Police Reports: Gas Drive-Off, Traffic Stop Turned Drug Bust

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March 26

On the listed date and time a 23-year-old female informed police that as she was backing out of her driveway as a delivery driver was walking up. The female stated she struck the delivery driver as he was walking and she got out to check on him. The female stated the delivery driver contacted his supervisor and advised him/her of the incident, reporting shoulder pain but did not request police or ambulance when asked by the female. She did not know the name of the delivery driver. If the delivery driver contacts police and an injury occurred a crash report will be completed at that time.

April 8

On the above date and time, a 35-year-old Marshfield female reported she observed a male subject walk passed her residence without anything in his hands and then two minutes later the male was walking back now carrying a box inside a garbage bag. The female believed the male may have stolen a package. The female captured this with her home surveillance system. Incident is under investigation.

April 9

A 13-year-old Marshfield boy reported encountering four teenage males, two of which had BB guns and were shooting them at people. Police located and identified all four subjects and recovered two BB gun pistols. Charges are being requested through the Wood County D.A.’s office for one 17-year-old male and a referral is being sent to Wood County Human Services for one juvenile male.

A woman was placed at the Drake House due to having a cognitive disability. On 4-9-21 a complainant observed a silver 4dr vehicle circling the block very slowly. The woman stated she knew the person driving and asked to go talk to them. The woman then got into the vehicle and rode away in it. The complainant does not know who the person was driving or where the woman was going. The complainant stated the woman left under similar circumstances about a week ago and made comments that she did not like being at the Drake House and wanted to leave. The woman also mentioned wanting to go to Melody Gardens on Saturday the 10th for skating. The complainant wished to have the woman listed as missing due to having a cognitive disability. A missing person form was completed and faxed to Wood County dispatch to be listed as a missing person. The woman was located in Monroe County on 4-11-21 and transported back to the Drake House.

A complainant reported that a red Dodge Durango hit a trash can. The vehicle continued to drive with the trash can under the front bumper for approximately one block. The complainant reported the vehicle being very rusted. It was determined the trash can came from a neighboring residence. Police attempted contact at that residence. None was made.

A 21-year-old Marshfield woman disclosed that in November of 2019 her boyfriend grabbed her by the neck and shoved her into the bathroom wall causing her pain. Contact was made with the suspect who admitted to the events described by her. Charges of Domestic Battery will be forwarded to Wood County DA.

A complainant reported her ex-boyfriend, a 34-year-old Minnesota man, was sending her lewd and threatening text messages. Police made contact with the man. The man was later arrested and found to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. The 34-year-old was later transported to Wood County Jail.

On the listed date and time a 50-year-old Marshfield woman contacted police and reported concerns for the care of a 5-year-old Marshfield child. A charge of Child Neglect will be requested against the child’s mother, a 35-year-old Marshfield female, through the Wood Co DA’s Office.

A white female in her mid-20s, with long blueish-silver hair, wearing a denim style coat and white hat, and driving a blue Jeep Liberty with an unknown license plate, pumped $28.77 of fuel at a local gas station in Marshfield and then left without paying for it. One of the employees attempted to stop the female as she was driving away, stating that the female saw them motioning for her to stop but she kept going. Security captured a low-quality image of the female inside the store but they were unable to capture an image of the vehicle.

April 10

A local retail store loss prevention staff had called dispatch after they had stopped a 24-year-old Mosinee man for theft of the listed items. The man was observed taking the items, removing the packaging, concealing them on his person and then attempt to leave the store without payment. The man admitted to the thefts. It was made aware the suspect has numerous open court cases and a prior retail theft charge. Charges of retail theft and bail jumping will be referred to Marathon County District Attorney’s office.

April 11

On the listed date and time a 70-year-old Marshfield female contacted police to report that a 47-year-old Marshfield woman was using her washing machine and dryer without her permission which also caused her electric bill to go up. The female stated her machines are in the basement of the duplex and the woman who lives in the lower portion of the house uses them without her permission. The female stated she has attempted to secure the plugs on the machine so they can’t be used, but it appears the machines are still being used. The female stated she informed the landlord of the issue, but he hasn’t done anything to remedy the situation. Officers attempted contact with the woman, but she refused to answer the door. Officers gave the female some options to further secure the machines and monitor them.

It was reported that there was a restraining order violation that had occurred. Police made contact with the complainant and spoke with other witnesses. It was later found that there was no violation of restraining order. Taped report to follow. A copy of this report will be sent to Probation and Parole.

A 44-year-old Marshfield woman called 911 when she found her 62-year-old boyfriend lying in the bathroom of his apartment and was unresponsive. EMS responded and then requested police after discovering the male was deceased. A Wood County Coroner responded to the scene and the victim was later transported to a local funeral home.

April 12

On the listed date and time a 52-year-old Marshfield female contacted police to report a female screaming at a man to get out of her apartment. The male left the apartment just prior to officers arriving, but officers were able to locate the male. Officers made contact with the woman who was screaming and the male was ultimately arrested for domestic abuse battery and bail jumping. The man was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and was then transported to WOSO Jail.

April 14

A traffic stop was initiated at the above location. During the stop, a K9 was requested and the K9 indicated to the presence of a controlled substance within the vehicle. One occupant was placed under arrest for drug related offenses and the driver was arrested for OWi. Charges will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s office and a juvenile referral will be completed.

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