Police Reports: Drug charges, More catalytic converters stolen, stalking charges

February 17

An 18-year-old Marshfield female reported driving her vehicle into the ditch while driving around the zoo. A vehicle search was conducted after K9 Steffi alerted to the presence of a controlled substance. Charges of possession of THC, possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor bail jumping will be directed to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

February 18

On 1-10-21 a male cashed a check at Nutz Deep for the amount of $320.00. I was later found that the check was written from a closed account. Investigation to follow.

February 20

A 31-year-old Marshfield female reported an unknown person opened a cellular phone account via Verizon Wireless using her personal information. That account has now been turned over to a collection agency due to non-payment which the female stated she is now being requested to pay for. This Officer attempted to speak with Verizon Fraud Dept about the account however they refused to give any details. The female was advised to contact Verizon in an attempt to get details of the account for investigative purposes. She will contact police once she has done so. No further involvement.

February 26

A traffic stop was conducted on the above vehicle at the above location. The driver, a 22 year-old male and passenger, an 18 year-old female both currently had open Wood County court cases with no contact bond rules on each other. Both parties were separated and charges of Bail Jumping Felony will be requested on the male and Bail Jumping Misdemeanor on the female through Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

A 26-year-old Marshfield resident reported two weeks ago the above vehicle would not start and had it towed to Toyota of Wausau. Approximately one week after the vehicle was towed the resident observed a small flashlight where the vehicle was parked. The complainant stated she was told the catalytic converter was stolen from under the vehicle. An area canvas was conducted, at which time the neighbor across the street stated she did not witness the crime. The vehicle was parked outside the rear garage behind the Southwest garage door. The flashlight was logged into evidence.

February 27

A 45-year-old Marshfield woman contacted police and reported her landlord was removing items of hers from the listed property which she is the renter of. The landlord was spoken to and she acknowledged removing items she referred to as garbage and showed me items in garbage cans. The landlord reported being spoke to by Marshfield Ordinance Patrol and being told the property needed to be cleaned up. The landlord is in the process of evicting the woman but the process is not complete yet. It is reported the 45-year-old woman is no longer residing at the property. The landlord was requested to discontinue her attempts to clean the property until the eviction process is complete as the woman stated the landlord is discarding items of value.

A 73-year-old Marshfield woman reported being the victim of a scam. She sent a total of $13,000 in cash to an address in New Jersey.

On the listed date and time a 20-year-old Marshfield male contacted police and reported ongoing harassment from his ex-girlfriend, a 20-year-old Marshfield woman. The male reported the female has continuously attempted contacting him and has called his place of employment. The female reportedly also gained access to Eisner’s phone account after the male deactivated her phone on his account and in the process a $55 credit on the male’s account was gone. The female did create her own account and the wireless phone company could not confirm the credit was removed intentionally. Both parties were informed to not have contact with each other and it was recommended the male goes through the eviction process prior to discarding the female’s items at his residence.

An 18-year-old Marshfield female reported her ex-boyfriend; a 17-year-old Marshfield male was stalking her again at her place of employment. It was learned the male had been served with a stalking warning letter from a previous incident. Contact was made will all parties. Report to follow.

February 28

A 46-year-old Spencer woman reported that she received information that someone intended on harming her son. Contact was made with all parties involved and threat could not be substantiated.

A 33-year-old Abbotsford female called dispatch to report that her wallet went missing while she was at the listed business as she left it in the restroom by the south entrance. Soon after an unknown person had turned in the wallet to mall management and stated it was located several businesses away from the restroom. When the female returned to get her wallet it was missing $200, however an additional $400 and her bank/credit cards were all accounted for. Unknown who had turned in the wallet or found it inside the restroom initially.

March 1

On the listed date and time a 51-year-old Marshfield male reported that an unknown person removed the rear license plate on his vehicle. The male stated that he believed the license plate was taken sometime between the listed hours, but was unsure where the theft took place as he was at multiple locations during that time. Officers checked the areas where the male would have been with surveillance cameras, but he was not parked in an area that would have been covered by the camera. The man turned over the remaining license plate to officers and the missing plate was entered as stolen by WOSO Dispatch.

March 2

An 18-year-old Marshfield female reported a physical altercation with her boyfriend, who is a 32-year-old Marshfield male. Officers attempted to make contact with the suspect at his residence with no success. Officers were able to speak to the suspect several times by phone, requesting him to come to the police department, but he would not. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

Complainant reported that she was involved in disturbance at the listed location with an 18-year-old Marshfield female and a 22-year-old Spencer male. Charges are being requested on the Spencer male for bail-jumping through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office. Charges are being requested on the Marshfield female for bail jumping and disorderly conduct through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

While on a civil stand by for some property at the above location it was found that a 40-year-old female had a body only warrant for Wood County Wisconsin. The female was taken into custody and transported to Wood county Jail.

March 3

An accident was reported. Officer’s made contact with the complainant and a 49-year-old Marshfield man. It was found that 49-year-old man had struck a parked vehicle while driving and was highly intoxicated. A child was also present in the vehicle with the 49-year-old during the accident. There were no injuries, both vehicles sustained minor damage.

Complainant reported that her ex-boyfriend, a 28-year-old Marshfield man, continued to contact her. Complainant stated that the 28-year-old did this both in person and via phone. Complainant told Police that she wanted no further contact with the man. Officers made contact with the 28-year-old. The Marshfield man was told by Police to cease contact with the complainant and that further contact would result in more law enforcement action.

Complainant reported her juvenile daughter had a snap chat account hacked by an unknown person. The account was used to send nude pictures of the juvenile female to other users. Report to follow.

A 71-year-old Marshfield female reported being in a physical altercation with a 45-year-old Marshfield female near the office of the Seven Star Inn in Marshfield. During the investigation security videos were reviewed which showed that the female initiated the altercation which began as a verbal exchange before becoming physical. Neither party wanted any law enforcement action taken at this time.

Information was reported that a 24-year-old Marshfield female and a 25-year-old Marshfield female were using marijuana in front of their children. Probation holds were placed on both of the females. At the time contact was made with them marijuana and drug paraphernalia were recovered from their residence. Both of the females were transported to the Wood County Jail.

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