Pedestrian Hit During Crash at Goodwill

OnFocus Staff Photo.

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – A donation at the Goodwill store in Marshfield went terribly wrong as a Marshfield resident who had just donated items hit a pedestrian last week.

On Thursday, Dec. 2 at around 12:55 p.m., a woman had just finished donating items and was going to drive away from the store. She suspected she left the back hatch of her vehicle open and attempted to stop to get out and shut the hatch. When she tried to stop the vehicle, she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake while the vehicle was in reverse.

The vehicle went backwards and struck a Stevens Point man who was walking through the parking lot before it hit a fixed pole and came to rest. The woman, the pedestrian and the passenger of the vehicle were all alright with the pedestrian suffering minor injuries.

No citations were issued for the incident and the vehicle was disabled due to the accident and towed away.

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