Plan Commission Approves Fairgrounds 5-Year Campus Master Plan

City Communicates OnFocus – At the August 21 Plan Commission meeting, there was a request to approve the 5-year Campus Master Plan for the Marshfield Fairgrounds.

In 2016, the Fairgrounds had requested a new stage in the Grandstand area and an additional barn near the hockey arena. According to this Master Plan, any campus like the Fairgrounds has to submit a 5-year Master Plan if building plans exceed 1200 sq. feet.

The requirement was submitted by the Fair Board in early May of this year. This plan covers all properties in the Fairgrounds Park; the office building, dog park, Round Barn, and the properties that the Fair Association and the City of Marshfield owns.

Items like these require a public hearing, in which citizens of Marshfield are welcome to give their opinions. During this Public Hearing David and Janice Hirsch stated that they weren’t opposed to this plan, but that during the summer months they are affected by the east winds that blow dust their way from the parking lot and alley in front of the curling club. David made the suggestion that blacktop for the parking lot should have been part of this master plan.

Alderman Feirer, who was in attendance and is also the President of the Fair Commission, stated that study was done several years ago and found that the cost of blacktop would be upwards of $200,000. The Master Plan was approved 3 to 2.

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