Police Reports: Ex-Boyfriend Slashes Tires

Marshfield Police Department Reports

11.22.19 at 1750
A 63-year-old Spencer man reported a man (later ID’d as a 36-year-old Stratford man) causing a disturbance in the parking lot at 1501 N Central Ave. Officers arrived and ultimately found the man at a nearby business. Officers recognized the man and arrested him based on an outstanding Probation hold and pending charges. During a search incident to arrest, a drug item was found on the man’s person. The man was transported to MMC ER for medical clearance. He was then taken to the Wood County Jail. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

11.23.19 at 2359
During a walk-through at a location on S. Central Ave, a 22-year-old Marshfield female was observed violating her bond conditions. Female was arrested on scene, transported to Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and released. During the arrest drug paraphernalia was located. Two counts of misdemeanor Bail Jumping and Drug Paraphernalia will be requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

11.24.19 at 0131
A vehicle was observed traveling southbound on S. Central Ave. in the city of Marshfield. A DOT check of the vehicle’s registration showed the registered owner to have a surrendered driving status. A traffic stop was conducted. The driver was identified by a WI DL. Upon initial contact with the driver, the officer could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle, the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and glossy. The driver admitted to drinking a few beers and was asked to step out of the vehicle to perform SFST. He performed poorly on these tests.

A PBT result was 0.195, and he was taken into custody for OWI (2nd). The officer then read the ‘informing the accused’ form verbatim to the driver, to which he first responded “no,” then a short time later at the police department, stated “yes.” The man was transported to MMC where a phlebotomist drew a legal blood sample from his left arm. The driver was then booked at the Marshfield Police Department and released to a sober adult.

11.24.19 at 1216
A 23-year-old Weston woman requested a welfare check on a 56-year-old Marshfield female. Upon making contact, she was found to be deceased. The wood County Coroner was contacted. An investigation was commenced.

11.24.19 at 1304
A 36-year-old Marshfield woman reported that her 10-year-old son witnessed a hit and run which resulted in the damage of three separate mail boxes. A neighborhood canvas was conducted for the suspect vehicle with negative results. Suspect is described to be a white male with a brown beard wearing a brown jacket driving a dark blue pickup truck with no topper. Possible damage to the suspect vehicle would be on the front passenger side of the truck.

11.24.19 at 2049
A woman reported her tires had been slashed. She believed the suspect to be a 43-year-old ex-boyfriend whom she had a restraining order against. Physical evidence was collected at the scene and photographs were taken. Contact was made with the suspect. Ultimately, the man was arrested and taken to MDPD for booking. After booking, the man became upset and injured himself by striking his head against the wall in the interview room. The man was taken to MMC for medical clearance. The man was then taken to Wood County Jail. Probation and parole will be holding the man. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

11.24.19 at 2140
911 was called to report a physical altercation between several patrons at Jack’s Bar. Police responded and arrested two males involved. A third male who left the scene will also be charged. Charges for all subjects will be forwarded to Wood County D.A.’s office.

11.25.19 at 0805
A complainant reported that three front windows were damaged by a pellet or BB at Central City Glass. There are no suspects and no other windows damage in the area.

A 41-year-old Male was taken into custody at 901 S. Central Ave on a Wood County Warrant. The Warrant was for the amount of $1869.00. The male was not able to post and transported to Wood County Jail.

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