Police Department Responds to Incident On Vine

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Incident Resolved Without Injury

Officers responded to a welfare check call at an apartment complex in the 1400 block of Vine Avenue at approximately 1:30pm on Thursday.

“There was a concern that was called into our dispatch center and officers arrived to address those concerns,” said Detective Lieutenant Darren Larson.

While officers were arriving, the complainant was updating on the status of the situation.

“The information was that there may be some weapons involved in this dispute,” said Larson. “As a precaution, the officers approached the apartment complex and established a general perimeter in hopes to initiate contact.”

The subject barricaded themselves in their room, at which point officers negotiated and the subject surrendered peacefully.

“The approach was to ensure the safety of all,” said Larson. “We evacuated portions of the building, and notified surrounding residents and asked them to remain in place as a precaution until we could evaluate.”

Being in an apartment complex, the situation was complex.

“Those become complicated,” said Larson. “There are a lot of moving parts.”

Larson is happy with the outcome of today’s incident.

“When the outcome is that everybody walks away without injuries, it’s a success,” he said. “There are other things that we will have to deal with now and have to assess further as far as criminal charges, but everyone involved is safe and officers are clearing the scene.”

UPDATE 4:30pm:

***Press Release 1907 S Vine Ave Incident***

Today at 12:42pm, Marshfield officers responded to 1907 S Vine Ave in the City of Marshfield after the Wood County Dispatch Center received a 911 call from an intoxicated male who stated he had a gun stolen from him. Upon arrival, officers heard arguing with someone stating they had a gun to their head. The apartment door opened and it was learned additional occupants had taken a 9mm handgun away from the distraught subject. The male subject then barricaded himself in a back bedroom with access to a revolver with ammunition. The 9mm handgun was confiscated and the apartment was evacuated, as were neighboring apartments and a nearby retirement home.

After roughly 30 minutes of negotiations by Marshfield Special Response Team Crisis Negotiators and officers on-scene, the subject peacefully surrendered to law enforcement. The 33 year old subject, Kurtis J Wegner, was taken into custody and is awaiting medical clearance prior to being transported to Wood County Jail. A request for charges for Felon in Possession of a Firearm 941.29 (1m)(a) and Going Armed while Intoxicated 941.20(1)(b) will be requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office. Wegner was convicted in 2010 for Possession of a Short-barreled Shotgun.

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