Police Reports: Four Businesses Fail Alcohol Compliance Checks

Marshfield Police Department Reports

9.20.19 at 1600:
Between 1600 and 2230 the Marshfield Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks of licensed alcohol premises within the city of Marshfield by having underage individuals attempting to purchase alcohol. Forty businesses were checked and an underage person was served alcohol at four of those businesses. Citations for selling alcohol to an underage person will be issued to the servers.

9.20.19 at 1638:
A 40 year-old female reported that she had witnessed a two vehicle traffic accident on N Central Ave. The responding officer identified one of the drivers involved as a 39 year-old female from Marshfield. She was arrested for operating while intoxicated after being run through the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. The 39 year-old female was placed on a probation hold and charges are being requested through Wood County DA.

9.21.19 at 1422:
Officers were called to a residence on S Maple Ave for a male and female arguing. The domestic disturbance resulted in a 40 year-old male being arrested for disorderly conduct – domestic related and transported to the police department. Due to the man being on probation a hold was placed on him by the Department of Correction and he was transported to the Wood County Jail following booking procedures.

9.22.19 at 0955:
A 22 year-old female called police to a residence on W 9th Street after her grandmother, a 68 year-old Marshfield woman, became verbally abusive and struck her on the left side of her face. After further investigation, the woman was arrested, transported to Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and was released after she posted the required bond. A request for charges for disorderly conduct will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

9.22.19 at 1943:
A 19 year-old Marshfield female contacted dispatch requesting officers retrieve her phone from her girlfriend, a 20 year-old Marshfield female. Contact was made with both parties and further information was gathered. As a result the 19-year-old Marshfield female was taken into custody for domestic related disorderly conduct. The female was transported to Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and later released.

9.22.19 at 2140:
A 48 year-old male call police to E. 21st Street due to a 29 year-old Marshfield female screaming at a 13 year-old female, causing a disturbance. The 29 year-old slapped the 13 year-old during the disturbance. The 29-year-old female was taken into custody and transported to the ER due to a panic attack. After the female was medically cleared, she was booked and transported to Wood County Jail. Charges for Disorderly Conduct will be requested with Wood County DA.

9.23.19 at 0925:
A 69 year-old male contacted police after a 67 year-old female was found unresponsive and cold to the touch at her residence on South Maple Ave. EMS arrived on scene and determined that life saving efforts would not be performed. The female was transported to a funeral home in Abbotsford, WI.

9.23.19 at 1230:
A female contacted police after her bike was taken from a location on South Central Ave. between 1125 and 1200. The female stated that she parks her bike at the same location everyday while she goes for a walk and has never locked her bike. No known suspects at this time.

9.24.19 at 0118:
A 26 year-old female reported that her boyfriend, a 34 year-old Marshfield male was not allowing her to leave their apartment during an argument about infidelity. During the investigation it was learned that the male had thrown multiple objects around the apartment living room and one had struck her in the head. The male was arrested for Domestic Battery and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was transported to Marshfield Police Department, posted bond and was released. Charges will be requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

9.24.19 at 1256:
An officer conducted a traffic stop at Vine and 4th for expired registration. The female driver was identified as a 21 year-old Marshfield female. K9 Steffi alerted to the presence of a controlled substance inside of the vehicle. Items of evidentiary value were collected. The female was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia and place on a probation hold. She was transported to Wood County Jail and charges are being requested through Wood County DA.

9.24.19 at 1917:
A 58 year-old male reported a physical disturbance that had take place outside of his residence on St Joseph Ave. As a result, a 34 year-old Marshfield male, and a 56-year-old Marshfield male were arrested and transported to the Wood County Jail. Various charges will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

9.24.19 at 2128:
A 33 year-old Madison male was arrested at West Kalsched Street for a valid Iowa County Warrant. During the arrest drug paraphernalia was located on his person. The male was transported to Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and then Wood County Jail.

9.25.19 at 1614:
A 34 year-old female reported that a 38 year-old Marshfield male was at her residence and caused a disturbance. She stated that the male pushed her and slapped with an open hand. The male was contacted at his residence and taken into custody. The male was able to post bond for Disorderly Conduct and charges will be sent to the Wood County DA’s office.

9.25.19 at 1713:
Officers responded to a residence on W Veterans Parkway for a possible domestic. After investigation, a 36 year-old Marshfield male and a 35 year-old Marshfield female were both arrested for Disorderly Conduct with a Domestic enhancer. Both were booked and released after posting bond. Charges are being requested through the Marathon Co. DA.

9.25.19 at 2012:
A substance suspected to be THC was confiscated pursuant to a traffic stop. The 31 year-old Marshfield male was released on scene. The substance was sent to the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory for testing.

9.25.19 at 2035:
A 22 year-old Marshfield female reported that her ex-boyfriend, a 20 year-old Black River Falls male continued to send her unwanted social media messages even though he has been warned by law enforcement to cease his behavior. Contact was made with the male and was informed a citation would be mailed to him and to not contact the reporting female anymore. She was given the resources on how to proceed with filing a TRO.

9.25.19 at 2213:
Crash Report: Unit 1 was traveling eastbound on 21st Street and unit 2 was traveling westbound. Unit 1 flashed his brights at unit 2 because he thought unit 2 had his bright lights on. Unit 2 wanted to make contact with unit 1 due to unit 1 flashing his lights. Unit 2 performed a U-turn and sped up to catch up with unit 1, who had turned onto South Cedar Ave. Unit 1 observed unit 2 speeding up behind him and abruptly came to a stop in the middle of the roadway. As a result, unit 2 was following too close and struck unit 1. Driver of unit 1 was cited for reckless driving. Driver of unit 2 was cited for following too closely and exceeding speed zones.

9.26.19 at 1144:
A 27 year-old Marshfield female was taken into custody during a traffic stop at N. Apple and McMillan St. for OWI (4th offense), IID Failure to Install and OAR (Alcohol Related). She was on probation and had a requirement of absolute sobriety. She performed poorly during SFST. She was in violation of the .02 restriction on her DL as well. P and P approved a probation hold. She was booked and transported to Wood County Jail.

9.26.19 at 1200:
A woman called and requested to hand over some used needles and syringes to law enforcement that she had recovered in her 22 year-old granddaughter’s old room. An officer collected the items. One of the items tested positive for Methamphetamine. The female was requested to come to the police department. Investigation to continue.


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