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Tips from Pet Supplies Plus

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – With the holidays right around the corner, families might be considering adding a new pet to the family. Pets should not be given as a gift unless the person who will be caring for the pet is prepared for the new addition. In other words, don’t surprise someone with a pet for Christmas! Instead, if thinking of adding a pet to the family, make sure all members are on board with the decision and prepared for the work that will be involved.

“When someone comes in to ask me about giving a pet as a gift, I provide them with one of our care sheets for the pet that they inquire about,” said Kim Crawford, team leader at Pet Supplies Plus in Marshfield. “This gives them information such as life span, how big they grow to, behaviors and interaction, feeding, enclosure requirements and maintenance. The guide also gives you a list of recommended supplies, a shopping checklist and some fun facts about your potential pet.”

When considering adding a pet to the family during the Christmas season, some things to keep in mind are:

  1. Are you able to afford vet care for the animal?
  2. What is the life expectancy of the animal and are you prepared for that time commitment?
  3. What will you do if you can no longer care for the animal?

“When adding a pet to the family, I recommend to first purchase everything you need for the pet first. That way, you can get the habitat set up,” said Crawford. “We recommend doing it this way because it is less stress for the pet.”

Crawford added that it is very stressful for pets to be returned, so the decision to add a pet to the family should be made thoughtfully.

“Pets can be great gifts so long as people are mindful that it is a commitment and are willing to provide all the supplies needed to give their new pet a happy and healthy life,” she said.

Pet Supplies Plus has several great pets to consider, including tropical fish, hamsters, parakeets, gerbils, guinea pigs, and more!

Adoptable cats from Marshfield Area Pet Shelter will also be visiting the store soon. Adoption is always a great idea!

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