Police Reports: “Defense Contribution” Phone Scam

Police Reports

8.14.20 at 1839
The complainant reported that her unoccupied vehicle had been struck while parked in the far southwestern area of the Walmart parking lot. The complainant could not give an exact or precise location. Local businesses were contacted for any video footage of the incident. None were able to facilitate. The extent of damage was a dent found in the front driver side area of the vehicle.

8.28.20 at 1854
Staff called and reported an unknown male subject drove off without paying for $53.64 worth of gas. The Male was driving a late model Dodge Durango, dark blue in color. The subject was a white male appearing to be in his late 20’s to mid 30’s with a beard, wearing a black Nike “Just Do It” t-shirt, jean shorts with a black ball cap. No license plate was obtained. No suspects at this time.

8.29.20 at 0923
On the above date and at the 2100 block of N. Central Ave a 29-year-old Vesper male was causing a disturbance. The 29-year-old male called an employee a “libtard” and a “sheep.” The 29-year-old male refused to provide officers his name and date of Birth. The 29-year-old male was issued a trespass notice, warned for DC, and cited for obstructing.

8.29.20 at 1302
A Marshfield woman reported numerous items taken from her residence without her consent from 8.24.20 – 8.28.20 2300. She reported forced entry was made into the residence to obtain property, follow up to continue.

8.29.20 at 1901
On the above date and time a staff member reported a possible theft of gas from the Bread and Butter Gas Station. The male attempted to use his card at the pump and the cashier inside authorized the pump. The card was not charged and the male left without payment. Tammy described the vehicle as an older black BMW, with a male driver. She provided a license plate, though that plate does not match the description. No suspects and no cameras.

8.30.20 at 1413
A traffic stop was conducted and an 18-year-old male passenger was found to be on bond through Clark County. A bond condition A indicated he was not to have contact with a 39-year-old male, who was the driver. Charges were requested through Clark County District Attorney’s Office for felony bail jumping. The 39-year-old male driver also had a valid O.O.C. warrant and was taken into custody. The male driver was transported to the Clark County Jail.

8.30.20 at 1952
A Marshfield woman report that she received a scam call from 715-240-4483. The woman stated 2 men said they were calling on behalf of the Marshfield Police Department and requested a “defense contribution” to increase safety and ensure people wear masks. She was asked to give either $95, $75, or $55 and was asked to give her debit and credit card information. The woman said they hung up after asking too many questions and is not out any money.

8.31.20 at 0954
It was reported that an unknown person had entered Taqueria El Sol. The unknown person took a large quantity of money from a secured area. Investigation to continue.

9.1.20 at 0250
Contact was made with a 39-year-old male outside of the police department. The male admitted to being under the influence of a controlled substance and is on probation. Contact was made with Probation and Parole and they placed a hold on him. The male was transported to the Marshfield Medical Center Emergency Room for medical clearance. He was later transported to the Wood County Jail by Marshfield Ambulance. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

9.1.20 at 1608
The victim reported that her 2011 black Chevrolet Impala was taken from the Park Motel where she stayed with a 54-year-old Florida male. The male took the vehicle along with Victim 2 purse, without consent. The male was communicating through snap chat about returning the vehicle but has not at the time of this report. Also, $260.00 was removed from the second victims account also without consent. The vehicle was entered into NCIC.

9.2.20 at 0120
During a traffic stop, K-9 Rika indicated to the odor of a controlled substance. Following an investigation, a 24-year-old Marshfield male was arrested. The male was ultimately transported to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s office for Possession with Intent to Deliver RX Drugs, 2 counts of Mis. Bail Jumping, and 1 count of Felony Bail Jumping. Another request for charges will be sent to the Marathon District Attorney’s Office for Delivery of RX Drugs.

9.2.20 at 2144
A Marshfield woman reported that an unknown male was outside her residence, attempting to make entry into her home and vehicles. Officers arrived on the scene and located a highly intoxicated 32-year-old Marshfield male laying in the driveway near one of the vehicles. The male was intentionally noncommutative and uncooperative with officers, and would only use vulgarity to communicate. The male eventually attempted to leave the scene during the investigation, and a physical altercation ensued between the male and the officers. While officers tried to place handcuffs on the male, he attempted to bite officers and continued to disobey officers’ commands. A Taser deployment was used to gain compliance on the male and he was eventually secured in handcuffs and transported to MMC for jail clearance. The male was later transported to Wood County Jail on a Probation Hold and with charges of Battery to a LEO, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and Felony Bail Jumping, all with Habitual Criminality Enhancers requested through Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

9.3.20 at 1702
66-year-old Marshfield woman report theft of her prescription medication from her mailbox. The woman confirmed with the U.S. Postal Service that the package was confirmed, delivered on 08/29/2020 at 0934 hours. The package contained Duloxetine 20 Mg, 60 ct.

9.3.20 at 1316
On the listed date and time a 62-year-old Marshfield woman contacted police after a subject scammed her out of $1,450.00. The woman stated that she had been having problems with her iPhone and the subject claimed that he was calling to fix the problems she had been having with her phone and phone security. The male subject informed her that she needed to provide the listed money in order to have the phone fixed and then the money would be reimbursed to her bank account. Steckel provided the gift card information, but then the money was never returned. The woman also reported the incident to the FBI.

9.3.20 at 1105
It was reported that between 9.2.20 1000 – 9.3.20 1000 an unknown person(s) entered into the restrooms at Greise park and vandalized some of the bathroom fixtures. Two mirrors were smashed in the men’s restroom and two mirrors and two sinks were smashed in the women’s restroom. There are no suspects at this time and extra patrol has been requested for the area.

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