Police Reports: Cell Phone Return Leads to Drug Bust

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 12.16.18 at 20:57: Officer conducted a traffic stop at the above location. During the stop K9 Rika indicated the odor of a restricted controlled substance coming from inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle resulted in .3 grams of methanphetamine. A 45 year-old Marshfield female was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. She was brought to MPD, booked, and then transported to WOSO jail.
  • 12.16.18 at 2035: A 40 year-old woman reported concerns over her 21 year-old daughter’s welfare, that she is struggling with previously diagnosed mental health issues which is causing her to be involved in an unhealthy relationship with a male she recently met. She was given some advice on how to proceed and to contact law enforcement if further behavior is noticed.
  • 12.15.18 at 12:35: Officers had gone to a residence to return a cell phone that was involved with a shooting investigation and to attempt contact with a male subject who had warrants. During that contact illegal drug activity was discovered and a warrant was granted by a Wood County Judge for the residence. As a result a 31 year old male and a 23 year old female were arrested from the residence.
  • 12.15.18 at 14:26: 17 year-old complainant called Wood County Dispatch in regards to a disturbance at the residence with a 39 year-old female and a 21 year-old male. On arrival, the female denied any type of disturbance but wanted to the male removed from the property. Once the male was outside the female refused to speak with officers. The male was provided a ride to a hotel until a family member can get him.
  • 12.15.18 at 13:52: Complainant reported a possible disturbance at the above location. After meeting with a 38 year-old female and a 32 year-old male it was found that there was not a disturbance. The female contacted the complainant due to harassment by the male and wanted possible police involvement. Once contact was made with the female she advised she didn’t want police involvement.
  • 12.15.18 at 9:47: Complainant reported finding a 61 year-old Marshfield female unresponsive. EMS confirmed she was deceased and the Wood County Coroner was contacted. Rembs Funeral Home was contacted for after life plans and took custody of the female.
  • 12.14.18 at 1800: Wood County Human Services reported a disturbance at a residence involving a 12 year-old male who was creating the disturbance. The male had left the residence prior to law enforcement being contacted. Upon arrival, the male had returned home. A punishment for the male’s behavior was developed, which ended police involvement with the incident. A juvenile referral will be completed per human services request.
  • 12.14.18 at 14:17 (reported): Complainant reported that a 62 year-old Janesville female has been sending letters to her and her husband repeatedly. The female has sent letters to Madison, Stevens Point, and now her employment in Marshfield. This report should be sent to Janesville Police for possible follow-up as the female lives there and is sending letters to multiple jurisdictions.
  • 12.13.18 at 2300: Between 2300 and 0800 on 12/14, an unknown vehicle struck the victim’s mailbox causing damage to the plastic post it was mounted to; however, the mailbox itself was not damaged. The victim stated that there was landscaping around the mailbox post area which may have been damaged as well but it was difficult to determine due to the snow and ice coverage around it. The victim estimated the damage amount to be less than $100. There are no suspects at this time.
  • 12.10.18 at 1200: The complainant reported that she was receiving unwanted text messages regarding an ex-friend from unknown people. Officer attempted to contact the people with the unknown numbers and has not received any more texts from unknown numbers. The complainant just wanted the incident documented.
  • 12.10.18 at 1600: The complainant reported that a 27 year-old female was driving by and making obscene gestures toward the complainant. The female denied ever doing that and said she would not have any contact with the complainant in the future. The complainant was also concerned about some threats the female had made towards her family third party. Officer attempted to make contact with the source of that information but the contact would not respond to phone calls so was not able to substantiate the claim. Informational report only.
  • 12.10.18 at 17:29: The complainant reported that a couple months ago a 56 year-old female had asked to take some of his prescriptions. Contact was made with the female and she denied the claim. There was no further evidence supporting the complainant’s statement and this is an informational report only.
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