Police Reports: Fraudulent Pizza Order Placed in Florida

Marshfield Police Department Reports

1.24.20 at 2110
A 43-year-old Auburndale woman called and reported that her credit card had been stolen by a former friend. She has called her bank and cancelled the card and was able to provide information for the suspect who is a 38-year-old Oshkosh female. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

1.31.20 0733
A Marshfield woman reported that her Little Caesars pizza account information, including her debit card information was used to order items out of a Fort Lauderdale Little Caesars location without her consent. The items delivered via Door Dash to a Fort Lauderdale address. The woman’s financial institution currently has a process hold on the $68.80 fraudulent transaction.

2.1.20 at 1805
Officers were requested to respond to a location on East 14th Street with the report of a 43-year-old Milladore male who was observed violating his no drink condition. On scene it was confirmed that the male was in violation, he was arrested and transported to the police department for booking procedures. He was later transported to Wood County Jail.

2.1.20 at 0815
A 57-year-old Marshfield man initially reported to officers on 1.29.20 that he allowed his roommates to borrow his vehicle. He contacted officers again on 1.31.20 to report that the roommates still had not returned the vehicle after numerous text message and phone conversation between both parties to return the vehicle. The suspects are a 40-year-old Waupaca male and a 48-year-old Waupaca female. On 2.01.20 the vehicle was official reported stolen and entered into NCIC. The vehicle was later recovered by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department on 2.1.20. Both suspects were located and taken into custody on valid DOC warrants and charges will be requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

2.2.20 at 0301
Marshfield Fire and EMS personnel observed a male individual stumbling down the 300 block of S. Central Ave. It was reported the male had a bloody face and was walking into walls. Officers along with EMS made contact and checked the welfare of the male, who was later identified as a 20-year-old Marshfield male. As a result of the contact, the male was placed under arrest for a probation hold and bail jumping. The male was transported to the Marshfield Medical Center for medical clearance and later transported to the Wood County Jail.

2.2.20 at 1054
A motor vehicle accident occurred at the Marshfield High School football stadium east entrance. The vehicle did not see a black gate separating the parking lot area and the football stadium pedestrian traffic entrance and collided into the metal gate, striking the windshield. The damage to the vehicle was the entire windshield and driver side upper door/windshield frame.

2.3.20 at 1003
A 27-year-old Marshfield woman called 911 to report a disturbance with her 30-year-old boyfriend. During the disturbance the caller had locked herself in the bathroom out of fear and stated that the boyfriend displayed a knife. Contact was made and the boyfriend had driven away prior to the officer’s arrival. Phone contact was initiated with the boyfriend and he agreed to stop with a Stratford officer where he was ultimately taken into custody and transferred to the Marshfield police station. A charge of Disorderly Conduct-Domestic will be referred to the Wood County District Attorney’s office. After booking the man was able to post the required bond and released.

2.3.20 at 1729
A 44-year-old Wisconsin Rapids woman reported receiving a text message from a 55-year-old Marshfield woman, whom she has told before to stop contacting her. Candace stated that she would like the suspect to be told not to contact her and any future communication needs to be through her attorney. A voice message was left with the suspect advising her of this.

2.3.20 at 1558
A Marshfield woman reported that there was a physical altercation between her husband and 17-year-old Marshfield son. The 17-year-old Marshfield male was arrested for domestic battery and was able to post the required bond amount. Charges are being requested through Wood County DA.

2.3.20 at 2128
Following an Act 79 search a 30-year-old Marshfield male was arrested for a probation hold. The male was also found in possession of a suspected synthetic substance sent to the crime lab for further testing. A 38-year-old Marshfield female was also arrested for Possession of Heroin with the intent to deliver. Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug paraphernalia, and Bail Jumping. Both subjects were transported to the Wood County Jail.

2.4.20 at 1546
A 38-year-old Marshfield man came to the Marshfield police station to report ongoing harassment by a 56-year-old Marshfield man. The suspect was texting him, calling his work, and showing up at his work to talk to him. The suspect was upset with the 38-year-old for being involved with his estranged wife. The man does not want contact from the suspect. The suspect will be cited if the contact continues.

2.4.20 at 0733
A Mosinee woman reported that multiple items were taken from a construction site. Two additional companies had items taken from the job site as well. The items and dollar amounts are being inventoried by the subcontractors.

2.6.20 at 1400
A Marshfield woman reported that she received telephone calls for the past year indicating her husband opened a Paypal account. She stated they have never used Paypal. She did not know if an account was actually created yet and they are not out any money. The woman was advised to contact Paypal and Transunion to report any actual fraud.

2.6.20 at 2042
An officer located a vehicle belonging to a male subject that Marathon County Sheriff’s Office wanted arrested for a domestic abuse incident in their county. Officers made contact at the residence where the vehicle was parked and the male subject ran from officers. The male subject surrendered a short time later and was taken into custody and then turned over to Marathon County Sheriff’s Office. Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia was later located in the area where the male subject had been running from officers. Charges are being requested through the Wood County DA.

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