Pittsville-Area Fish Fries Highlight Local Restaurants

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PITTSVILLE, WI (OnFocus) – Any given Friday night, there’s one thing that consistently draws Wisconsinites out to bars and restaurants, fish fries.

The tradition for Wisconsin families heading out to their favorite restaurant for a Friday night fish fry has been around since the 1920s in Wisconsin. It began when Catholics who weren’t allowed to eat meat during lent wanted a way they could indulge in eating fish, cheaply and with a community aspect to it.

Now, in Pittsville, Wisconsin, people are able to go out and enjoy the start of their weekend at multiple locations offering fish fries. Here are the restaurants in and around Pittsville offering this special meal:

Pittsville Café – Along with its fish fry, this staple of Pittsville offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have $2 hamburger Mondays, All-you-can-eat pancakes on the last Sunday of the month and many other daily specials. Check out their Facebook Page for more information on upcoming specials.

Horsin’ Around Saloon – This bar/restaurant has one of the more creative menus in the Pittsville area. Their signature “Off-Menu Monday” brings creations such as gyros, tater tot nachos, bacon-wrapped pork chops and much more. Horsin’ Around Saloon also features certain types of fish on Fridays and $2 hamburger nights on Tuesday nights.

Dupe’s Diner – Dupe’s Diner in Pittsville offers a stellar fish fry every Friday night. The café also offers burgers, sandwiches and other comfort foods at an affordable price.

Lakeside Oasis (Dexterville) – This homey restaurant doubles as a bait shop and features weekly specials with a Friday fish fry. Notable dishes that have been on special in the past are corned beef hash, double cheesburger basket, super burrito, taco salad, chicken sandwich basket and much more. Check out their Facebook Page or give them a call at 715-884-2269 for their weekly specials.

Bucks and Berries (Babcock) – Bucks and Berries is a small diner with BIG homestyle tastes. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Daily specials, homemade soups, desserts and pies. Weekly specials include Taco salad, bog burger, perch dinner, beef tips, shrimp and fish specials on Fridays and BBQ pork ribs to name a few. Check out their Facebook Page for more information on their weekly specials.

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