Police Reports: Fiancé Goes Missing

Marshfield Police Reports

5.2.19 at 1006: A Marshfield woman reported to police that she has not heard from her fiancé, a 29-year-old Marshfield man, for almost a week, which she stated is very unusual. She has tried contacting his family members, and they all told her that they have not seen or heard from him for a few days either. One family member did report seeing the fiancée riding in a red SUV with another male on Monday night. Attempts to contact the family member were unsuccessful and a phone message was left. The complainant’s mother reported that the 29-year-old uses meth. A CEAR message was sent out.

5.2.19 at 1502: A Marshfield woman contacted police after she was involved in a verbal altercation with her live-in boyfriend, a 55-year-old Marshfield male. She wanted officers to be aware of her current relationship status if future arguments would escalate. The woman confirmed that nothing has ever gotten physical with her boyfriend in the past but feels that the relationship has run its course and she is concerned with how he will react. The woman was given resources for support and her information was relayed to the following shift for reference.

5.1.19 at 1052: A Marshfield woman reported that a house that she cleans, located in Marshfield, appeared to be entered by force. She told officers that she had previously left the house with the doors secured. She also reported that the house was vacant prior to leaving that day. Investigation will continue.

5.1.19 at 1601: A Marshfield woman reported unauthorized use of her bank debit card information, resulting in a theft of $115.59. The card information was used in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN at a local gas station and fast food restaurant. The woman had already reported the fraud to her bank, took the measures to file a claim and changed her bank account information. The woman received her monetary loss back from the bank.

5.1.19 at 1905: A Marshfield woman reported a disturbance between her and her husband. Charges of strangulation/domestic abuse and battery/domestic abuse will be directed to the Wood County DA’s office.

4.30.19 at 1528: Probation and Parole called Marshfield PD requesting officers to take a 27-year-old Marshfield man into custody regarding a probation hold. The man was taken into custody without incident. He was briefly taken to the station, however, booking procedures were unable to be conducted due to status with booking room. Subject was transported to Wood County Jail on the hold. Suspect was cooperative.

4.30.19 at 1517: A Marshfield male wanted another person from Marshfield, a 45-year-old male, warned for using expletives via their electronic communications. Contact was made with the male who agreed that his past messages may have been vulgar in context and said he would not do it again.

4.30.19 at 1445: At the stated date and time, two Marshfield women reported that one of their husbands, a 60-year-old Marshfield man, came to the second woman’s residence while they were visiting with each other and caused a disturbance. After the homeowner refused to let the man in, the husband became vulgar towards his wife and threatened to kick the door in. The husband eventually forced his way into the residence. The male was taken into custody for Disorderly Conduct-Domestic Abuse related charges. During the investigation, the male was found to have operated a motor vehicle and was then arrested for OWI-4th Offense. The male was eventually taken to the Wood County Jail after a legal blood draw was obtained (via search warrant). Charges will be requested through the Wood County DA’s office.

4.30.19 at 1745: A Wausau business completed a police report regarding a theft which occurred at a Marshfield business. The complainant involved a former employee of the Wausau company having allegedly stolen company property. Further investigation by the complainant revealed that the 35-year-old Rib Mountain man also allegedly used the Wausau company’s credit card at the Marshfield business in early April, which was not authorized by the Wausau company. The purchase was for $700.00.

4.30.19 at 1304: A Marshfield woman reported that a Samsung Galaxy phone was stolen from her sometime between April 20th & 30th. She claimed that the phone was taken from her apartment. Her apartment has cameras, but she didn’t want to watch the cameras because it apparently makes her husband paranoid. She was concerned as she received some texts from the phone and thought the person sending the texts was going to plant illegal items in her apartment or vehicle even though no one has access to those areas. The officer read the texts and did not interpret them the same way she did. She was advised to contact the cell phone provider and have them cancel the phone service. The complainant is not out any money as the phone was a government phone that she received for free.

4.30.19: A traffic stop was conducted, and a 23-year-old Eau Claire man was placed under arrest for his 2nd offense OWL and transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures. The male was booked and released.

4.28.19 at 1313: A Marshfield woman reported receiving unwanted messages via Facebook messenger from her ex-boyfriend, a 32-year-old Minnesota man. The man messaged her four times between April 28th & 30th. Contact was made with the man via telephone and it was explained that he was not to contact the woman in the future and if he did, law enforcement could take action. The man was advised to communicate via an attorney for paternity issues. The woman was also told that the 32-year-old also wants to stop all contact and she was also advised not to contact him.

4.27.19 at 1000: At the listed date and time a Marshfield man contacted police to report that one of his neighbors in his apartment complex constantly knocks on his door and asks him for money and food. The man stated that due to his mental health he feels he is unable to say no to the neighbor, even though he doesn’t want to give anything to the neighbor. Officers contacted the neighbor and she admitted that she does have regular contact with the man and trades food items for cigarettes with him. She was advised that the man does not want any further contact with her, and she should not attempt any type of contact with him.

4.27.19 at 1549: Officers were requested to respond to the above address after a 10-year-old Marshfield boy stated that an unknown female was yelling at him to get in her vehicle. Once officers started investigation the incident, they found that there were conflicting stories as the neighbor across the street also witnessed the incident and stated that it was a male driver yelling to his own kid to get in the vehicle. A canvas of the area was completed with nothing matching a description for further follow-up.

4.27.19 at 1659: A Marshfield woman contacted police after she sent $600 through Western Union to an unknown individual in exchange for keys to a local apartment in Marshfield. Investigation to continue.

4.26.19 at 0635: A Marshfield man reported that her brother, a 23-year-old Marshfield male was in a physical altercation with a 23-year-old Marshfield woman. It was reported that the Marshfield woman had struck the 23-year-old male multiple times. The male was transported to Marshfield Medical Center by Marshfield ambulance. The female was taken into custody and taken to the Wood County Jail. Request for charges will be sent to the Wood County DA.

4.26.19 at 1015: A Marshfield woman reported that a 30-year-old Marshfield man was sending her unwanted text messages. One text message stated, “I know where you live.” The woman reported that she was the 30-year-old man’s manager at a fast-food restaurant in Marshfield. The woman reported that the man’s recent demeanor at work made her feel very uncomfortable. The woman wanted the man to cease all contact with her. Contact was made with the man, and officers made it clear that he should not contact the woman in any form. The man told police that he understood and said he would not contact her.

4.26.19 at 1424: A Marshfield woman reported receiving screenshots of drug use activity involving a 22-year-old Florida male. The drug use was around the complainant and the male’s children, a 4-year-old and 6-month-old. A TTY was sent to Jacksonville, FL dispatch center for officers to conduct a welfare check on the children. After a welfare check was completed, it was reported that everything was okay.

4.25.19 at 1015: A Marshfield woman reported that her 55-year-old neighbor engaged in loud, boisterous and indecent language addressed to her between 1015 and 1030 on April 25th. Contact with the neighbor was attempted on 4.29.19 as the woman works evening shifts and would not be available until 4.29.19 when the reporting officer would be working. The attempt to contact the neighbor was unsuccessful.

4.23.19 at 1601: A Marshfield woman discovered someone had used her debit card to transfer money via Western Union from San Francisco. Western Union is reportedly going to refund her the money.

4.16.19 at 1603 (Reported): A Marshfield woman reported receiving harassing texts and Facebook messages from her son, an 18-year-old Marshfield man. The male has been warned in the past by officers for his behavior towards his mother and his sister. A citation for Disorderly Conduct will be mailed to him via USPS.

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