Perkin’s Management Staff To Donate Easter Dinner for Needy Families

perkins easter dinner

Management Staff To Donate Extra Tip Money

Now through Tuesday night, the management staff at Perkin’s in Marshfield are pooling all extra tip money (from curbside, online, and to-go orders) and for every $35 raised, the team will be gifting an Easter dinner to a family in need.

“Today I was thinking about needy families that would normally get a nice Easter Dinner from some local place for free, but now with COVID-19, a lot of places can’t serve Easter dinners to these families,” said Kristy Maurer, general manager of Perkin’s in Marshfield. “I talked with my management team and we agreed that we would like to help some of the families in our community by making sure they have a nice Easter Dinner.”

The family will receive one of Perkin’s new “Family of 4 Meal Deals,” consisting of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and salad. Perkins will also be donating a whole apple or cherry pie with each meal.

Along with Maurer, Service Managers Larry Buffington and Jim Wenzel, and Kitchen Manager Kristina Hansen are also participating. They are also making sure their limited hourly staff are being taken care of.

“For example, if we have $105 in tip, we will be giving three families Easter Dinner,” explained Maurer. “I am working with the United Way and the food pantry to find the families that are in the most need. I will be working with St Vincent de Paul and United Way to deliver the meals to the families, following social distancing.

Also during this time, Marshfield Perkin’s has been helping local food pantries by supplying food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

“We at the Marshfield Perkin’s store normally do things like this for our charity ‘Give Kids the World,’ but we thought it would be nice to change it up,” added Maurer. “If anyone would like to donate money to feed hungry families for Easter, they can call Perkin’s for more details or order a to-go order from us and the leftover gratuity will go towards the cause. (We share our tips with what little hourly staff we have, and the management part of the gratuity will go toward the meals).”

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