Police Plain Talk: Snow Emergencies, Clearing Sidewalks, and City Sand Boxes


Snow emergency: A “snow emergency” exists whenever there is an accumulation of snow of three or more inches during a 24-hour period, and such accumulation interferes with the ability of vehicles to travel safely in the City of Marshfield. A snow emergency continues in effect for 48 hours after the snowfall has ended and until the snow has been removed from the streets or until the emergency is cancelled by the director of public works.

During this time, parking on city streets and lots is prohibited, with the exception of the following locations but only after they have been plowed:

  • Central Avenue from Harrison Street to 16th Street.
  • Maple Avenue from Arnold Street to 6th Street.
  • Chestnut Avenue from Arnold Street to 7th Street.
  • 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Streets from Chestnut Avenue to Maple Avenue.
  • 7th Street from Chestnut Avenue to Central Avenue.
  • 2nd and 3rd Streets from Chestnut Avenue to Cedar Avenue.

Violations can result in a parking ticket and the towing of your vehicle. This ordinance allows our street maintenance crews to remove the snow safely and efficiently.

Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks: City ordinance states that it is the responsibility of owners of property abutting or containing public sidewalks to keep these sidewalks free from snow and ice accumulations at all times. The owner is responsible for removing or having removed all accumulations of snow and ice from the entire paved width and length of the sidewalks within 48 hours after snow or ice has fallen or accumulated thereon. In the case of drifting snow or of ice accumulating due to melting and refreezing, the owner shall keep all sidewalks sprinkled with sand or salt.

If the owner fails to comply, the city’s street superintendent may arrange for prompt removal or treatment of the ice and/or snow accumulations and may repeat removal or treatment procedures as often as necessary to maintain such sidewalks in a safe and usable condition. Any costs and expenses for removal or treatment shall be charged to the property owner.

City sand boxes: For your safety, the Marshfield street department provides sand, at no charge, to people residing within the city limits. These sand boxes are located at the following intersections:

  • 14th/Schmidt 5th/Columbus 17th/Palmetto
  • Upham/Walnut 11th/Adams Doege/Peach
  • St. Joseph/Upham 7th/Chestnut 17th/Felker
  • Becker/Peach 8th/Peach

Please use the sand economically by taking only the needed amount. A five-quart ice cream pail is recommended to transport the sand to your driveway and sidewalks.

A reminder that when taking sand, you need to park your vehicle in a legal and safe parking area. (Sand is no longer available for pick up at the street department.)

– Shared by Marshfield Police Department

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