Pittsville Community Library Delivers Fun For All Ages

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PITTSVILLE, WI (OnFocus) – The Pittsville Community Library has been helping the public read, stay active and learn for 45 years.

The library started when community members decided they wanted to join the grassroots movement of introducing a library system to their city.

Two members of the public, Glenna Bushman and Diane Creola, served as board president and library director and both served for over 30 years in those roles. Bushman just stepped down from her role as president in 2020.

Library director Tammy Hardinger started working with the library in 2018 and said the library has been a godsend for her.

“I was kind of between jobs,” Hardinger said. “A lot of ways, I just feel like it was fate that the job and myself found each other. It just kind of worked out. I didn’t go looking for it but it just kind of happened.”

The library moved into a new, 3,500 square-foot building in the mid-1990s which is connected to the community center. The connection allows the library to host bigger events like their summer library program.

Last summer and this summer however, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the library to make some adjustments to its regular programming. Participants in library’s summer program met at Riverside park as opposed to the community center.

The library has over 1,500 patrons with library cards and has 16,000 items available for checkout.

Another attraction for patrons of the library is their vast puzzle collection. Especially during the pandemic, the library’s puzzles were a huge hit according to Hardinger.

All week, the library host programs for people of all ages. They include:

Tuesdays – Tuesday Morning Programs
Wednesdays – Movie Nights
Thursdays – Thursday Specials

Head over to the library’s Facebook page for updated information on the events it will provide for the rest of the summer.

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