Playoff Qualification Report 9/29/19

We will go conference by conference and update you on where teams stand for the football playoffs.

The qualifications rules state that teams must be either a conference champion or have a winning conference record to qualify for the playoffs.

Teams with a .500 record are eligible for the playoffs but do not have a guaranteed place.

If the 224 team playoff field is not filled after these three conditions the remaining teams with the best conference win/loss percentage are in the field.

Team (Conference Record) Remaining Conference Games

VFA West


Work to do
DC Everest (3-3) @Marshfield, Stevens Point
DC Everest must win one of their last two, they have a tough test at Marshfield in week 8 but then get winless Stevens Point in week 9

Marshfield (3-3) @Wausau West, DC Everest
Marshfield is in the same spot as DC Everest, they have a game against 1-5 overall Wausau West this Friday and can clinch a playoff spot then.

WI Rapids (2-4) Stevens Point, @Wausau West
Wisconsin Rapids took a bit of a hit losing to Marshfield on Friday night, but they do have games against two teams that have one nonconference win combined on the season.

Stevens Point (0-5)
Wausau West (0-5)


Stratford (3-0)

Work to Do
Edgar (2-0) @Rib Lake/Prentice, Stratford, @Tomahawk
Edgar has the simplest path to the playoffs of any team yet to qualify from the Marawood, They have three conference games left and need to win one of them and can clinch with a win Friday night at winless Rib Lake/Prentice.

Auburndale (2-2) @Rib Lake/Prentice
Auburndale has only one conference game left that they need to win to qualify, on a positive note they have winless Rib Lake/Prentice but have to wait until week 9 to get that win as they have two non-conference games coming up.

Marathon (1-2) @Stratford, Tomahawk
Marathon needs to win out to make the playoffs, which would include a massive upset of Stratford this Friday

Tomahawk (1-2) @Marathon, Edgar
Tomahawk has the same problem as Marathon, they need to win out and would have to upset Edgar.

Rib Lake/Prentice (0-3)


Eau Claire Regis (5-0)
Colby (5-0)

Work to Do
Spencer/Columbus (3-2) @Cadott, @EC Regis, Altoona
Spencer/Columbus’s overtime loss to Colby delayed its playoff eligibility a week, they still only need one win over the last three weeks

Osseo-Fairchild (3-2) Altoona, @Neillsville/Granton, Fall Creek
Osseo-Fairchild can become eligible for their first playoff appearance since 2014 with one more win, and their remaining opponents have a total of 3 conference wins on the season.

Stanley-Boyd (2-3) @Neillsville/Granton, @Fall Creek, Colby
Stanley-Boyd is at risk of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2009, they need to win two of their last three games to become eligible, an advantage to the Orioles they play the last and second to last place teams the next two weeks.

Cadott (3-3) Spencer/Columbus, @Colby
Cadott needs to win one more game to become eligible, the bad news they have to defeat either Colby or Spencer/Columbus.

Altoona (2-4) @Osseo-Fairchild, @Spencer/Columbus
Altoona has had an up and down season, but they still technically can make the playoffs though they have an uphill battle with games against teams that will also be trying to position themselves in the playoffs.

Neillsville/Granton (1-4) Stanley-Boyd, Osseo-Fairchild, @Regis
Neillsville/Granton has maybe the most difficult path to the playoffs having to win their final three games, including a game at undefeated Eau Claire Regis.

Fall Creek (0-5)


Abbotsford (4-0)
Athens (4-0)

Work to Do
Loyal (3-1) @ Athens, Thorp, @Gilman
Loyal needs only one more win but may have to wait a week as the Greyhounds face undefeated Athens on Friday night.

Greenwood (2-2) @Abbotsford, Assumption, @Thorp
Greenwood technically needs two more wins, but with games against the last and second to last place teams in the conference, looks like they may make the playoffs in their last season in 11 player football

Gilman (2-2) Assumption, @Athens, Loyal
Gilman also technically needs two wins to qualify for the playoffs, the hard part they have games against undefeated Athens and end the season hosting one loss Loyal.

Thorp (1-3) Owen-Withee, @Loyal, Greenwood
Thorp has a tough road ahead of them, needing to win out with games against two other playoff contenders.

Eliminated (almost)
Assumption (0-4)
Owen-Withee (0-4)
Both teams are all but eliminated, but last year a 3-4 Greenwood slipped into the playoffs as the last team to make the playoff field. Both teams would have to win out to have even that slim shot at a playoff spot.

Great Northern

Medford (3-0)
Mosinee (3-0)

Work to Do
Rhinelander (2-1) @Mosinee, Merrill, @Ashland
Rhinelander needs one more win to become eligible, with two winnable games left on the schedule it seems like a good chance they make it.

Antigo (2-2) Medford, @Mosinee
Antigo has a tough road, with only two games to become playoff eligible, they have to play the two conference leaders for their final two conference game.

Merrill (1-2) Lakeland, @Rhinelander, Medford
Merrill needs to win out, but with games against Medford and at Rhinelander they will need two big upsets to make it

Lakeland (1-3) @Merrill, Ashland
Lakeland, despite their record, has a decent shot at making the playoffs, with wins over fellow one conference win Merrill and winless Ashland could see them make the field for the first time since 2009.

Eliminated (Almost)
Ashland (0-4)
Similar to the Cloverwood this seven-team league could see a 3-4 team slip in.

Central Wisconsin Small

Almond-Bancroft (3-0)

Work to do
Pittsville (2-1) @Rosholt, Menominee Indian
Rosholt (2-1) Pittsville, Wild Rose
Pittsville and Rosholt have a big game Friday night, the winner qualifies for the playoffs the loser will need to win their final conference game to get in.

Menominee Indian (1-2) @Pacelli, @Pittsville
Menominee Indian needs to win out to get in, but have a tough game against second-place Pittsville in week 8.

Pacelli (0-2) Menominee Indian, Almond Bancroft, @Wild Rose
Pacelli needs to win out, but with a game against conference-leading Almond-Bancroft, the road looks tough.

Wild Rose (0-2) Almond-Bancroft, @Rosholt, Pacelli
Wild Rose is in the same spot as Pacelli with a game this week against Almond-Bancroft short of an upset it looks like Wild Rose will miss the playoffs.


Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek