Pet Supplies Plus, MAPS, and Local Vets Team Up to Help Stray Dog

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Lainey groomed and with her new family/ Photos courtesy of MAPS

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – It was a team effort to help a stray dog in the Marshfield Community, bringing together local veterinarians, groomers, and Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS).

“It took a village to help our little girl, Lainey,” said MAPS Executive Director Karen Rau. “Her journey to MAPS began when a Good Samaritan driving through our area found her on the side of the road and worried she would get hit by a car.”

Shortly after her arrival, MAPS shelter staff discovered Lainey was a sick girl.

“We contacted Castlerock Veterinary Hospital, who got her in right away to be seen by a vet. She was diagnosed with Pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus,” said Rau. “Loyal Veterinary Service performed emergency surgery the next day to remove her uterus and we saw an immediate change in her health.”

Rau said Lainey’s condition is another important reason why it is so important to spay and neuter pets as her condition is a result of not being spayed.

Another who helped Lainey were Avery at Pet Supplies Plus who gave her a much-needed bath and haircut.

“We love donating our services to strays in need,” said Kim Crawford, Team Lead at Pet Supplies Plus in Marshfield. “As a local business, we try to give back as much as possible to the pets and people in our community. This was just one small way we could help make this adorable dog feel a little bit better.”

No one came to claim Lainey during her four-day stray hold so MAPS began the process to prepare her for adoption.

“Terry and Diane loved her the moment they met her and adopted her,” said Rau. “She is now ‘Rosie’ – named after Diane’s mom. So many caring people contributed to the wellbeing and safety of our Lainey and we are forever grateful to all involved.”

Visit Pet Supplies Plus at 1810 N Central Avenue. Donate to MAPS via

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