Phillips Loggers Football Season Preview

Phillips Loggers Football Season Preview

Coaching staff

Head Coach – Steve Precour  (offensive coordinator)

Assistant Coaches: Gabe Lind, Jason Lazar, Ross Spets (special teams coordinator), Scott Wirth (Defensive Coordinator)

Offense:  key returning players – We return 6 starters on the offense

James Bruhn – qb
Jesse Bruhn – rb
Kye Tingo – OL
Cole Abraham OL

Defense: key returning players  – Return 6 starters on the defense

Kye Tingo – LB
James Bruhn – LB

Dominick Mabie – DB

Conference outlook
Mellen if they have a team (they cancelled their game with us)

My biggest concern is there are teams in this league who may not be able to field teams every week.

Keys to your success on offense
Running the Ball – We are a little old school with the run early and run often philosophy.  If we execute our blocks, we have enough strength, quickness, and deceptive speed that we will have success.  We love and preach physical football, so the style suits us. We have 2 experienced backs, and some pretty good depth behind them. If the offensive line can win the line of scrimmage on a regular basis, we will find success no matter who is running the ball. Although James Bruhn is a talented back.

Keys to your success on defense
Tackling in space will be the key to our defense.  We have a seasoned group, who has spent a lot of time in the weightroom. Our defensive line returns, and will be tough to block consistently.  We return 2 linebackers and 2 defensive backs, although there has been some position shifting, we will go by how we tackle in space, and how our new defensive backs play.

Behind the scenes: Who are some of the people that help your program succeed?
This is a big list and I better not leave anyone off.  First off we have a tremendous coaching staff and they have great families that support them in the time they are away from their family to work with the kids.
-Jennie Kleinhans – Special Education Teacher – She is our team mom, and school liaison to football staff. We don’t have a coach in the school, so we get all our information from her. She also leads team meals, organizes volunteers, runs concessions, takes care of parents night, photos, and so much more. We couldn’t do what we do without her help.
-Tyler Lind – He is a high school senior who will be in his 4th year as our videographer. Tyler does organizes and uploads our game film, he also videos games, practices, and creates individual game, mid season, and end of season highlights.  He is a great asset to us, and we enjoy helping foster his love for recording and editing videos.
-Stacy Mollman – High School English Teacher – she takes photos and monitors social media. Keeps posts up to date and interesting for people to know what the team is doing.
– Amy Ring, Brady Bolz, Blake Edwards – All three are teachers in the school and coaches of other sports. They are go to’s in the weightroom.  They run our lifting program, and do a great job.
-Jim Nesbit – our athletic trainer does a great job communicating with players and coaches to keep our kids healthy and ready to go weekly.

What is your football program all about? How do you measure success?
 Before every game we tell our kids to have fun playing football.  Ultimately that is what this is all about. Winning is awesome, and we really want to win, and work hard to do so, but they are high school kids and this is supposed to be fun. It may sound corny or cliché, but our success will be measured in 10 years when these guys are good employees, husbands, fathers, etc…and use one or more of the tools we give them to do so.   In the meantime, we have goals which includes a lot of wins and a conference championship.

Coach’s comments: anything else you’d like to share?
Thanks for continuing to cover rural athletics, and giving 8 player football representation.  We truly appreciate it, and love the opportunity it give our athletes who are out working hard.

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