Police Reports: Bicycle Accident Leads to Drug Charges

December 19 –

Kwik Trip Staff reported an unknown subject pumped $32.83 worth of gas and drove off failing to pay for it. The license plate was captured but does not belong to the vehicle. Photographs of the suspect were captured and an investigation is ongoing at this time.

December 20 –

A Festival Foods manager reported an unidentifiable male entered, concealed 4 bottles of liquor and exited the last point of sale without any attempts to pay for the items. Investigation to continue to identify the male.

A woman reported an ongoing disturbance in a vehicle. The vehicle was located at E 21st Street and various drugs were located inside the vehicle. A 26 year old female and a 30 year old male were taken into custody. Charges will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

December 23 –

Menards manager reported a male enter the bathroom at the store with several items. Two employees witnessed hearing the tearing of papers/packaging from the male in the stall. When the manager entered the restroom, he observed the male stuffing the item’s packaging in the trash can. The male fled from the manager and exited the last point of sale, suspected to still have the items. The male was identified as a 41 y/o Spencer male and issued a citation. Stolen property was retrieved from the male and logged into evidence.

Staff at Superior Gas in Marshfield reported a male subject took 2 propane tanks from the property. Security video was reviewed and a male suspect is seen exiting his vehicle, selecting the 2 tanks, placing them into his vehicle and driving off. Officers were able to identify the male suspect from prior police contacts and his license plate. The propane tanks were valued at $380.00.

A woman reported having her wallet stolen out of her unlocked vehicle on W 4th Street. The vehicle was far from view from any surveillance footage at multiple businesses, therefore there are currently not any suspects. Victim is taking the steps to cancel stolen credit cards/Drivers License and Social Security Card. She was encouraged to contact law enforcement if any fraudulent activity occurred on any of her identifying information.

Victim reported a disturbance with a 29-year-old Minocqua female. During that disturbance the victim was kicked which caused a small abrasion. The victim said the female also keyed the side of a vehicle which belongs to his father, a 59-year-old Lac Du Flambeau male. The female was taken into custody and bond was posted at Minocqua PD for the Disorderly Conduct charge. The victim was also taken into custody for possession of an illegal substance. Charges for both people will be sent to the Wood County D.A’s office.

A vehicle struck a bicycle. The bicyclist, a 14 year-old Marshfield female, admitted to using marijuana just before the accident. Officers responded to investigate where the juvenile used the marijuana. Contact was made with the juvenile’s sister, a 17 year-old Marshfield female, as a well as the grandparents. Throughout the investigation, officers located additional suspect marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Charges were requested for the 17 year-old through the Wood County DA.

A man reported drug use occurring in the apartment next to his. Officers made contact and could smell a heavy odor of marijuana coming from inside the apartment. A female adult within the residence admitted to smoking a marijuana blunt prior to officer arrival. A consent search was performed and officers located a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside the residence. Citations were issued. A report to Human Services was completed.

December 24 –

A Walmart employee recognized a female who had stolen items from the store in the past as she was pushing a cart with items in it out of the store. The employee suspected the items may be stolen so she obtained a license plate number of the female’s vehicle. The employee then reviewed security cameras which revealed that the female pushed the cart through an open but unused checkout lane and made no attempt to pay for the items before leaving the store. Police made contact with the female a short time later at her residence where she admitted to taking the items without paying for them and she turned over the items she stated belonged to Walmart. A retail theft charge is being requested through the Marathon County D.A.’s office.

December 25 –

Victim reported that there were ongoing noise complaints with the neighbor on 17th Street. The victim reported that she attempted contact with the neighbor but he met her at the door with a long rifle. Contact was made with the male who said it was a bb/pellet gun and not a rifle. After a search warrant was drafted and granted, a rifle was found that matched the description given. Also where the rifle was located were multiple items of drug paraphernalia and a small amount of a green leafy substance that tested positive for THC. The male was taken into custody and transported to Wood county Jail with charges sent to the Wood County DA.

December 26 –

A woman called stating there was a very erratic driver who pulled into the BP gas station. Officers made contact with the male driver who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. During contact the 36 year old Marshfield male became uncooperative and combative towards Law Enforcement. Taser was deployed and he was transported to MMC for medical attention. The male was arrested for resisting officers and OWi 2nd. See report for further details.

The complainant reported that she believes her ring was stolen by her 17 year old niece while at the Baymont Motel. The complainant said this has been an ongoing problem and now wants law enforcement action taken. The niece’s mother admitted to the complainant that she now knew where the ring was. Follow up will need to continue with the motel and niece.

December 27 –

A woman called stating her 33 year old Marshfield husband just called her threating her that he was going to come get their children they have in common. I made contact with the male and he stated he has no intensions of coming to the residence but would just like to be able to have phone contact with the children at some point. This information was relayed to the woman and she was satisfied with the outcome and stated she is more then willing to let him see the children and talk to them as long as he can stay civil. No further action taken.

Complainant reported an unknown person walked through his property and opened the door to the back shed. Nothing was reported to be missing. Photo’s were taken of footprints left in snow.

Main Street Conservatory of Dance had been burglarized. Forced entry is unknown but it is believed that the suspect entered through door 2 on the east side. Nothing else was taken and nothing appeared to be ransacked. Investigation to follow.

December 28 –

While on duty Police found a vehicle in Wildwood Park and Zoo after the park was closed. Police conducted a traffic stop on vehicle. It was found that the passenger was a reported juvenile female runaway from Marathon county. The driver appeared to be under the influence. The female was returned to her family by Police. The driver was arrested for OWi and concealing a firearm. Charges to be sent forward to the Wood County District Attorney’s office.

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