wide problem.

9.19.20 at 2146
During a traffic stop involving a 33-year-old Chili male, K9 Rika indicated to the odor of a controlled substance coming from within the vehicle. As a result of the subsequent search, the male was arrested for possession of amphetamines. There was also a vile containing a white powder that was sent to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab for testing. He was brought to this department, booked, and then released.

9.19.20 at 2214
The City of Adams Police Department requested an officer respond to the Marshfield Medical Center to obtain a legal blood draw for an individual who was involved in a motor vehicle crash in their jurisdiction. The sample was obtained and mailed and Adams Police Department was notified of the outcome.

9.19.20 at 2351
Marathon County Sheriffs Department requested assistance with a suicidal female who had just tried to jump off of a bridge at Galvin Ave. The female’s friend had stopped her and was now trying to wrestle a knife away from her. The females were located still wrestling in the ditch along the road. A 35-year-old female was taken into protective custody and turned over to the Marathon County Sheriffs Department when they arrived on the scene.

9.20.20 0116
An Auburndale man reported that he was slapped in the side of the face by a 29-year-old Auburndale male while at TBones Bar and Grill. The complainant stated he only wanted the man warned to have no further contact with him. The male was later located at Goodfellas Bar. While speaking with the male he continually lied about his name. As a result, he was arrested and issued a citation for obstructing. He was also warned to have no further contact with the complainant. After the male was released it was discovered he was on bond through Marathon County and a condition of the bond is absolute sobriety and to not be in any bars. A request for charges will be sent to the Marathon County D.A.’s office on the male for bail jumping.

9.20.20 at 0818
The victim reported that an unknown vehicle hit an exterior wall leaving a wash bay causing severe damage estimated at $4000. Photographs were taken and a neighborhood canvas was conducted.

9.20.20 at 1438
While officers were on a warrant attempt, they made contact with a 27-year-old Marshfield woman. She stated she last saw the 28-year-old Marshfield male last night when he beat her up. The woman was treated at MMC for her injuries and went over the appropriate paperwork for domestic abuse.

9.20.20 at 1609
A Marshfield called requesting officers to assist with her 42-year-old fiancé who was intoxicated and had caused a disturbance. Upon contact at the residence, the male admitted to getting upset due to the woman waking him up and being upset with him for drinking. He then damaged his own property out of anger. The woman stated she was yelling at the male and wanted him to leave to prevent herself from further “going after him” due to how angry she was at him. The male initial refused to agree to leave and made comments of wanting to harm officers if we forced him to leave. After some discussion, the man agreed to calmly leave with his friend for the night. The woman did not want any law enforcement action.

9.20.20 at 2042
A 55-year-old Marshfield man reported that he had a conversation with a 54-year-old Marshfield male who made threatening comments about a 55-year-old Marshfield male. Contact was made with the male who made the comments and he stated that they were taken out of context. He was advised to stop contacting individuals, in which he agreed.

9.22.20 at 1658
A Marshfield woman reported a political sign taken from her front yard on W. Blodgett St. between 9.21.20 2200 – 9.22.20 0730. No suspects at the time.

9.22.20 at 1742
An Edgar woman reported information she received from her daughters. The 7-year-old and 5-year-old daughters were interviewed. A 27-year-old Marshfield woman was interviewed. This matter is being referred to Human Services for their review.

9.22.20 at 1813
A 42-year-old Marshfield woman reported that her 11-year-old daughter left the residence without permission. The juvenile was located and refused to return home. The mother reported she was unable to leave the residence and retrieve her daughter. Contact was made with Wood County Human Services. The daughter eventually agreed to stay the night with her father at a different residence.

9.23.20 at 0259
A traffic stop was conducted at the 1800 block of N Central Ave. During a consent search, drug items were located. A 21-year-old Plover man fled from the scene and was apprehended after a brief foot pursuit. The man was taken to MMC ER for medical clearance after admitting to methamphetamine use. Probation placed a hold on the man. He will be transported to Marathon County Jail. Charges of Possession of Methamphetamine, Drug Paraphernalia, and Resisting are being requested through the Marathon County District Attorney’s Office.

9.24.20 at 1422
The complainant reported that she wanted a 22-year-old female removed from the residence due to conflicts. The female had a Marshfield Warrant. Also a male was at the residence with a probation hold and new charges from MDPD. Both people were taken into custody. The male was transported to Wood County and the female was transported to Clark County due to body only warrants through them.

9.24.20 at 1715
Officers observed a male subject who was wanted for 2 valid felony warrants. The male was identified as a 31-year-old Marshfield male. Officers attempted to make contact with the male; however, the male took off on foot resulting in a brief foot pursuit. The male was taken into custody without incident. Charges are being requested through Wood County DA.

9.24.20 at 1950
A Marshfield man reported he could hear yelling between two unknown male parties. Contact was made with the two individuals. A citation for disorderly conduct was issued to a 37-year-old Marshfield male and the other involved male left the residence for the evening.

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