Police Reports: Counterfeit bills used for Marketplace purchase

Marshfield Police Department

7.1.20 at 1839
A fifty-year-old Marshfield woman was arrested for six counts of retail theft. The woman was booked at Marshfield Police Department and released. Loss prevention provided information and video surveillance regarding the thefts.


7.2.20 at 0840
Following an investigation, a 19-year-old Marshfield male was arrested for Theft from the Marauder Villas.  The male was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and then released. I will be requesting charges for Misdemeanor Bail Jumping and Theft.


7.2.20 at 1732
An employee at a convenience store reported a gas drive off at the location on the 1700 block of N. Central Ave. No license plate was able to be observed through the security cameras and the drive off appeared to be unintentional. There are no suspects at this time. Gas station employees will call if they observe the same vehicle at the gas station.


7.3.20 at 1319
A 75-year-old Marshfield female had walked away from her assisted living facility. The Marshfield Police Department organized an extensive search operation with the help of the Marshfield Auxiliary and multiple community volunteers. A Silver Alert was issued. The female was located near a local business after suffering a fall which ultimately concealed her location from plain sight due to the landscaping surrounding her. She suffered minor injuries however she was unable to stand up on her own. She was transported to MMC ER for medical treatment.


7.3.20 at 1555
On the listed date and time employees from a retail store on the 1900 block of N. Central Ave contacted police after a male subject left the store with a pair of shoes, he did not pay for. Employees tried to ask the man to come back into the store, but he took off running. The male was with a female that appeared to be aware of the theft and later got into a vehicle with the male suspect. Officers were able to identify the male from past professional contacts and also located the female. The female admitted to the theft and both parties returned the items to the police. Charges are being requested for the man through the Marathon County DA and the woman was cited.


7.4.20 at 0803
A Marshfield man reported selling a set of car rims to a 26-year-old female off of Facebook Marketplace. He stated 2 of the $20 bills given to him for the purchase of the rims were counterfeit. The bills were turned over to the police and confirmed as counterfeit currency. A suspect has been identified and officers are working with other agencies currently seeking a resolution to this case


7.4.20 at 2318
A Marshfield man contacted police after a 27-year-old Marshfield man threatened to shoot an 18-year-old male. The man then went inside of his trailer and retrieved a BB gun pistol that resembled a real pistol. Officers made contact with the man and initially, he refused to come out of his trailer and yelled that he would shoot at officers if they didn’t stop knocking on his trailer. The man eventually came out of the trailer and was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and a probation hold.


7.5.20 at 0851
The American Legion’s patriotic decorations that were hanging on the fence off of South Maple were ripped off and damaged. A neighborhood canvas was conducted. There were also flags that were damaged by the Marshfield Mobile Home Park.


7.5.20 at 0851
While investigating a similar complaint at the American Legion. Officers noticed that the Marshfield Mobile Home Park advertising flags were damaged. Contact was made with a manager.


7.5.20 at 1200
An anonymous caller reported that the driver of a white Chevrolet HHR was highly intoxicated at the 500 block of S. Central Ave. The caller indicated that the man leaves the above location every day between 1200 and 1400 and “drives drunk”. Officers located the vehicle and made contact with the registered owner, who was on probation and in violation of his rules. P&P was notified. The man was escorted off the property.


7.6.20 at 1031
It was reported that some unknown person(s) damaged a door to a storage area under the grandstands between 7/4 0700 – 7/5 1400. The individual had pushed or kicked the door open causing a wood piece that was used to secure the door to break. It is unknown if anyone entered the storage area. Ashlee reported nothing missing. The maintenance person Steven first noticed the damage on 07-05-20 around 1400. Photos were taken of the damage and they will be included in the case file. The door had been fixed before they contacted the police.


7.6.20 at 1406
A 19-year-old Marshfield female reported a physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend. The victim reported he had punched her in the face and struck her with a backpack after verbal arguments. The ex-boyfriend was arrested and transported to the Wood County Jail. Charges will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.


7.7.20 at 0101
It was reported that a 29-year-old Marshfield man had created a disturbance for another patron inside of a Laundromat. Police made contact with the 29-year-old and addressed the disturbance. A copy of this report will be forwarded to Wood County Human Services.


7.7.20 at 0454
The Portage County Sheriffs Department requested assistance with a 33-year-old male subject who was being flown in by the Lifelink Helicopter until a deputy could respond and take custody. The subject was later turned over to the Portage County Sheriffs Deputy.


7.7.20 at 0718
A Marshfield woman reported a theft from her vehicle at the 400 block of W. 7th Street. She stated she thought the vehicle was locked but could not confirm that all doors were locked. Her landlord also stated the doors to his vehicle were open as well but nothing was taken. A canvas of the neighborhood was conducted but neighbors nearby were not able to provide additional information. There are no suspects at this time.


7.7.20 at 0938
The complainant reported that his Trump 2020 flag and pole were taken from his residence. The complaint had the flag attached to a tree in his front yard approximately 10 feet off the ground. The complainant said he planned on getting another flag and then placing a game camera in the area in case this happens again. The complainant talked to neighbors also who said they did not see anything suspicious last night. No suspects at this time.


7.7.20 at 2235
A 25-year-old Spencer woman called 911 for assistance controlling a 25-year-old Marshfield woman who suffers from schizophrenia. Upon arrival, the Spencer woman was struggling to control the Marshfield woman. The officer approached the woman and she tried to bite the officer, then she kicked and tried to scratch the officer’s face. The woman was escorted to the ground and handcuffs were placed on her. When she was calm the handcuffs were removed and she elected to go to her room and sleep. No charges will be requested.


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